In Emergency Preparedness Part 1: Choosing the right radios, we focused on various types of radios you should consider having on hand in times of disaster. Of course, there’s more to the art of being prepared than simply purchasing a few radios. Include a lot of shelf-stable foods ready to be eaten without preparation–trail mix, dehydrated fruits and vegetables, etc. Important family documents, such as copies of insurance policies, identification and bank account records in a waterproof, portable container.
Household chlorine bleach and medicine dropper – When diluted nine parts water to one part bleach, bleach can be used as a disinfectant. Often overlooked, but quite important–you may be without power, television and internet for days. Listen to local radio stations and follow any directions from local officials who are coordinating recovery. has an excellent guide to making a plan (including downloadable forms) and general information about being informed. Check to see if your national weather service has specific frequencies with weather or emergency information. This entry was posted in Articles, Emergency Preparedness, Preparedness, Slightly Off Topic and tagged crank radio, disaster preparedness, Emergency Radios, Eton, Eton FR160, Eton FR160 Review, FR160, Grundig, Hand Crank Radios, How to be prepared, Items for being prepared, National Preparedness Month, NOAA, NOAA weather radio, Preparedness, Preparedness Radios, Radios for Emergencies, Self-Powered Radios, Solar Radio, What supplies you need in natural disaster, wind radio, wind-up radio on September 11, 2011 by Thomas. Here is a first aid kit contents list that you use to make sure you've got all the necessary supplies at home for when you need them.
You'll find the printable version below, as you scroll down, but you can read what supplies you'll need to keep for your home kit right here.
The list is meant to be a guide for you, a checklist of sorts, to help you remember what you may need and to make sure it is on hand at all times. I suggest printing out a copy of the list for yourself and placing it in your first aid kit that you create, or purchase, so you can make sure you keep all the necessary supplies in stock as they're used, or as they expire and need to be replaced with fresher versions.
It is best to re-check your supplies at least every six months, to make sure you have a chance to replace older supplies before the emergency itself occurs.
The first aid kit you keep handy in your home is meant to deal with minor first aid issues, and should be separate from the kit you keep with your emergency supplies.
That's because you should have some easily accessible first aid supplies in your home, that aren't necessarily mixed in with your disaster supplies. You do need a first aid kit within your emergency preparedness kit though, and the list below can give you good guidance for what should be included in these emergency supplies as well. It is imperative that you keep emergency contact and other vital medical information within your first aid kit so that if first responders need to come, or people unfamiliar with your household need to use the kit (such as a babysitter) they can know vital information.
Therefore, on the printable first aid kit contents list I've also added a spot for you to fill in your personal doctor and dentist's phone numbers, so that someone can call them easily in an emergency if needed, along with some other helpful emergency contact information.
Some people want to make a homemade first aid kit, and many times this is a better idea because you can critically think of the items I've listed here as part of the first aid kit contents list and add anything that is unique to your family's needs. However, making a homemade version is not for everyone, including those without much time or who don't want to buy such large quantities of each item that they hopefully may not even need. Make sure to get a kit that is for home use, not an OSHA kit which is meant to deal with workplace first aid. Some links on this page are affiliate links, meaning that if you purchase a product through them I receive a small commission which helps me provide this information to you for free, plus support my family.
Share Your Comments, Tips & IdeasI would love to hear from you, sharing your thoughts, questions, or ideas about this topic, so leave me a comment below.

