Have you haver thought about a practical and economical solution for organic waste produced in your kitchen, garden or farm?
Wormcompost is an organic fertilizer and substrate and its utilization represents the best way to convert your yard, garden or farm in a sustainable and organic space. Application of vermicompost extract and vermicompost tea: rates, quantities and techniques. You certainly have noticed the amount of wastewater we generate, whether in our homes (baths, quilting food, laundry, etc.) and the impact that these have on the environment when managed and treated in an inconvenient way.

Vermicomposting products are a potential nutrient source for crops, without the use of synthetic fertilizers. If you have no basic sanitation in your home, this solution will also be advantageous not only in environmental but also in economic terms.
There are also various promotions based on the number of participants which is an opportunity that should not waste.
Vermicomposting and vermiculture courses are divided into two distinct levels, according to their goals.

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