Fans of William Gibson who want their own pair of virtual reality sunglasses will have to wait a lot longer to realize their dreams, according to Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe. Iribe said that his company only reached the first level of acceptable virtual reality around eight months ago using their well-known skiing-goggle headset. In order to get there, the glasses will need eyeball monitoring to fit the virtual scene into the mind properly, and graphics are likely to come from ray-tracing, he said, rather than polygons. But the delay would be worth it all, Iribe said, as computer users shift from manipulating a 2D world into a 3D space using virtual reality.
Ransomware has become one of the most widespread and damaging threats that internet users face. If you’re in IT, don’t make the mistake of assuming that all or even most of this growth will be centered on public cloud services.

Adobe wanted to enable creativity in their customers and allow them to be mobile and function in the cloud.
This vendor-agnostic guide will help you avoid the pitfalls and choose a solution that really works for your company.
While that was enough to convince Mark Zuckerberg to plonk down $2bn for the firm, Iribe said the aim was to get a VR system built into a set of sunglasses.
The end result would be a more important technological leap than the invention of the computer itself, he opined – but then he would, wouldn't he?

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