Implicitly, the Golden Rule requires kindness and care for the less fortunate, because this is what we would want in their situation.
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She never preached kindness or courtesy, except to never allow us to call our elders by their first names, but her actions spoke louder than any words.
My mother always tried to teach us that showing kindness and respect was something you SHOULD do, not something you HAD to do. Whether good or bad (please make it constructive, my poor heart cannot take hurtful comments), Coupon Christine wants to hear from you!

I am now at a point I am trying to be better organized with my coupons, keeps, dates, trades and shares. Look for the good things in every situation, and you may find that you are happier every day.
It discourages lying, bullying and theft, for example, because no one wants to be lied to or bullied or to have their property stolen. It’s not about getting something in return, a smile or a nod of appreciation is more than enough for me. The comraderie and laughter is wonderful, we are all in this together, for us and our families, for sure.

I am thrilled to be part of a group that is so wiling to share, and explain and help out new people and each other. The Golden Rule has been attractive to communities well before the existence of Christianity, Islam and other religions and, applied to the whole of humanity, gives us a global moral principle. I am thankful to you, Christine, who does a fantastic job, posting, updating and sharing all the newest coupons, links deals and for all the price charting and suggestions.

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