With leaves shaped like little feathers and a white crown of flowers, yarrow is packed with practical uses from stopping blood flow to causing a nosebleed! Despite its colorful folk history of being used by Achilles in battles to staunch the blood flow of wounds to his soldiers (hence it’s Latin name, Achillea millefolium and one of its common names, staunchweed)and being an ingredient used in making an extremely intoxicating beer in the middle ages, yarrow is an herb with a future in any survivalist’s  herbal medicine stash. Most notable and tested among its properties are its diaphoretic abilities: when the aerial parts are collected and boiled into a tea, this infusion will get you sweating out toxins at the onset of a fever or any type of flu. You can also drink the tea as a digestive aid where it stimulates the gallbladder’s release of bile to improve digestion or to tone your blood vessels if you bruise easily or suffer from varicose veins. It has salacylic acid in it – like aspirin- so it is no surprise that if you have a toothache and chew on yarrow, the pain will subside.
One of yarrow’s names, Nosebleed, had me wondering if it healed nosebleeds.  I discovered that in olden times, people would roll up the leaves, insert them into the nose to cause a nosebleed as a way to alleviate a headache!  Hmmm….
I’ve read that yarrow should be avoided during pregnancy and will cause an allergic reaction to those sensitive to the aster family of plants.  Other than that, Enjoy! Many vigilant gardeners unwittingly weed things out of their gardens that are just as delicious and nutritious – if not even more so- than the things that they hoe, plant, water and cultivate to eat!  Take note of the wild delectable vegetable called lamb’s quarters, which is most often compared to spinach, and prepare to feast! The seeds are tedious to harvest I’m told,  but a great addition to flour mixes when soaked, rinsed, dried and ground up.  Supposedly as many as 70,000 seeds have been counted from one single plant. After you collect your gazillions of seeds, (and have grown in your exercising of patience!) you will want to soak the seeds in water overnight, rinse thoroughly to remove the saponins (yup, you could save the water to add to your washing) and then dry them either in an oven or dehydrator at no more than 180 degrees.  When thoroughly dried, grind in a food mill for flour, thickener or to use as a morning gruel. Many will tell you not to eat Lamb’s Quarter because it contains oxalic acid.  This is a chemical substance found in plants that can cause kidney stones.
Lamb’s Quarter, Chenopodium album, grows prolifically anywhere rich soil has been disturbed.  To be sure, it is one plant that can be found just about anywhere in the US.
Lamb’s Quarters is not a perennial, but an annual that regrows from seeds dropped in the fall, so if you do collect seeds and enjoy the greens, you might want to be sure to let some fall to the ground.  Also, during the season, especially in a survival situation, you can conscientiously pick only from the tops, leaving some nodes down lower and the plant will continue to grow out bushier and produce even more for you. Of course, you could can plant them in a special bed somewhere like one might do with any herb.  I’ve read of this weed being a prized treasure for depression era survivalists who made a point to cultivate it on purpose. In researching this edible’s history, I really couldn’t find much except that it had been found in some ancient archeological digs, and bodies preserved by bogs in northern Europe,(ew!) so it’s been around awhile.  From it’s prolific presence today, I expect it will be around for years to come!  Enjoy! Hunting Knife With Survival KitA 14 inch knife completed with a fully comprehensive survival kit! Cold Steel Survival Edge Knife with Fire StarterA super lightweight hollow-handle survival knife.
Then I found the Bob Dustrude Quick Saw and was intrigued by its simple, common- sense design and massive cutting power. Then, slide the hardwood handle with blade out of the aluminum channel (that becomes your saw frame).
One of the cool things about this saw design is how the blade automatically tensions up nice and tight. Bob’s saw weighs only 17 ounces (or about 480 grams) and makes fast work of cutting trees and good sized logs. The down side is that it DOES take a minute to assemble and put away (so it’s not as convenient as a typical folding saw… AND it is a little longer than the height of most packs so you’ll probably need to strap it on. The longer size aside… this is an amazingly rugged, lightweight and portable tool that will help you save valuable calories, reduce sweating and make processing large and small trees and logs much easier than any other packable cutting tool that I’ve found.
