Cloaked in an all Desert Digital Camo finish, this survival knife is sure to stand out while out on a hunt. After getting a taste of what The Walking Dead is like following a six episode first season, season 2 of the hit AMC zombie survival drama kept the emotion and intrigue flowing. To compound the danger of the zombies, the zombie apocalypse can bring up many other issues.
AMC’s The Walking Dead took some time to develop the characters and introduce some new faces into the mix. Here is a look back at all the characters that were lost during season 2 of the hit zombie survival drama, starting out with an off-screen death that made a huge impact on the entire group of survivors.

Razor sharp out of the box, the 7.5 inch clip point blade on this beauty can slice and dice with ease while the tip is pin point sharp and perfect for piercing.
As the survivors got more experienced in dealing with the zombies, the monsters themselves grew in numbers.
Jealousy, anger, envy, and struggles for power plagued the group through much of the second season, making it a powerful, yet somewhat character-driven installment in the series.
While some of them didn’t last long enough to make a major impact on the group, others have become some of the most popular characters ever. The fully serrated spine of the blade is perfect for cutting rope, straps or even timber as is a half serration on the cutting edge.

An ideal survival knife, it comes with a FREE nylon sheath and belt loop so you can always have it ready by your side.

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