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Normally I wouldn’t use this forum for newsy stuffy and I had another post all ready to go but then I heard the news about the guy they just executed in Ohio with a “new” cocktail of drugs – which unlike the old cocktail, caused him to linger, gasp, and choke for as much as 15 minutes before he died. Views about death sentences aside, views about appropriate forms of death sentence aside – those states who have chosen to allow the death penalty, who have chosen what they consider to be the most humane means have generally chosen one, two or three drugs from a combination of sodium pentothal, pancuronium bromide and potassium chloride. Using the sodium pentothal (also called pentobarbital) along with one or both of the other two works quite rapidly.
This is a pretty quick, effective and reasonably humane way to end a person’s life – if and when the state has determined it needs to be done. Ohio decided (in retrospect, a very poor decision) to use midazolam and hydromorphone – as have other states (who haven’t done it yet). Discussions about the death penalty aside, discussions about humane ways to perform execution aside and discussions about the number of death penalty cases which get overturned aside….it took McGuire 15 minutes to die while his family and other observers watched. Again, aside from discussions and feelings about the morality of capital punishment, discussions about various methods, discussions about the number of people who have been proven not guilty after spending years on death row (or in a local case was proven not guilty after sitting on death row for about 20 years, it was determined that the principal prosecutor, now a sitting judge, concealed evidence that would have resulted in a “not-guilty” verdict in the first place – and now they have the guy who actually committed the murder – and probably another one, in custody)….aren’t we supposed to provide humane punishment?

Would you allow the vet to put your dying dog “down” if you knew it was going to take 15 minutes of gasping? Just curious – but why are we allowing the Danes to tell us what drugs we can and can’t use – even though we have been using the same drug for years – and especially since they are clearly opposed to the whole process? This is my personal blog that I write in the way that I used to teach my classes - interesting stories with educational information included.
Secondhand marijuana smoke is as harmful as tobacco's - Pulse HeadlinesNew Information Says Dietary Supplements Can Make You Sick or Cause Death - CDA NewsMinn. You can have your opinion and I have mine - but in case you were wondering, mine is better. The information contained herein has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug administration or any other regulatory body.
It is an opinion based on education and experience not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition. First the sodium pentothal is a general anesthetic – which puts the person to sleep – and I mean TO SLEEP, immediately – also commonly used by veterinarians for the same purpose.

The Ohio inmate, Dennis McGuire was convicted in 1994 for the rape and murder of a pregnant woman and sentenced to death.
Frankly, I have often thought other methods were barbaric (again, not discussing the morality of capital punishment in general) but now I am pretty sure that hanging, a firing squad, the gas chamber – or even electrocution would be better.
Midazolam is a benzodiazepine like Valium – good as an antianxiety agent, good for seizures, good for conscious or temporary sedation – but takes a pretty large amount to kill a person – and it doesn’t happen right away. His lawyers had recently been arguing for a delay of execution, stating that the new combination was untried and would cause the prisoner to “suffocate to death in agony and terror”.
Several other states are “planning” to use the same cocktail….hmmh – wonder if they will change their collective minds? Hydromorphone, as an overdose (which this is) can obviously kill you, but the amount needed is highly variable from person to person.

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