Did you know you can book an appointment for any of our doctors at your preferred location online? Contact Dermatitis (CD) is a rash on the skin in response to a contact with a chemical substance. Irritant contact dermatitis is the most common and occurs in response to a physical or chemical insult to the outer layer of the skin.
Poison ivy, oak, and sumac: Poison ivy and oak are common culprits of allergic contact dermatitis during the summer time. Treatment: Wearing protective clothing, and avoiding the contact allergen are the two most important ways to prevent further dermatitis.
For symptoms, astringent dressings or soothing baths reduce weeping and itching while oral histamines often help the itch. Center for Clinical Studies is conducting a clinical research study for people diagnosed with genital herpes.
If you are having red and blotchy red patches on your palms it indicates that you are suffering from liver disease.
Generally in pregnant women’s it is seen that they have red palms but there is nothing to be worried because it is due to increased blood vessel activity. Sometimes it happens when you feel your hands difficult to use in normal activities of every day, you will feel your rings tighter and if you are doing the work of typing like me, it will be difficult for you to type.
If you have swelling in your hand it is sign of under active thyroid gland but if rest of your body is swollen slightly and have fluid in hands it indicates liver or kidney related disease. If you are simply being pre-menstrual, have eaten something salty or travelling by aircraft these are some of the other reasons for having swollen hands. If you are suffering from Reynaud’s disease, your fingers will change periodically to blue or white, basically when they come in contact with something cold. In this disease the blood vessels go into spasm and to the extremities it completely closes off, as a result the fingers turn white or blue. You should wear gloves and also avoid touching cold things, if you suffer from this disease.
Clubbing of fingers generally occurs in people who are suffering from heart or lung problem. Alone from this symptom you cannot find out ill health, some of the people who are having clubbed fingers are suffering from breathing difficulties also and they are also undergoing treatment. As we grow older, there are high chances of Arthritis in hands, it is a crippling disease and the soonest caught, the soonest treated so that it never becomes life-changing..
Little bruises, or odd marks like red splodges under the fingernails is a sign of a heart disease. Stevens Johnson Syndrome (SJS) is a condition that generally develops as a result of an allergic reaction to certain medications. Those who suffer from Stevens Johnson Syndrome should be treated the soonest possible time so as to prevent the development of complications that could lead to death.
However, Stevens and Johnson noted some disparity between the boys’ condition and that of EM.
Stevens Johnson Syndrome is brought forth when the body negatively reacts to certain drugs.
Knowing how to distinguish SJS rash or lesions from other types of skin problems is important in getting early treatment so as to prevent more severe or potentially deadly complications. An individual with SJS will suffer from flu-like symptoms for a few days, which include headache and fever. It should be noted that the symptoms of Stevens Johnson Syndrome can quickly aggravate in just a few days or even in a matter of minutes. People affected by SJS need prompt medical treatment and must discontinue taking the medication or drugs that caused the adverse reaction right away and go to the hospital immediately. When the rash is a result of an allergy, it is considered a systemic reaction involving the whole body. The non-allergic causes are numerous and could be a result of mild condition to more severe systemic illnesses.
Home treatment depends on the location of, and reaction to, the sting. Wash the exposed area with plenty of soap and water.

