An update to Google Play Books sees the introduction of Bubble Zoom, a feature announced at San Diego Comic-Con 2016.
Introduced at the best time, given this week is SDCC, Google Play Books is getting a new feature exclusively for those who enjoy reading comic books on digital devices such as tablets and smartphones.
Bubble Zoom uses machine learning to recognize speech bubbles and automatically zooms in on and blows them up. Last year, Google Play made it easier to find and read your favorite comics on your phone or tablet, including a new vertical scrolling experience. The feature is capable of automatically identifying and expanding each speech bubble for readability which means users can read digital comics one-handed without any problems. Round One (episode one) of the CWC aired on Wednesday, July 13th on the WWE Network immediately following this week’s episode of NXT and already the CWC has been a rousing success and an eye-opening look at a style of wrestling that I wish the WWE would bring on a regular basis to their three shows: Raw, Smackdown, and NXT. Gran Metalik is a well-known luchador in Mexico, having been a top star in CMLL (Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre) under the name Mascara Dorada.
HoHo Lun is an innovator in professional wrestling in China having started one of the very first professional wrestling promotions in Hong Kong, China. Clement Petiot is no high-flyer or agile fighter, but what he lacks in aerial maneuvers he makes up for in pure strength. Sean Maluta comes from WWE pedigree as he is a member of the Anoa’i wrestling family which includes The Wild Samoans, Rikishi, Yokozuna and Roman Reigns.
All in all, Round One of the WWE CWC was one of the best and most energetic shows the company has put on all year. Created in a lab in Tijuana, Mexico, or cloned in a test tube in Torrance, CA, depending on which story you think is a better origin story, Richard is, if such a thing exist, a second generation nerd.
While you wait for the final reveal and the class to actually open up, make sure to enter the giveaway to get the class for free! The Isle of Wight Garlic Festival has this week confirmed chef, broadcaster and writer, Rachel Khoo, on the foodie festival’s line-up this summer. Best known for her Little Paris Kitchen TV series, Rachel will be heading to the Isle of Wight on the weekend of 15th-16th August 2015 to take part in live food demonstrations in the Food Theatre as part of the Sunday line-up.

The magnification of individual talking points makes it easier to read dialog while the entire page is left visible. For ten weeks (including this week), 32 of the best and brightest counterweight wrestlers representing 16 countries from around the world will be vying to be the very first winner of the Cruiserweight Classic. So without spoiling any of the match results, here is a quick review of what went down on the first episode of the CWC on the WWE Network.
Alejandro Saez is a lesser known wrestler who has begun to blaze a trail in his home country as one of the forefathers of professional wrestling in Chile. Ariya Daivari is an up-and-coming talent in wrestling with ties to the WWE via his older brother Khosrow Daivari who once performed for the promotion.
Cedric Alexander has agility and speed on his side and has a lot to prove as he also represents the city of Charlotte, NC – the hometown of Ric Flair. Kota Ibushi is pound-for-pound one of the greatest wrestlers of our time and one of the biggest stars to come out of NJPW (New Japan Pro Wrestling). If this episode was any indication, then the $9.99 you spend on a subscription to the WWE Network to check this series out is money well spent. The son of a man who loved sci-fi, comic books and horror, and a woman who loved making costumes, reading sci-fi novels and watching cartoons, Richard was exposed to all this and more since a very young age. News & World Report is a digital news and information company that empowers people to make better, more informed decisions about important issues affecting their lives. Cruiserweight wrestlers representing various styles, including strong style, lucha libre, technical, and others, have flocked to Full Sail University, the home of WWE’s NXT developmental brand, to showcase their skills for the WWE Universe. These two are evenly matched despite the amount of experience Gran Metalik holds over Alejandro Saez, who has a definite size advantage over his opponent. Both men have something to prove as they look to silence their critics and come out from under the shadows of others and the style difference on display here in this match was a great example of what cruiserweights from around the world can bring to the WWE. From the start of the match each competitor tried and succeeded in setting their own pace as they traded spots throughout, putting on a cruiserweight display that would give the main rosters of the WWE a run for their money.
Easily the best match of the night, the high-flying agility of both men dominated this match.

And with nine more weeks of this kind of excitement in store, I don’t see how any wrestling fan could say no to this series. The only qualification to compete in the WWE CWC is that the participant can weigh no more than 205 pounds.
It was a quick paced match that showed off exactly what both men were capable of and set the tone for the rest of the matches, not only in this inaugural episode, but for the tournament as a whole. With quick moves and hard strikes, this match definitely was one to watch from beginning to end.
For every nimble, high-flying move Alexander pulled and confounded Petiot with, Petiot countered with some heavy and strong hits that leveled Alexander on more than one occasion. High spots and nimble quickness kept this match a highly energetic event that had the crowd on hand, and myself, on the edge of our seats.
The reception will provide lawmakers with an opportunity to pay tribute to the hospitals and children’s hospitals that do lifesaving work in their communities. But make no mistake; these men are among some of the best in the world, no matter what weight-class they are wrestling in.
In the end though, after some great back and forth, you knew you saw something special from both men. At one point I couldn’t even sit anymore and was watching the match standing up out of excitement and anticipation. The last act of this match in particular was unlike anything I have ever seen in a WWE program and is not to be missed if you consider yourself a true fan of professional wrestling.

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