DIY Car kit: Prepare a good-sized wicker basket with two plastic boxes for the smaller items in. If you have children of any age in the car during the travel, making a tote like this is a must.
Beyond imagination, you can turn the flort remote control into an amazing car organizer for kids to contain colored pencils, books, tissue paper, or other smaller items for your kids.
You can design a sturdy metal rack hanging from the rear seat of your vehicle with fabric-magic straps.
You can make some cloth bags, and then attach them on the back of the seat in your car as a book holder for your passengers’ reading.
You can make full use of the space between two seats and have a basket there with some drinks, water, fruit, snacks, etc within your reach. Sometimes you need to take some items like, batteries, scissors, glue or other small items. You can buy a cheap basket as a food holder in the car for your kids to keep food from getting spilled all over your car. It is a good idea to attach a fabric bag to the car vision as a storage of CD, DVD and tissue paper within your reach, plus limit the storage space of your car.
You can buy a file folder from a store and use it to keep your paperwork such as your maps, the proof of insurance, etc.
Divide what you need in the car into categories, put items of the same category into one canvas drawstring bags, and label the category name for easy use next time. Contact us with a description of the clipart you are searching for and we'll help you find it. Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations! Having a flashlight or a first aid kit ready to pull off the wall just when you need it is a huge advantage, but most hook and loop fasteners (like Velcro) wear out too quickly, letting your stuff fall off at random moments. I have used this to mount laptop’s label printers, external speakers and numerous items in the hospital where I work. I suppose experience would lead you to use less surface area than Velcro, you still return the problem #1. The EZ-Pass transponders here in MA have been using that type of hook and loop fastener for a while.
To keep the adhesive from failing, use a pair of dikes or flushcuts to trim the hooks or loops near the edge of the backing, or at least near the corners.
I don’t know about the other adhesives, but the glue on the Dual Lock I got is almost better than spot welding.
Pharmacies may be closed for several days and you certainly want your prescription heart medication on hand! You can use the Emergency Financial First Aid Kit (EFFAK) – PDF, 277Kb) developed by Operation Hope, FEMA and Citizen Corps to help you organize your information. Or in an emergency, you can use it to treat water by using 16 drops of regular household liquid bleach per gallon of water. It’s about being prepared mentally and having your close family and friends on the same page should disaster strike. The information I have posted above may not be relevant to the place you live (for example, NOAA weather radio).
If you have any specific needs (medical or otherwise), make sure your local authorities know.

Thanks for highlighting emergency preparedness and for having an emergency survival kit list, these information is really useful. To get the full scoop on organizing medicines in your home check out the First Aid & Medicine Organizer Center Challenge, which is part of the 52 Weeks to an Organized Home Challenge.
Each family's needs are unique, so you may need to add or subtract items as circumstances change in your home, including as your children age (or new children are born). Here are some good ones to choose from, but remember that their contents may vary and may not have everything listed in the checklist above (or perhaps they have things I haven't listed above). My integrity and your satisfaction are very important to me so I only recommend products I would purchase myself, and that I believe would benefit you. Join over 200,000 others and get tips, articles and organizing challenges sent directly to your inbox to help you get your house in order. The remaining space can be a good storage for other bigger things, like a blanket, bottles, a first aid kit or anything else.
This beautiful and cool seat back entertainment organizer is handmade with a drink holder, phone holster, tissue bag, zipper pouch, coloring folio.
It makes full use of the little car space as a good storage of whatever necessities, such as snack, food, drink, etc. Divide the items in your glove box into categories and label the category names so that the auto registration, insurance papers and other things you store there will be organized. You can put kids toys, crayons, comic books, LEGOs or anything else that keep your kids busy during the travel so that they will not be lost under the seat.
Have each one of individual pouches hold different oddles of items, then clipped them together with a larger ring so that they can be removed to be used individually. Besides, this organizer has three compartments so everything has a place for your convenience. The strength of the fastener usually exceeds the strength of its bond to whatever surface you stick it to. The strength of the fastener is enough to damage whatever you stick it to if you use as much as you would with Velcro. For separating the big strips of industrial-strength Velcro I’m so fond of, I slide a sheet of something between the sides. That way, the adhesive occupies the whole back of the backing, but the hooks or loops only occupy the middle. Besides, you can fold it up when not in use so that it is out of the way against the back of the seat. It’s stronger, more heat resistant, and makes a satisfying clunk that lets you know that things will stay where you put them.
The leading edge separates the hooks from the loops, while the rest of the sheet keeps them from reattaching. As follows there are tons of creative DIY ideas about the organization and storage for your car.

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