Wouldn’t it be great to grab a few leave of fresh lettuce whenever you wanted a salad? If you don’t have room for vegetable garden, or your soil is of poor quality, you can still raise your own vegetables! I hope you enjoyed our post about Vegetable Container Gardening, please come back as we update daily with new articles, videos, and blog listings. Disclaimer: Please note that some images used on our website are property of their respected owners. There are only a few days left until Easter, so you need to be prepared in time with all the decorations and recipes. Make the cupcakes by combining the dry ingredients using a mixer, then the wet ones in a separate bowl. About usGoodshomedesign is an online home design magazine but do not sell the products reviewed or showcased on this site.
Vertical gardens are a fantastic, artistic and intelligent way to grow your favorite herbs, veggies and flowers in small spaces or urban scapes. Use found objects, such as rain gutters, to create a sustainable and low cost vertical garden. This is a simple and rustic way to build a vertical garden and add some greenery to your outdoor shed or wall.
This living wall can take residence in or outside your house, and is perfect for herbs or other low maintenance plants. This is essentially a compact raised bed that has been layered to maximize space use and number of plants to grow.
One sure option for creating an environment for the outdoor area of the home that will be quite relaxing, comfortable and useful is through the use of a patio. With the choices for decorative ideas, homeowners will now have the ability to factor in plenty of wonderful ways that will create an environment that is satisfying and unique as well as useful. Other things to take into consideration in regards to patio designs will be the furniture, as it will be very important to choose furnishings that are resistant to the outside weather elements. Another good idea to consider when wanting to design this area of the home for entertaining or lounging are the options homeowners will have for decorating the interior and exterior of the outdoors.
Upgrading this area of the outdoor environment will be quite a nice investment for every homeowner, which will provide years of enjoyment and fun that shall improve the landscape of the outside environment. By Manuela Williams Many of you know that I used to edge the border in front of my veggie garden with plates.
Then we decided to move and in the process of neutralizing the house and garden I removed all my plates and started using some concrete edgers. Just for fun – I think this bowling ball edging around the mailbox is a cute  and unique edging idea! If you still have all the plates, you could always use those again – I thought the look was very creative and pretty! As an edging to my border around the front of the house I use little clay pots — I have a mix of small 2 inch (I think) and 4 inch pots. I like all these ideas, especially the plates, which as you know, I blatantly copied from you. You are so right about the large rocks–I love the look but any grass just loves to creep between and invade the flower bed. I’m so happy that spring is almost officially here and I can think about my garden again! I actually had the flagstone rocks bordering a lot of my beds and one bed I did with huge rocks, in my old house, Manuela. After reading all the other comments, I was surprised to find that I was the only one who did not like the plates at all. I am leaning towards the brick edging because I like the look, think it would make mowing easier plus hopefully keep the grass out of the bed.

