BeCool is a Video Modeling program developed to nourish the key elements of emotional intelligence, impulse control, empathy, and self-awareness. Students will learn about the four basic elements that make an immediate impression on someone: hygiene, grooming, dress, and attitude. A comprehensive, research-based curriculum that covers three areas critical to independent living: personal, career, and life management. Students are taught to how to survive the first 90 days of employment, the 11 attributes essential to job success, and how different the workplace is from home or school. The Circles Curriculum teaches boundaries and relationship-specific behaviors, using a simple multi-layer circle diagram.
VideoModeling® is a teaching concept originated by the James Stanfield Company and refers to the use of highly trained actors to precisely “model” how a specific set of behaviors is incorrectly and correctly executed.

James Stanfield Company VideoModeling® Programs are currently being used to teach children in public and private school districts around the country. BridgingApps just published their review of our app on their website and we at James Stanfield couldn’t be more proud.
Students develop better attitudes about themselves, academic improvement and social skills. Teacher-to-student ratio is increased, learning to better teaching and learning conditions. Increased job satisfaction can be experienced because needs for survival, power, freedom and choice, a sense of belonging, and fun are met.
At Rosebery, we firmly believe that the effort required by co-teaching is worth it because it results in happier and more successful children as well as more competent and confident staff.

After watching our Video Models®, your students will know which behaviors lead to social success vs.
Co-teaching provides a vehicle for teachers and students to move from feelings of isolation and alienation to feelings of community and collaboration. Teaches kids assertiveness, and specific reflective thinking techniques to promote self-control.

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