Our mission is to be the voice of the independent zombie community and bring awareness and uncensored entertainment to the zombie loving masses. If you are confused on what is going on with the people around you than Anatomy of a Zombie will answer all of your questions. A Zombie is a reanimated human corpse.Stories of zombies originateed in the Afro-Caribbean spiritual belief system of Vodou,which told the people being controlled as workers by a powerful scorcerer.
Zombies are typically depicted in popular culture as mindless,unfeeling monsters with a hunger for human flesh.These creatures can sustain damage far beyond that of a human and can pass whatever syndrom that causes their condition on to others. Modern zombies are closely tied to the idea of a zombie apocolypse,the collapse of civilization caused by a vast plague of undead.The ideas are now so strongly linked that zombies are rarely depicted within any other context. Once infected by the living dead you only have a matter of time and set amount of symptoms to go through before you change.
While physiological changes-slow pulse,shallow breathing-are similar,you go into a coma,in which can last from four and six hours. The Dopamine,which is the smell of living flesh,triggers a large release of adrenaline-like neurotransmitter into the zombie brain. If you have not noticed zombies can not bleed to death.Their circulatory adaption allow them to survive wounds that would kill a human. Zombie body temperature ranges between 65 and 75 degrees,making them slightly cold.this is due to heat released by the various bugs that may be living beneath their flesh. Zombie muscles fiber because they become concentrated and take on the consistency of nylon rope.Ligoaments and tendons thicken. Guest Author is our account that gives a voice to any author who wants to write about zombies. This novel tells the tale of a psychotic yet friendly zombie expert whose gender is never revealed. I’m a zombie addict, and I spend most of my free time writing about zombies, reading about zombies, and watching movies about zombies. Though some more conservative readers may disagree, I believe there is no such thing as too young for zombies.
Now for the older children in your life, there are some great zombie themed books and video games.

Parents looking to teach their kids to recognize a zombie outbreak before it’s too late can have them read That’s Not Your Mommy Anymore by Matt Mogk, founder of the Zombie Research Society, and illustrated by Aja Wells. There are a ton of great toys, books, games, and other zombie merchandise out there for kids of every age. If the zombies will be slow, fast, a virus, undead… All these types of zombies require a different skill and weapon set to fight. These are the classic undead zombies, as seen in The Walking Dead and most appealing to all zombie fans out there.
In the US at least, the actual AK47, AKM, AK74, and the AK100 series are not legal for purchase aside from a small number of the earlier models that were imported before importation was limited and then cut off completely in 1986. We appreciate it that you take the time to read our site, and have come this far in preparing yourself for the apocalypse.
If you're an author and want to write an article for Zombie Guide Magazine, shoot us a message! Having prepared for the zombie apocalypse since childhood, Jordan is thrilled when hordes of the infected undead finally invade.
If you do me the honor of downloading and reading my novel, I’ll be extremely grateful (help support the Indie author movement!). I work in an IP Law Firm as a Docket Trainer during the day, and I write about zombies at night.
Many parents out there want to share their love of the undead with their children but fear exposing them to such a violent genre will not be good. A few fun, but not too gruesome games such as Plants vs Zombies, in which you grow your own plant to use as weapons in the fight against the endless zombie hord. Parents will have their little ones moaning like undead monsters and scarying the other kids in no time. You can leave a revolver loaded at all times, it has great stopping power (the larger caliber models) and it’s easy to clean. There are a lot of fixed blade builders out there, but a good one from SOG, Colt Steel, Gerber and so one above 100 dollars should be a good choice.
Zombies are easy a 22 cal rifle with thousands of rounds is always a good choice, For defense from humans the AK is very good choice.

Civilians can purchase civilian (semiautomatic) duplicates of the various AK models, but they are usually converted surplus from old Soviet stores in countries like Romania, Bulgaria, and so on. With a bug-out bag and a confident grin, Jordan leaves the safety of the psychiatric hospital and wanders alone into the zombie-infested streets to rescue family and strangers alike. Well never fear, us here at Zombie Guide will show you some awesome zombie stuff that’s a bit more playful and fun! Like these adorable little Zombie Rubber Duckies, which make great gifts for a zombie loving, soon to be mom. The zombie comes to life, or rather back to life, walking forward and moaning with his arms outstretched. Another fun game is Zombie Bowl-O-Rama, where you literally bowl for zombies in an undead bowling alley.
David Lubar’s My Rotten Life chronicles a fifth grade boys change into a zombie after being exposed to a new medication to suppress emotion. If they die like any other person, we’ll be fine and you just have to hide for a few days, until the army clears the streets. My first choice would be a Colt Python, the same one as Rick Grimes uses on The Walking Dead.
The quality of the rifles can vary quite a bit depending on where they are from and who imported them. She can have her little ass kicker playing with these undead rubber duckies while she watches The Walking Dead. This weapon needs at least 10 extra magazines in my chest-rig and a proper sling to carry it around. Because hitting a target the size of a human head while shuffling is hard, but hitting one that’s running, is damn near impossible. The reason I want an AR style rifle, is that you can use one shot to hunt or make a well placed head-shot, yet it also has the capability of providing cover fire while battling hostile survivors.

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