The Forest is a sandbox survival title, but it will have an ending, says developer Endnight Games.
The survival horror's second trailer visuals turned heads at the end of last year, featuring a silent protagonist and plane crash survivor attempting to survive in a jungle overrun with bloodthirsty freaks. Speaking with Eurogamer, creative director Ben Falcone said that there won’t be any waypoints, non-player characters, or heavy-handed exposition in the game, but instead a nearly unprecedented degree of freedom.
However, the game does have a conclusion, even though there will be leaderboards tracking who survives the longest.
The Forest is being developed by a team of three full-time staff and a handful of volunteers. Don't miss a thing - get the day's top gaming stories blasted into your brain every evening. The game is, apparently, aimed at renewing the survival horror genre, in terms of story and atmosphere.

Ponte en situacion: Hemos sufrido un terrorifico accidente de aviacion y estamos perdidos en la nada, sin recursos y rodeados de amenazas.
The Forest es un Survival Horror sin historia ni un proposito claro, solo sobrevivir recolectando recursos y tratando de superar cada noche como si de una prueba de fuego se tratara. Following that, Alex is only 20, that’s below the legal drinking age in the United States. Zombies, personajes conocidos de la franquicia y un prometido regreso a las raices de la saga por parte de Capcom.
Shea€™s a college student that while fully aware of her breathtaking beauty, she never is looking to use it to her advantage. Being the adventurous type, she jumps head first into a maelstrom of events, descending with her friends into a world beyond the known reality. The complex and multifaceted action drives the young heroine half around the globe, from the foggy banks of San Francisco to the remotest corners of Europe.

She encounters a large array of dangerous and mysterious monstrosities along the way, including the enigmatic Moroi a€“ a creature most resembling a vampire, but able to eat a vampire for breakfast. Alex must utilize all of her skills and survival instincts, employing her knowledge and heart to survive and to save her soul from certain corruption. But Reality Pump did not rest on these laurels, but once again pushed the properties of the program forward. The first pictures of the results will be available very soon, with the exact features of this engine being presented at a later date. After all the years that we a€?ve dealt with the appearance of medieval stories, it was time to pool the experience acquired and integrate that into a modern action adventure.

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