And at around $50 – $60 US (at the time of this review), the Bob Dustrude Quick Buck Saw is a no-brainer for those who want extreme cutting power in the backcountry. Next we have the Japanese-made Silky Big Boy folding saw which I have affectionately renamed the Super Silky. The Super Silky has a 14-inch or (360mm) replaceable, two-position blade and 5 teeth per inch for VERY quick cutting and retails for somewhere around $50 – $60 US (at the time of this video). Now having been a landscaper for years, I’m not a big fan of folding ‘Landscape Style” saws… they usually waste too many calories and frustrate more than help,but when I saw how the well the Silky worked at a recent survival training, my view changed. I think I’ve figured out the secret of Silky Saws… I believe the secret is in the teeth. The Super Silky weighs just a hair less than Bob’s Quick Buck Saw at 16 ounces (or 450 grams) and packs up quite a bit smaller (with a length of about 16 inches (or 41 centimeters) versus the Bob Dustrude Saw at 25 inches (or 64 centimeters) in length. Obviously, this large-bladed saw is best suited for rough sawing work but it can still perform some medium bushcraft cutting tasks like cutting in notches and stuff like that. The Silky Big Boy performed exceptionally well against the Bob Dustrude Quick Saw and was beat out by just a few strokes.
I don’t know about you, but I’d take either of these fine saws into the backcountry without hesitation. In a survival or emergency situation you’re going to be burning calories fast – so food will become a critical need to maintain your morale, stamina and most importantly, your core body temperature. But you can only carry so much food, and it runs out quickly if you don’t have the right tools to catch dinner on your own. First… to store, transport and protect this kit I’m using the Condor Water Pouch (just like the one I used in my recent survival water kit video). It has a large main compartment that will hold our cooking gear and emergency food, and a smaller front pocket that will hold our fishing, hunting, trapping and survival gear. Next we have the Stanley Stainless Steel Adventure Camp Cook Set that holds nearly a liter when filled to the top (although it’s rated for 24 ounces)… AND because it’s single walled, it can be used for boiling water, making stew and cooking whatever you like in the back country.
It has volume marks on the side, a flip-out locking handle and a vented lid that can also be used as a strainer. This set comes with 2 nested 10-ounce (or 296 ml) cups that we’re NOT going to use in this kit… so we’ll set them aside. Now inside our cooker we can fit a 4-ounce gas canister, which is fuel for our mini-cook stove. With all of this stuff inside, place the cooker lid on top and snap the handle in place to hold the lid tight. To further complete this kit, I found an affordable and compact burner that easily attaches to our stove gas canister and has fired up every time without a hitch. Now let’s take a look at the Hunting, Fishing Trapping and Survival Items that go into the front pocket of the pouch.
First, we have a stainless steel, 3-in-1, knife, fork and spoon kit – similar to the one I used in Boy Scouts. And for a fire-starting back-up, I’m including the Exotac Ferrocerium FireROD with a waterproof tinder compartment and a cottonball that I’ve loaded in there. I chose my Old Timer 44OT pocket knife because it’s small, has 4 blades and is great for food preparation, processing game and small bushcraft chores. For a fishing kit… I decided to use the Uncle Flint’s Survival Fishing Kit II which includes a nice variety of gear for catching just about any freshwater fish.
Also from Uncle Flint’s Survival Gear, I picked up 2 Small and 1 Large Cable Snare, with salt for bait and a useful instruction sheet.

You can grab a ready-to-go, tubular sling shot band with pouch (for a few bucks) and improvise a sling shot in the back country.
I found the accurate, affordable and small Top SHOT slingshot from Pocket Predator – I’ve added an extra band with pouch and sealed it all in a heavy duty freezer bag for storage in this kit. Now I can accurately shoot the three piece takedown arrows (with expanding broad heads) that I’m taking along. The SERE all packs up small in a freezer bag (with an extra band) and fits nicely in this kit. If you want to pack more slingshot ammo, and feel more confident with your slingshot shooting than your trapping skills, you could eliminate the snare kit and substitute 150 rounds of .38 caliber steel or lead shot. Regardless of what sling shot option you choose… all the survival, snare, fishing and hunting gear fits into the front pocket of this pouch. We’ve just taken a look at a modular, add-on, hunting, fishing, trapping, survival food kit that you can build for bug out bags, vehicles and home emergency kits that can help you keep calories flowing into your body when you need them most. Be sure to check out the YouTube video for this kit when you have a few minutes to see David assembling it all!
Many years ago Australian Army ration packs contained a sachet of curry powder and it was a welcome addition when the stores issued were multiples of the same ration pack with the same contents. So, I’ve put together this guide to help you choose the best survival knife for your kit.
I’ve always liked knives, even before I received my very first Swiss Army Knife when I was a kid.
