You’d be surprised how much food you can get out of the smallest of spaces – even when you live in an urban high-rise. From innovative vertical gardening systems to hanging pots and easy-access planters, these 12 small-space gardening solutions make homegrown produce possible no matter how tiny your outdoor space may be.Small but Expandable Step Garden(images via: urban garden)How do you squeeze every possible square inch of usable growing space out of a tiny balcony or deck?
When space is an issue but you want to grow much more than just a pot full of essentials, stacked raised beds can do a lot with a small footprint.
A slow-delivering drip irrigation system is the way to go – and you don’t have to spend a dime.

An easy tutorial from You Grow Girl explains how to use recycled pop bottles.Square Foot Gardening(image via: serene journal)How much food can you grow in a square foot? Once set up, all you have to do is pour water into a reservoir every now and then and the plant will wick up water as needed through its roots.
Get yourself a galvanized water trough, drill some drainage holes, fill it with soil and then plant complementary groups of plants together. Bugs, wild animals and poor soil are no problem as this system of three gutters keeps plants off the ground and in the sun.

Careful, controlled watering ensures that the house siding and the ground along the foundation don’t get too wet. Make it greener with salvaged gutters.Vertical Gardening with Salvaged Materials(image via: readymade)The gutter system works great – but what if you want something a little more personalized?

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