Your local poison center can be reached directly by calling the national toll-free Poison Help hotline (1-800-222-1222) from anywhere in the United States. The health care provider will measure and monitor the person's vital signs, including temperature, pulse, breathing rate, and blood pressure.
The information provided herein should not be used during any medical emergency or for the diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition. The rash of contact dermatitis does not appear in response to consumed food or inhaled particles.
The sensitizing allergens are pentadecylcatechol and heptadecylcatechol which are found in the sap of these plants.
A detailed history of occupation, hygienic habits, and hobbies is frequently necessary to find the culprit.
You need to consult your doctor if your hands become more red even when you have not done too much hard work. This all happens because you have swelling in your hands and by observing these facts you can find it out as swelling is very slight and a casual observer cannot see it, so we need to feel it. This phenomenon generally affects women more as compared to men, it is strange and harmless. This is the reason why this syndrome shouldn’t be taken lightly and immediate medical attention, typically requiring hospitalization, should be given. Mucous membranes are found all over the body as they line the cavities or passages inside the body, such as the lungs, mouth, nostrils, ears, digestive tract, anus and genitalia.
Under normal conditions, the body metabolizes the chemicals from the medicine the same way as the digestive system digests food.
They are treated under the hospital’s ICU or burn unit with the close supervision of the ophthalmologist, dermatologist and even a surgeon. The significance of this is that subsequent allergic reactions may be more violent and lead to a life threatening condition. These conditions include underlying Rheumatologic, Infectious, Endocrine, Hematologic and Autoimmune diseases. A sting from a fire ant delivers a harmful substance, called venom, into your skin. This article is for information only. A licensed medical professional should be consulted for diagnosis and treatment of any and all medical conditions.
Sensitivity to poison ivy, oak and sumac results in sensitivity to the other plants in the same family which would include cashews, mango and lacquer trees. In the acute phase, one would expect to see red patches and fluid-filled bumps (vesicles) with oozing; swelling may also be present.
Topical steroids generally aid in diminishing the inflammatory reaction that causes all of the symptoms associated with contact dermatitis.
But nowadays as we all know that, due to presence of modern tests and various technologies this technique of looking at hands for determining  your general health have been ignored. When your liver does not function properly and is not able to carry out the toxins present in your body, it results in increasing the blood stream due to which the blood vessels present in hands and feet dilate.
The affected individual will initially feel like he or she has contracted flu as coughs, headache and sore throat are experienced. These doctors were perplexed by the extraordinary skin disease that afflicted 7 and 8-year old boys. However, with SJS, a chemical component of the drug causes a wrong metabolic response by stimulating the body to excrete protein that would severely affect the cells on the outermost skin layer or epidermis. These doctors will determine the extent of damage caused by the allergic reaction and prevent it from aggravating further.
Therefore it is important to identify the etiology of this allergic reaction with your physician to help avoid future reactions. The treatment of these underlying conditions generally leads to resolution of the urticarial rash. Wash the eyes with plenty of water if any venom gets in them. For mild stings, place ice (wrapped in a clean cloth) on the bite area for 10 minutes and then off for 10 minutes.

Links to other sites are provided for information only -- they do not constitute endorsements of those other sites. Strong irritants tend to cause evident skin damage within hours while weaker irritants may require multiple exposures to develop the dermatitis. In the chronic phase we would expect longer term changes such as crusting, thickening, and scaling. In fact, patch testing is the only way to differentiate an irritant contact dermatitis and allergic contact dermatitis. Dermatologists will frequently use a topical steroid for therapy in mild to moderate rashes. Skin rashes will eventually develop which is then followed by blistering around the eyes, mouth and genitals. The chances of survival significantly vary in each patient depending on the extent of damage caused by the allergic reaction and how timely the treatment was initiated. They were certain that the boys’ condition were not severe hemorrhagic measles because of the existence of widespread skin lesions, severely swollen eyes and eyelids, and inflamed mucous membranes on the cheeks. SJS can be a very grave condition because it causes the skin and mucous membranes to become inflamed. This abnormal immune response weakens the skin’s integrity, making it susceptible to foreign pathogens that would cause infections. Supportive care, such as IV fluids, parenteral feeding, analgesics and mouth rinse, will promote healing and provide relief from the uncomfortable symptoms associated with the condition. The degree of allergic contact dermatitis caused by iodine varies depending on the type of preparation.
In this article we will discuss about the signs and symptoms one should notice in their hands. These doctors initially thought the ailment was erythema multiforme or EM which is a form of skin problem that causes red papules and targeted lesions. The inflammation would quickly aggravate and damage not only the mucous membranes but the major organs of the body as well. If the person has problems with blood circulation, decrease the time to prevent possible damage to the skin. Some people are allergic to fire ant venom. A study by Lee et al tested iodine in petrolatum, iodine in 70% isopropyl alcohol and povidone-iodine.
In patch testing, multiple different chemicals are applied to patches which are taped onto a the back of the patient.
But intensive medical studies revealed the exact cause of the problem and it was Bernard Thomas who put finality to naming it Stevens Johnson Syndrome in 1950.
If the reaction is severe, seek medical help right away and call your local emergency number (such as 911) or poison control. Those who have an allergy to insect bites or stings should carry a bee sting kit and know how to use it an emergency. The patches are then removed after 48 hours and interpreted by a dermatologist at 48 and 96 hours. Patch testing is indicated in the following cases: 1) diagnosis is in doubt, 2) rash does not respond to treatment, 3) rash recurs. It is important to note that although stainless steel used in some jewelry has nickel, it is so tightly bound that it usually does not cause an allergic reaction. The reaction will usually be limited to the hands or feet in a patchy distribution where there has been direct contact to the rubber.
Sensitization to paraphenylenediamine occurs in hairdressers and in clients who have their hair colored.
When completely oxidized, as the dye on a fur coat, paraphenylenediamine is no longer a source of allergic contact dermatitis.

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