Fixed Blade: Folding knives are very useful tools, but the things that make them convenient also make them unacceptable as survival knives. Full Tang: With a full tang knife, the steel from the blade continues all the way through the handle. Comfortable, Non-Slip Grip: Survival knives were never intended to win a beauty contest, and the goal is to have a knife that fits your hand and will not turn in it while you are making kindling or hacking down evergreen boughs to line your shelter. Since its release, the excitement surrounding the Bear Grylls Ultimate Knife has been overwhelming.
Should i get this one or the serrated version, for survival, i already have a non serrated pocket knife so i don't need another. I saw some bad reviews on the serrated version about the tang not extending all the way through the handle, does the same go for this version? I'm thru-hiking the Appalachian trail starting in June after I graduate high school this year. I think that is a good idea of a "military" version, but if you guys do make one keeps the BG on it, and add a camouflage sheath too! Does anyone know when this knife is going to be vailable through gerber or through walmart or canadian tire??
Hey kid just because you cant live your dream, doesn't mean I cant so dont comment unless you actually have a comment, and my friend got the knife and loved it, thanks for making amazing quality knifes!!!
I just bought this knife a week ago and I love it, but I wish Gerber made an ultimate folding knife without serrations, that would include a fire starter and a whistle. I'm very impressed that Gerber listened to the customers and produced the Bear Grylls knife WITHOUT serrations! Still not available in my area though, but you can bet your ass when this comes my way I'll be upgrading for sure! Love the knife me and my co-friend survivalist are hopping to get a few for our FB survival shows!!!
I mostly like the design, and have been a big fan of gerber since I got the River Shorty dive knife when I was 6. I saw that your new knife came out, and i really want to be a survivalist like BG when i get older.
I only buy knifes made in the USA and the gerber lmf was always a favorite of mine and I decided to take a leap and buy the Bear Grylls ultimate knife. E uma pena nao haver este produto?disponivel na Europa pois ele seria o sonho para muita gente .
I JUST RECIEVED MY FULL FINE EDGE KNIFE, IM AM IMPRESSED, THIS KNIFE IS ONE GREAT SURVIVAL TOOL. I would never buy a knife that does not tell the buyer what kind of hi-carbon stainless or the RC hardness of the blade temper.
Well,this knife is an ultimate one as described by the users(I'm not yet).But I think,the price is a little much ! I've been scouting for a good fine edged knife and when I read the announcement on Facebook.
The first version of this knife (with a partly serrated edge) was insanely successful, due to its high quality, practical design, and very reasonable price. This video describes home grown knifemaking methods suitable for building bushcraft, hunting, camping, survival and every day carry knives.
Recent CommentsDan Legere 1 year ago Join us for another wonderful week of fishing in Everglades National Park.?ingo siemann 1 year ago Omathe mi woodsman 1 year ago nice camp , nice knives , enjoyed the vid ! Please Consider Partnering with Us to Keep Our FAMILY FRIENDLY Videos (and Website Content) Coming YOUR Way. It has a bitter aftertaste, but that is bearable considering the alternative toothache.  You can rub the leaves on the temples to alleviate a headache or onto insect bites or nettle stings to alleviate pain and itching.
In excess, (always eat ANYthing in moderation!) however, it can cause respiratory failure and even death.
This plant is also known as pigweed, as are a plethora of other weeds, so it’s best to get to know it by its Latin name.  You can distinguish it by its matte blue-green finish, imbalanced diamond-shaped leaves with a mealy whitish coating on the undersides. I'm not sure of their purpose but it makes holding the knife kind of uncomfortable, but the blade itself and the kit are pretty great. Let’s take a look at two of the best folding saws for efficiently cutting wood that I’ve found.
I grabbed the 24” model with an extra blade and a rustic looking cordura pack cloth case that holds and protects it all. They have a unique pattern that cleans out chips and produces a cut that is wider than the blade… lowering the chance that the blade will bind and get stuck in the wood.
It’s durable, has flip-out handles, is designed for using over an open fire or on a camp stove. It comes with a protective nylon pouch and is sized to fit snugly inside the pouch, on top of the Stanley cooker pot. It’s durable and fit this kit better than any of the other spork type utensil sets that I own.
They even include a list of all the components in this kit so you can replenish the kit after use AND it’s all packed into a durable tin that fits just right in the front pouch of our food kit.

I have two similar pouches from a different manufacturer and have done a similar thing with one of them. There were times I wondered if it was a myth that any other type of ration pack even existed. Because they are made of two or more pieces there is a higher risk of breakage than with a fixed blade.
