BASIC first aid allows you to quickly determine a person’s physical condition and the correct course of treatment, whether the distress is due to to choking, heart attack, allergic reactions, drugs or alchohol or other medical emergencies. How to Stop Bleeding - Control of bleeding is one of the most important things you can do to save a trauma victim.
How to Treat Shock - Shock, a loss of blood flow to the body, frequently  follows physical and occasionally psychological trauma. How to Treats Burns - Treat first and second degree burns by immersing or fleshing with cool water (no ice).
Treat a Concussion - If the victim has suffered a blow to the head, look for signs of concussion.
How to Treat a Spinal Injury Victim - If you suspect a spinal injury, it is especially critical that you not move the victim’s head, neck or back(Unless they are in immediate danger).
Consumers and businesses can lodge report regarding incidents cause by the products they or their customers use.
Although Mendeleyev also predicted the existence of more elements, he was met with much skepticism as he refined his laws, until eventually some of the missing elements, Gallium, Scandium, and Germanium were discovered, which fulfilled his predictions and lead to the universal acceptance of the "periodic law" he had been working on so diligently.
Desktop users: right click on the image and choose "save image as" or "set as desktop background". A talented person can survive with nothing but the clothing on their back and what they have between their ears, however it is nice to have a little help. A sewing kit can be used to stitch up a deep wound, repair clothing, or the needle can be used to make a compass. A magnet can be used to make a compass by fastening it to a piece of wood with the elastic band and floating it in water.
A disposable lighter has more lights than a book of water proof matches, and the striker and flint can be used to start fires long after the fuel is used up. I am a photographer, a tinker, an electronics technology engineer, and author; I write short stories and poetry for the love of writing. Remember the A,B,Cs of first aid which refer to the three critical things you need to look for.
Treat bleeding, shock, and other problems as needed.- After you have established that the victim is breathing and has a pulse, your next priority should be to control any bleeding. A person - in shock will frequently have cool, clammy skin, be agitated or have an altered mental status, and have pale color to the skin around the face and lips.
Common symptoms are: loss of consciousness following the injury, disorientation or memory impairment, vertigo, nausea, and lethargy.

That way, while playing pokey man while driving and then crashing into things, spillage is within the new standards that allow you total escape from prosecution for your behavior.
Unlike a GPS, satellite telephone, tent, cook stove, backpack, first aid kit, and more until you are dragging 200 pounds around with you. It should be small enough to fit in your pocket and large enough to hold everything in your kit. The watertight case can be used to hold the water and the knife can be used to whittle a piece of wood to float the magnet. Look at the victim's colour and check their pulse (the carotid artery is a good option; it is located on either side of the neck below the jawbone). Today made from sharpened steel and a handle, knives continue to be a simple and reliable tool. Are you or the victim threatened by fire, tosic smoke or gasses, an unstable building, live electrical wires and other dangers? Moving a victim will often make injuries worse, especially in the case of spinal cord injuries.4. Anyone who has suffered a severe injury or life-threatening situation is at risk for shock. Remove clothing and jewelry from the burn, but do not try to remove charred clothing that is stuck to burns.
If you or another mechanic added the wrong coolant, I'd flush and switch it over to the correct fluid as soon as possible.
Call for help or tell someone else (a specific person, if possible) to call for help as none as possible. These days there are so many types of metals that coolant comes in contact with, its important to run the specified coolant. If you are the only person on the scene, try to establish breathing before calling for help, and do sot leave the victim alone for an extensive amount of time.5. If the person remains unresponsive, carefully roll them onto their back and open his airway. With high quality stainless the magnet will not stick, but I bet it will stick to every knife but a butter knife. It makes as little sense to carry a city bus pass on a hike in the Rockies as it does to carry fishing gear on the subway.
You present a gear pack for a guy who could dig iron ore with his fingernails, smelt the iron over a camp fire using his cheeks for a bellows, pound the metal with a rock to shape it into bicycle parts, assemble the bike, and ride to the nearest town.

The pocket knife is always good to have, and I usually have more than one at any given time; a tactical knife that opens with one hand for convenience, and a multi-tool for versatility. I also carry a small high power LED flashlight, a butane lighter, and a cell phone on my person virtually everywhere I go. In your instance, trucking all over creation, I would trade in all the squirrel snares and rubber bands around for one satellite phone.
True, trapping critters in the woods for a month makes a much more Hemingwayesque story, but the satellite phone would get you home for supper. BTW - the picture of the knife blade holding the little magnet is not at all the same as the magnet holding the weight of the knife. You can talk to the rescuers and tell them where to find your body when they decide to rescue you in the spring. Cosmetically stylish and useful unravel the bracelet and you have rope, unravel the Paracord and you have fishing line. When the stairwell is filled with black smoke and a few hundred panicked people are trying to get out alive, it stands to reason that those who can see and breath will have a distinct advantage. A folding solar panel for charging the phone, MREs and bottled water to last a few days at most.
This does not prove the reverse, which is that the magnet can support the weight of the knife.
Add to the problem that you will need to tie a line around the magnet in order to lower it down to the knife. The line wrapped around the magnet will impede the magnet from laying flat against the blade. If you really needed a large strong magnet, you could sack a much more powerful one out of one of the speakers in your truck. Then again, what’s wrong with using a wrist lanyard to avoid dropping the knife in the first place?
When I tried that with an open blade, I could get the knife to stand up, but as soon as I tried to lift the full weight off the table, the magnet slid along the edge and the knife fell right off.

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