Ever since the survival horror genre first emerged onto the scene during the early 1980’s, fans everywhere have been treated to a wide array of interesting titles from one console life cycle to the next.
If you feel this image is in violation of our Terms of Service, please use the following form to have it manually reviewed by a staff member. I love mech-based combat games, probably because they bring me back to my Mechwarrior days. A third-person co-op shooter, you control members of an ancient alien race known as the Tenno, who have awoken from several centuries of cryostats slumber to find themselves in the middle of a war with the Grineer. This MMOFPS title is a remake of the 2003 original, it’s a straight forward idea, you control tanks, ground vehicles and aircraft while fighting on large maps with considerable numbers of players. Another zombie survival game, although this isn’t free-to-play, I never the less recommend it.
This massive multiplayer online arena game is played in discrete matches in 3D environments and the player commands an arsenal of 109 heroes, each with their own sets of powerful combat strengths.
I am a gamer really good in fact i play multiple games and i think the best steam games that i have ever played are Dota 2 and Robocraft they are just brilliant. I think the best steam games on the market are Hawken, Spiral Knights, and Garry’s Mod. Either the member choose to remove the submission, a moderator removed it or this is an invalid URL. With there being a ton of stellar Playstation 2 Video Games to choose from, finding the top 10 Playstation 2 video games would be a daunting task. We’ve tried our best to select the best PS2 games from different genres to make it the most complete list possible.
Definitely the most difficult game to beat on the list, which was under-appreciated by critics due to its ridiculous difficulty. Naughty Dog has proven time and time again that it is one of the best first party developer at Sony. Quite possibly the best RPG game on the Playstation 2, Final Fantasy X had everything synonymous with the FF franchise, but this time it had some amazing voice acting as well which can’t be said for previous iterations in the series.
If anybody questions the genius of Hideo Kojima, he needs to be gifted a copy of MGS 3: Subsistence. One of the best Action Adventure game on the Playstation 2 with arguably the most bad-ass protagonist in gaming history, God of War didn’t end up being just another Hack and Slash button mashing experience.
Notable franchises like Resident Evil and Dead Space started out promising, but quickly declined in both quality and context as the years went on. Keeping up with the latest releases isn’t cheap these days.  But luckily Being a PC gamer doesn’t have to be an expensive hobby. There are 9 different types of mechs to choose from with their own unique abilities and a hefty array of exciting weapons.

An environment of dungeons, forrests, temples and city ruins populated with nefarious creatures help to build a well textured and intricate world. The game requires four players to work together to complete missions, from standard shoot-em up to data retrieval, assassinations, artifact defence and survival. You can play the game from hero on the battlefield, an officer making tactical decisions or a general in command.
This is described as a creative building and vehicle shooter based on different planets where players build fighting machines for combat online.
Teamwork is essential, all guns blazing techniques rarely deliver results so it’s a tactical shooter with strategy in mind.
This is an MMO sandbox title set in the rural US in which players are challenged by natural elements, hordes of the undead and other hostile survivors all while scavenging, building and creating shelters. It ranks very highly on Steam with over 800,000 concurrent players daily, there’s a bit of a steep learning curve here but once you get into it, it’s offers some great mechanics and superb fun. Filled with fun and entertaining characters, Team Fortress 2 stays true to its roots and focuses on tactical team-based FPS gameplay. With more than 700 cars in store, fantastic presentation and near perfect career progression, racing simulators simply don’t get any better than Gran Turismo 4. As a hardcore gamer, I personally feel that it doesn’t get any better than a difficult game which is as good as Devil May Cry 3.
If we had to include one platformer in our Top 10 list, Jak II is probably the one that actually expanded the genre and took it to unimaginable heights. It ranks among the best racing games ever made and for the first time made crashes much more exciting and interactive than ever.
RE 4 is the most atmospheric games on the Playstation 2, and you don’t need to be a Resident Evil fan to appreciate the game. The storyline of the game would capture your attention in an instant, it wouldn’t be wrong to claim that it offered the most appealing and addictive stories ever in a Final Fantasy game and that means a lot. On paper the game does not sound as satisfying but the way it is executed, the game is comparable to a beautiful piece of art.
Improving on an already great game, MGS 3: Snake Eater, by adding a few extras, an online mode, a better camera angle and the old school 2D MGS titles from the past this ended up being a dream package for any MGS fan, but at the same time would make for a perfect introduction to the franchise for anyone unfamiliar with the series. Excellent set pieces, amazing combat and stunning environments combined and put forth to the player controlling the mighty Kratos was a truly monstrous achievement for David Jaffe and his team. Luckily for us all, this trend may change in 2014 thanks to several high profile horror games that are being designed specifically to keep us all cringing at the edge of our seats. The post-apocalyptic world is gorgeous, Graphics and artwork are top notch, for a free-to-play title and you can’t help but wonder, what’s the catch? There’s lot of bartering, trading and the use of power ups, gems and jewels are all staples of the roleplaying genre along with a very complex inventory system to master here.

The graphics are heavily stylised and cartoonish, giving the game a unique feel and the gameplay is very compelling. Classes are well defined with diverse roles, Engineers, Medics, Light assault troopers and infiltrators. The player begins on the map of their choice with nothing in their procession and must find supplies and weapons to battle zombies, all while trying to fend off starvation, thirst and disease. There’s a ton of games modes, 70 maps, lots of unlockable items and content and an enormity of replay value. All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site. GT 4 is the pinnacle of driving simulators and GT fans wouldn’t have it any other way. A massive GTAesque open city, jack-able cars and an absolutely incredible plot, the game had everything.
Tons of unlockables, bonus quests, arcade-style Mercenaries mode, and a satisfying 20-plus hour quest. If a sequel is ever to be announced of this game for the PS3, well, I would probably be amongst hundreds and thousands of people who pre-order the game with their eyes closed.
Signature stealth mechanics, thought provoking story line, a visually stunning experience, we can go on & on about how great this game is, but you need to experience it first hand to truly admire the class act stealth-action gameplay. If you are a fan of the action adventure genre, there is no excuse for not having played this game. It took open world sand box gameplay to another level, had one of the best story lines possible in a video game and had the production value unseen in the gaming industry. To illustrate this point further, I decided to create a list of 10 Survival Horror Games You Have To Play In 2014. The strategy-element of the game allows players to move resources around on a world strategy map and then duke out the fighting against assault teams in FPS mode. Pixelated games like this aren’t for everyone but if you can accept the deliberately low budget graphics, this is actually a very intense zombie survival simulator game.
The only down side of playing this game is that Gran Turismo 5, due Nevember 2, 2010, is not out yet. Feel free to have a look at my choices and let me know if you agree or disagree with any of them in the comments section below.

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