Ritual and Pod director Mickey Keating is taking on survival horror with Carnage Park, which is based on a shocking true story. Our Movie Fighters will be judged and scored on their arguments for facts, passion and creativity. The Live SJ Plus fan update featuring sneak peeks, insider info, and honest answers to your questions.
Exclusive commentary, outtakes, BTS secrets, and alternate jokes from your favorite Honest Game Trailers. Exclusive commentary, outtakes, BTS secrets, and alternate jokes from your favorite Honest Trailers. Chris Stuckmann and a guest debate the best and worst films from filmmakers and performers.

HISHE and ScreenJunkies' Animated Show revealing the After Credits scenes for films that never had them. An Honest The Walking Dead after show where the ScreenJunkies react to last night's TWD episode! US television channel NBC and Electus announced on Monday that US President Barack Obama will go on an adventure trek through the Alaskan wilderness with Bear Grylls, of Man vs Wild fame, for a special edition of ‘Running Wild’. The programme is part of Obama’s visit to Alaska to observe first-hand the effects of climate change. The show will mark the first time Grylls, a former SAS soldier, giving a crash course in survival techniques to a sitting president. Moreover, the second season of “Running Wild with Bear Grylls” on NBC will feature some of America’s biggest celebrities, including Kate Winslet, Drew Brees, Kate Hudson, Zac Efron, Michelle Rodriguez and Channing Tatum – that will bring them face to face with the adventures and assess their survival skills, push while pushing them to their mental and physical limits.

Meanwhile, President Barack Obama sets off for a three-day tour of Alaska on Monday, aiming to shine a spotlight on how the United States is being affected by warming temperatures and rising oceans.
With 16 months left in office, Obama is trying to build support for tough new rules on carbon emissions from power plants ahead of a hoped-for international climate deal later this year that could cement his legacy on the issue. The White House has said Obama will announce new policies to help communities adapt to climate change and deploy renewable energy.

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