Ensure that your knife flares out a little at the back and has a good finger guard, to help stop your hand from slipping during use.
The blade also has to be thick enough to stand up to heavy use which means you are going to be looking for a knife with a blade up to a quarter of an inch in thickness. You want good steel that is not too hard, as this can make you blade brittle and difficult to keep an edge. Not only because you’ve spent good money on it, but also because you want the knife to perform at its best should you ever need it in a real survival situation. Do you have any tips on how to sharpen a knife when you are out in the wild and dont have a sharpening tool with you? However, a couple of classic ways to sharpen a knife in the field are with a leather belt or a river rock. I really liked the ultimate knife when it came out but was dissapointed with the serrations that took up half the blade which makes it extremely difficult to do detailed work with the knife. And all that gerber did was take all of the complaints (not many) of the customers and basicly made a newer better model. But the edge is week i bent and broke the seration part of mine just by cuting litle branches. Lots of my friends lost their money buying this -4 of those knives got broke on handle or pommel! In my experience 440C stainless, 5160 and 1095 steel is the best for edge retention and durability if quenched and tempered correctly. Also toting anti-inflammatory properties, yarrow has been used in the bath with great relief by those suffering from incisions after birth or with hemorrhoids. A sharp blade and strong handle makes it reliable for any tasks as a tactical tool or weapon. Stainless steel blade is 5" by 1" and features a Secure-ex sheath, fit for any survival situation.
This all makes for less work and faster cuts than I have seen in other folding saws of this type. If I may offer a suggestion, I think the inclusion of some curry, chilli or other spiced powder is a good idea. Most folding knives have short, thin blades in comparison to a top quality survival knife which makes them less durable under heavy use.
Don’t get confused by hollow core survival knives, that convenient compartment for fishing line creates a partial tang knife that is not much better than a folder.
When assessing your edge, look for an angle that you can maintain with a decent stone or steel. They didnt just change the serration they also changed the grind of the blade and fixed the problem with the pomel. Unless you can come up with a good answer I will toucher myself by not watching any Bear Grylls Man vs Wild this week and it's only monday!
If a cutlery can't list the exact type of blade material than the knife is not worth your money, there is a lot of cheap hi-carbon stainless steel types that make crappy but somewhat sharp blades, 440A is one of them. But did you know Brit survivalist star Bear Grylls, 37, once crossed the North Atlantic in an inflatable boat, or that he circumnavigated the United Kingdom on a jet ski? Gerber did everything right, including putting the knife in reach of even the humblest at around $52.
Your core temperature may drop while your sleeping so this will help you to balance it out.
The handle has a removable cap and is waterproof allowing you to store any gear or items of need.
The addition of one or more of these can make some food more palatable or bring a taste difference to a meal if you are eating the same ingredients over a period of time. We now make the Ultimate Knife with a fine-edge from the top of the handle to the tip of the blade. Seeing as how Gerber is a company that listens to its customers they have changed it so the pommel doesn't break and it doesn't have serations.
Grylls, who served three years in the British Special Air Service, has more recently worked with Gerber Legendary Blades on a namesake line of knives and survival products. Now you, too, can parachute into some loathsome part of the world, eat stuff that makes you puke, and return home little worse for the experience. We are all unique in body chemistry.  We are NOT a medical professionals by any means, however we have saved our family a boatload of annoyance and money by being resourceful and using what is right at our feet – literally. Survival aids, fire tinder and much more can be great to keep in the Cold Steel's Edge knife to complement the included ferrocerium fire steel firestarter. Using the same high carbon, stainless steel drop-point blade and texturized rubber handle this is equally tough and unmistakably Bear-inspired. 1) A better blade steel, one you can be proud of and mark on the knife instead of "mystery steel".
Which makes it as close to perfect as possible besides not being USA made and the mystery material it is made from. We caught up with Grylls late last month to talk machetes, snare wires, and the debate around serration on blades built for survival situations in the jungle or woods. Housed in a nylon and hard rubber military-grade sheath, a diamond-coated knife sharpener, emergency whistle, fire starter and survival guide are all integrated.
2) The other, as has been metioned before, a good survival knife would benifit greatly from a reflective surface. Gerber is a great company and will continue to be one as long as it listens to its customers. No kit is complete without a survival knife, and this knife adds a little extra survival gear to your arsenal of supplies.
It is beneficial to be able to hold your knife close by instead of in your pack or survival kit.

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