Aditya Sardana Seahorses are magnificent fishes that exhibit the phenomenon of male pregnancy.
Pregnancy in males is unique to seahorses in the entire animal kingdom, thus, making them a true biological marvel. You can refer to my article – “The Basis of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)” to learn the fundamentals of TCM.
Seahorses are employed in the treatment of sexual weakness, reduced sexual desire or drive (reduced libido; libido means sexual desire or sex drive), and are considered as broad-spectrum or general tonics. The practitioners of TCM claim that seahorses strengthen “kidneys” and improve “nerves”, which in the context of Traditional Chinese Medicine points to general morale, well-being, and vigor.

Impotence, also known as Erectile Dysfunction (ED), is the inability of a male to engage in the act of sexual intercourse because of the failure to get or maintain a sufficient level of erection Seahorses are considered as “aphrodisiac”, which in the common medical parlance means possessing the property of enhancing sexual desire. In the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the original word for “aphrodisiac” is “Zhuang Yang”. Zhuang Yang has a much broader meaning in the TCM, and is defined as the process of stimulating or invigorating yang by the administration of medicinal substances to promote the vital function of virility in an impotent man.
In the ancient Chinese philosophy, “Yang” is the active, positive, masculine principle or quality or force that is complementary and opposing to yin. Arteriosclerosis, also known as Arterial Sclerosis, is characterized by thickening, hardening, and loss of elasticity of the arterial walls.

Aditya SardanaDr Aditya Sardana holds an MD degree in alternative medicine, MS in Bioinformatics, and Bachelor's in Pharmacy.

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