One of the toughest competitions in the world is back for round three as 12 of the world's toughest outdoorsmen face off against each other, Mother Nature and their own will to survive. Ultimate Survival Alaska returns to National Geographic Channel for its third and most grueling installment yet, premiering Sunday, Jan.
On every episode of Ultimate Survival Alaska, each team must use raw, die-hard ingenuity to push its way through some of the most hostile territory on the planet with minimal food and provisions. Season three introduces a host of new contenders, upping the level of competition but also creating new tensions as team dynamics start to take shape. Team Endurance: Returning ULTIMATE SURVIVAL ALASKA champion and two-time Iditarod winner Dallas Seavey is once again at the helm of Team Endurance.
Team Military: After narrowly losing to Team Endurance last year, Team Military is out for revenge. Team Alaskans: Back for their third season, mountain man Marty Raney and big-peak racer Tyler Johnson lead the all-Alaskan team. Team Lower 48: Representing the contiguous United States, Team Lower 48 team consists of all ULTIMATE SURVIVAL ALASKA rookies.
Ultimate Survival Alaska is produced by Brian Catalina Entertainment for National Geographic Channels. Just when you thought the journey was over, National Geographic is back with Season 2 of Ultimate Survival Alaska.
This season, 12 explorers from around the country, each with their own unique skillset, match up in the expedition of a lifetime. The competition consists of 11 grueling legs, spanning some of the harshest terrain on the planet. Although we live in an era of GPS and cell phones, these rustic adventurers leave modern conveniences behind. At the start of each challenge, teams search for an insertion flag where they will find an expedition map showing the location of the extraction LZ (landing zone) and the winner's flag.
It's not always easy for go-it-alone survivalists to swallow their pride and work cohesively with a team. Coming off his second Iditarod win (where he set the all-time speed record), Seavey is eager to defend his crown. Leading the team once again are former Green Beret Grady Powell and former Navy SEAL Jared Ogden.

Joining them is world-renowned mountain guide Vern Tejas, who in addition to having climbed Everest 10 times, has a history of climbing with Raney. The oldest of the group, legendary mountain climber James Sweeney, brings decades of experience from scaling the world's highest peaks. The Channels contribute to the National Geographic Society's commitment to exploration, conservation and education with smart, innovative programming and profits that directly support its mission.
The show follows four teams of outdoor survival experts: the Mountaineers, the Military, the Endurance Athletes and the Woodsmen.
The teams climb daunting peaks, scale massive glaciers and overcome countless other heart-stopping challenges.
Instead, they’re provided with only the most basic tools and supplies to help them survive.
Teammates must work together to plot a course that gives them the best chance of winning that leg of the competition.
But inevitably they'll have to do just that in order to succeed - not to mention survive - in this competition. He is joined by avalanche forecaster and heli-ski guide Lel Tone, who at just over 100 pounds is a small but deadly force to be reckoned with and one of two female competitors to join the ranks this season.
Launched in January 2001, National Geographic Channel (NGC) celebrated its fifth anniversary with the debut of NGC HD.
Returning competitors from USA Season 1 are intent on maintaining their reputation, while the fresh blood are out to prove their worth. Only their courage and determination can propel them to the end as they compete in the merciless test of human endurance that is…Ultimate Survival Alaska.
Helping their attempt to swipe the title this year is former Marine scout sniper Daniel Dean. Although new to Alaska, collectively the team brings experience in all terrains to the competition. To get there, they must cross a rapidly thawing lake, traverse a crevasse-filled glacier and claw their way up walls of crumbing ice. At the insertion flag, the adventurers find a cache of dogsleds, skis, snowshoes and packrafts.
In 2010, the wildlife and natural history cable channel NAT GEO WILD was launched, and in 2011, the Spanish-language network Nat Geo Mundo was unveiled.

Four teams - Military, Endurance, Alaskans and this season's new team, Lower 48 - face forbidding peaks, deadly tidal waves, massive glaciers, bottomless crevasses, MAN-EATING predators and treacherous white water. Eager to defend his title, returning champion Dallas Seavey leads Team Endurance across thin lake ice in pursuit of Team Military, while Team Alaskans takes the steepest and most direct route up the mountain. For Dallas Seavey, the two-time Iditarod champion, there's no question - Team Endurance is taking the dogsleds. Team Lower 48 has trouble from the start as its members struggle to find common ground in their push to the summit.
Seavey coaches his team across the highlands, but Lel Tone's rookie mistake leaves the crew immobilized in the snow.
On the second leg of the competition, teams are dropped near the top of a towering mountain peak and provided with skis, snowboards and climbing rope. Globally, National Geographic Channel is available in more than 440 million homes in 171 countries and 45 languages. Just when the team gets confident, disaster strikes and Jared Ogden loses a dog in the tundra. Team Alaskans grabs all-terrain skis and sets off across the snowy plateau to do what it does best - bush skiing. On Team Endurance, Seavey, a novice skier, struggles to get down the near-vertical slopes and costs valuable time. Getting caught up in deep snow, Vern Tejas devises a strategy to get the team quickly across the tundra.
Team Military bypasses the skis and instead uses the rope to rappel down a series of steep cliffs. Team Alaskans has the advantage, as all three members are strong skiers, but their confidence leads to costly mistakes. Cluck, the professional kayaker, coaches his team through turbulent white water, but suddenly things take a turn for the worse. Team Lower 48 continues to struggle and, after a navigational dispute, one team member threatens to quit.

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