Whether you have acres of land or a small apartment, it’s a way to control your vegetable planting and have easy access to healthy vegetables. Some sources say you should only plant one cucumber plant per gallon container, while others say two plants are fine. A window sill, patio, balcony, or doorstep can house containers full of home-grown goodness. We have placed source to each and every image so that you can know where image came from originaly.
If you like sweets and baking, then this next recipe will be perfect for this year’s Easter party. You grab a regular piping bag and poke about 5 small holes around the tip of the bag and voila!
We try to show you what is new and beautiful in this area, arranged in several categories (apartments, ideas, interior design, home decor, home design, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, furniture, hotels & resorts, architecture) related to the area and style. Check out our 6 favorite ideas for verdant vertical gardens to inspire a late spring project in your courtyard, alleyway, backyard or even indoors! A two dimensional metal tree with limbs that have been turned into planter pot holders is such a creative and efficient way to grow a vertical garden.
Remember to drill holes for drainage and form a water catchment system at the bottom if you are setting this up indoors. Made from breathable and natural fiber, these pockets are perfect for annual flowers, small vegetable plants and trailing grasses or vines. Easy to use and maintain, this free-standing chalkboard contains cells that can be filled with plants of your choice and watered through an irrigation system that includes a collector tray for runoff liquid. Perfect for a courtyard or alleyway as seen in the picture above, these plastic planters can also make their way indoors to a building entryway or inside your apartment.
Perfect for annual veggies and even larger plants like summer squash, this is the perfect solution for green thumbs with a small back yard. With the many ideas for the outdoor area of any home can be one excellent place for recreational fun as well as dinning and through the many patio designs, homeowners will have the opportunity to enhance and accessorize this part of the property that will meet their own personal preferences. There are several various options to choose from with regards to the many materials available for the patio, as the materials for these outdoor areas can be stone, concrete, brick, wood or tile. There are various kinds of furniture that are made just for the outdoor and due to this fact; manufacturers have created plenty of choices for this purpose. There are unlimited choices to make with regards to the flooring, roofing that will add to the coziness of the patio.
When it comes to enhancing the backyard there are a quite a lot of patio designs that are available to select from and with this fact, homeowners will have many options to choose that will help to enhance and accessorize their patios. If you get the pots cheap enough — then you could just leave them out and replace as needed.
I’m the one that mows the lawn so I would leave an edge and go back with the trimmer. And I plan to surround my rhubarb plant with a plate border this summer to keep the pups from running amuck. I prefer something that truly would be authentic historically to a cottage, and that would not be plates, even if the were beautiful assorted china plates (which I love). I think I would prefer the plates in a smallish bed to add interest, but would probably keep the other beds with one of the other choices.
But the flagstone or bricks are probably easier to mow around,and more durable for a large garden edging. Gardeners can purchase vegetable garden seeds especially bred to develop into small plants. You can experiment with your vegetable container gardening techniques until you find the perfect balance.
Feel free also to browse other images within our container flower garden ideas category, as those are best images about flower garden ideas that could be found online.This is image source!

Make some cupcakes with Easter theme, such as bunny decorations, eggs and green fondant that reminds you of grass. To achieve this on your own wall, you could retrofit a metal decoration, or weld pieces of metal together to create sturdy support for the pots.
The bottles above are all suspended from lines attached to pegs at the top of the wall, and filled with lettuce and herbs. Make your own by building simple frames, layering them and filling them with soil ready for planting. But I’m thinking that the gaps inbetween the rocks would give the Bermuda grass space to spread into the border unless I also install some plastic or steel edging. You are right though, the grass and weeds would come up in between even when I did the alyssum as they show in the picture, so plastic underneath the rocks is a good idea. The plates that you used before was unique and pretty, if all else fails, that would be such a pretty way to go again. We hope to do some major work in our little backyard this summer- we need some serious dirtwork and to install a patio before I do the flower beds though. Although I love rocks, I agree grass could be an issue and I know I don’t ways have the time to weed-wack.
I’m not trying to recreate a historic look but rather more a cottage feeling in the garden. I have heard that the bricks make for the easiest mowing as the mower can ride right over them. It would never work in my garden because my husband would break them all with the wee wacker. It would never work in my garden because my husband would break them all with the weed wacker. If you really have something good, we will publish it with your own name in our online magazine.
Anyway, I was looking for some bed edging ideas the other day and thought I’d share some with you.
I do have to take them up in the late fall or they would deteriorate in the winter, and then set them back out in the spring. I think bricks are nice because you can bring your mower up on the bricks and don’t have to weed-wack at all, plus the look goes with a cottage home, but does not overwhelm or become the focal point itself. It was a lot of back-breaking work (but gorgeous and wonderful now that it’s in place!) The brick edging also has the advantage, if it is placed flush with the ground around it, of allowing a lawn mower access to clip the grass.
Use the mixer to beat the sugar, then add the cream cheese and combine everything at high speed.
I’ll likely be setting them out today or tomorrow after I do some weeding and put out some mulch there. Some of those edgings would need to be trimmed using a weed eater or some other device, as I have to do at my garden. I kept a strip of dirt in front of the plates so if I kept on top of the trimming the grass never got up to the plates. I got the idea of the clay pot edging from Pickets, the home and garden shop I like so much in Seagrove, FL on 30A (heading back there soon, yay!).
I’m curious how you trim away grass with the plate edging, (which I love, btw!) Do they hold up to using a weed eater, or do you have to weed by hand?
When the frosting becomes solid, take the Easter candy of your choice and put it on top of the cupcake. These cupcakes will be really popular among your children as they are cute, colorful and delicious.

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