The skin on the lower legs is the more commonly affected area, but cellulitis may also occur anywhere on the face or body. When left untreated, the infection may rapidly spread turning into a life-threatening condition. You should see your doctor if you have a rash that is swollen, tender, warm and red – and if it is expanding.
The majority of the population can maintain healthy feet through education, advice and prompt care. Peripheral venous disease is a term describing damage, defects or blockage in the veins that carry blood from the hands and feet to the heart.
Thrombophlebitis (including superficial vein thrombosis and deep vein thrombosis) – An obstructing blood clot (thrombus) has formed, causing the surrounding veins to become inflamed (phlebitis). Varicose veins – Abnormally widened veins that are swollen, dark and frequently twisted or contorted instead of straight. Chronic venous insufficiency – An advanced stage of leg vein disease where the veins become incompetent causing blood to pool in the legs and feet.
Sometimes, peripheral venous disease may pose no risk and occurs without any symptoms, it may also resolve by itself. Wearing elastic compression stockings that squeeze the veins and keep the blood flowing in your legs, which makes it more difficult for blood clots to form.
By Ticking this box i agree that i would like to receive email communication from the Association of Podiatrists of Malta, and from related third party organisations in accordance to the data-protection act. A razor burn can be defined as a skin irritation that happens soon after an area has been shaved.

Cold CompressA cold compress is a very effective and easy way to get instant relief from the burning sensation caused by razor burns. Black TeaThe black tea bags that you use to make yourself a cup of tea can also help get rid of razor burn. It allows Podiatrists to interpret movements, identify problems and suggest treatment options.
It is composed of the outer skin layer, the vascular system, neuromuscular system and skeletal system.
Peripheral venous disease can occur almost anywhere in the body but is mostly seen in the arms and legs.
They usually occur in the legs, and may cause swelling (edema), pain and a dark colour around the ankles.
The blood is not returned to the heart properly, resulting in swelling and may lead to leg ulcers. If you must sit for a long period, stretch and flex your legs every 5 minutes or so to keep blood flowing. At times, it can be itchy and swollen, too.Razor burn is commonly associated with men who shave their faces frequently. Plus, it will help reduce redness and itching, as well as prevent razor bumps from forming.Wrap a few ice cubes in a thin towel. HoneyKnown for its antibacterial properties, honey can also be used to treat razor burn quickly. I then followed with rubbing aspirin on the bumps and leaving for a few minutes before washing off.

There are several causes of razor burn, such as using a dull blade, using a hard soap, shaving dry, unconditioned skin and just having sensitive skin.Razor burn can cause a lot of discomfort.
Plus, honey can prevent the area from becoming infected.Apply some honey directly on the irritated skin. I put on a generous amount of aloe vera lotion and made sure to sleep face up so as not to rub it off until it was soaked up by my skin. Its anti-inflammatory properties work to reduce inflammation as well as the itching sensation.
Allow it to air dry and rinse it off with cold water.Alternatively, you can mix together one-half teaspoon of honey and one-tablespoon of plain yogurt. The bumps were pretty much gone after a few hours!!Bre September 26, 2015 at 7:39 pm ReplyOh good. Apply this mixture on the affected area, allow it to sit for 15 minutes, and then rinse it off with lukewarm water.Use either of these treatments three or four times a day for as long as needed. The soothing as well as cooling nature of aloe vera will give you instant relief from the burning sensation and inflammation.

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