A continous, vertical migration vermicomposting system will allow for the worms to migrate vertically to a new food source as in the Wormtopia and Can O Worms systems as seen below. I just took a peek at the weather forecast and it looks like next week may be our week here in Seattle.
My Grandma always plants her tomato starts sideways into her garden to build a sturdier plant. This technique is ideal for those with "leggy" tomato starts or in shorter growing seasons. My Grandma found this "dirt" colored carpet that she placed in her garden making it easier for her to maneuver. If you plant too late, you run the risk of your tomato plant not having enough time to fully mature and produce fruit!
If you are in the Pacific Northwest, it's still not time to plant your tomatoes, you can buy your starts but make sure to bring them in at night! Try planting a few new seeds every week so you don't end up with all your radishes ready for harvest at once.
I spent last weekend visiting with my 86-year-old Grandma and learned some new things about her:She has an iPad and is a pro at using it. When harvesting rhubarb, you want to sharply twist off the stalk to avoid pulling on the roots. Rhubarb gets quite large, allow approximately 3 feet of room around your start for it to grow.
Once your plant is established, you can start harvesting in early spring and continue harvest for several months.

Containers can dry out quickly, so make sure to water frequently (on hot summer days you might have to water twice a day). In all seriousness, there is a lot of hype around raised beds and it's not just because you don't have to bend over as far to garden. The soil in your yard is most likely not ideal for growing, it's either too dry, too acidic, too clay like etc.
Soil in raised beds usually stays warmer.Warmer soil will increase the growth rate of your plant.
If you are using wood to contain your raised bed, do not use pressure treated wood as the chemicals will seep into your garden.
For most people when their Grandma sends them a photo, it’s of lovely things like her homemade apple pie, a beautiful sunset, rainbows, or hummingbirds. Facts about composting with worms or vermicompostingThere are specific types of worms you use for Vermicomposting.
The benefit of adding worms to your compost is that it speeds along the process and leaves you with a finer compost.
What conditions are needed in your worm bin Moisture, do not let your worm bin dry out!
If your bed gets too moist (more than what a wrung out sponge looks like) add some dry materials, or increase the air flow. Desperate Gardener Blog by Stacy Nunnelee is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 United States License.
Place most of the plant into the trench, with the top quarter of the plant above the ground.

Do not worry that the top of your plant is lying on the ground, after a few days the plant will correct itself and grow up (see drawing above).
You will compact the soil and may damage delicate roots, so having a designated pathway that you always use is the way to go. If you start your seeds too early your plant may outgrow its container and be ready to move outside when the weather is not ready. You can cut them off but you have to be very careful not to damage any other parts of the plant.
You can either place a piece of cardboard over the top of your pile, or water it down if it dries out. After a few months your worms have completely organized your compost just the way they like it! You may have some leftover if you followed my tip from this post on creating your own Pacific Northwest organic fertilizer! The soil that my start was in was very fluffy and light so I did not break up the base at all. You can find a floating row cover at most garden stores (click the image to view more info.

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