Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Nearly 40%of UK graduates are looking for work six months after graduation, while a quarter are still unemployed after a year, according to new research. Other official data has shown that almost half of recent graduates in the UK are in non-graduate jobs. While in South Africa, the 2014 World Economic Forum  Global Risk Report estimates that there are about 600,000 unemployed graduates in South Africa. These statistics highlight the challenges that many young professionals face when trying to enter the job market and the importance of planning and goal-setting to ensure a successful career. John Marsden, National Sales Director at PPS, says that despite having a degree, young professionals may experience some difficulties finding employment when they leave university. While young professionals may not have the work experience that their older peers have, Marsden says that they should use their youth as an advantage to be innovative, creative and utilise opportunities for personal growth within the professional environment. Society creates a lot of pressure on young professionals to be perfect and this type of mind-set may prevent this group from taking the necessary steps for attaining their goals. Marsden says young professionals should never procrastinate, but rather use their time wisely. This time also allows you to be more flexible with the options provided to you, says Marsden. While it is wonderful to have multiple passions in life, Marsden advises that it is very important to make critical life choices during this time of your life in order to help you achieve success.
Marsden points out that people are inundated on a daily basis with messages from various mediums about how we should look, conduct ourselves and how we should live our lives.
Growing up, the only future Danma could feasibly see for herself involved bearing children, herding livestock, fetching water and collecting wood for fuel.
But Danma’s ambitions for education, independence and self empowerment defied the constraints of her community.

Spurred on by her resilience and vision, Danma’s network of friends and supporters get her over to Australia to further her education. In 2015, Danma founded Maya Mountain, a social enterprise aimed at equipping Tibetan women with skills and opportunities to become self sufficient. The enterprise is now at a point where it needs to fund the development of a safe and permanent facility for the Tibetan Soap Ladies to continue producing the soap.
To find our more about Danma’s project, and how you can support it, and to get yourself a lovely bar of soap from the pristine Tibetan plateau, visit the Maya Mountain crowdfunding campaign.
If you want finding and contacting with best clinics, then for this you should use some internet sources.
It is important for young professionals to envision where they want to go in life, know what their aspirations are and identify what they want to achieve. Attend Homecoming Revolution’s Speed Meet Africa in March, an event which  introduces UK-based Africans to Employers and Relocation Providers in South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda and other African countries.
Many of you will know that I am a community development practitioner,and I am passionate about the potential of social enterprise to contribute to meaningful change and sustainable economic opportunities. She observed first hand the realities of gender inequality, where women took on the most menial yet difficult of tasks. At 19 years old, she led a community project that brought running water to her village for the first time. She was granted a scholarship by the University of Technology and completed a Bachelor in Public Communications (Social Inquiry). To do this, Danma is launching a crowdfunding campaign in July to raise funds to further develop the centre and to begin paying wages to the soap makers. I am sustainable living advocate, self-taught textiles artist and I am deeply committed to the work of social change. Basically most companies and individual experts have their own websites and free blogs to be visited for proper help.

I particularly love sharing projects that empower women who are living their traditional lifestyles, to allow them to develop in ways that honour their valuable cultural traditions and way of life, taking the best from globalisation, and keeping the best from their own culture. But what is rarely talked about is the deeply ingrained patriarchal nature of Tibetan society, where gender roles are firmly defined. After that, she applied for international funding to run a solar panel project to bring new energy resources to her village – and she got it.
I am the founder of tortoise & lady grey, and the founder and principal story-teller at Social Impact Stories.
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