This is the third book I have read by international sales training and business coach Grant Cardone. The beginning of the book focuses on the most critical part in the sales cycle: determining whether there will be a transaction or not. I realize there have opportunities in my life where I was not confident to ‘close’, due to my prior experiences growing up and lack of confidence. I remember waiting six months to ask a girl out in grade 7 because I wasn’t sure what to say. This book made me realize how simple it is to get what I want out of life and why I haven’t always achieved the results I wanted in the past.
You must be so fully sold on your product that you believe it is unethical for the prospect not to do business with you. The above two points made sense to me because I realized that anytime I’ve got rapid results in my life is when I’ve directed all of my energy into focusing on what I could do to make things happen, as opposed to things outside of my control.
I can think of many times in my life where I did not fully commit to a skill to see it through.
There is a saying that the Chinese Bamboo tree takes about five years before it cracks the surface of the soil, and in the fifth year it grows over 80 feet tall in just six weeks.
Can you think of a time where you stopped short of seeing any “real” value for the efforts you put in with a prospect or a project you committed to? If you have ever heard of the 10,000 hour rule of “practice to become an expert at anything”, you will be pleased to know it won’t take that long to become a professional closer. I realized the importance of proactive learning and committing to following through with actions. Receive weekly summaries of top business books,lessons in leadership, and inspiration, for free. Grant mp3 package grant cardone sales training, Hearing is believing over 12 hours delivered by grant cardone himself!
7 tips great closer grant cardone linkedin, 7 tips to becoming a great closer grant cardone. Sell sold mp3 grant cardone sales training, Hearing is believing… over 12 hours delivered by grant cardone himself! 10 personal development quotes motivate !, We could all use a little motivation in our lives!
Get these four books in MP3 format, fasten your seatbelt and kiss the drudgery of life as you know it goodbye!!!

This 4th degree, also known as The 10X Rule, is the level of action that guarantees companies and individuals will realize their goals and dreams. The 10X Rule compels you to separate yourself from everyone else in the market—and you do that by doing what others refuse to do.
Did you know that the average buyer MUST be asked 5 times before they will buy but the average sales person on has 3 closes.
The Sell or Be Sold MP3 Program, is Grant Cardone himself reading his ground-breaking book delivered from his voice to your ears.
This program is designed to engage you with the information, allowing you to fully utilize his mind-blowing strategies immediately!
The Closer’s Survival Guide differs from Grant’s other books (The 10x Rule, Sell or Be Sold, and If You Are Not First, You’re Last), in that it is broken down into two parts: the theory of closing and a compilation of different closes and how to manage objections.
This book brought to my awareness that we close every day, whether it be as a kid trying to get money for candy or asking for your partner’s hand in marriage. As a result, I now make a conscious effort to only commit to projects I can see myself completing and schedule the appropriate time to ensure I complete them. It took years of nourishing with light and water to help it grow, and without it the tree never would have matured. Compare that to when you followed a project through to the end and witnessed the end result. If you want to learn how to close and get your products and services into the market place or simply get what you want, then this book is for you. Stop thinking in terms of basic needs, and start aiming for abundance—in all areas of your life. During economic contractions, it becomes much more difficult to sell your products, maintain your customer base, and gain market share. Not only does he give a FULL reading of the book, but he also adds priceless commentary that will guide you as the listener through the tests at the end of each chapter. Grant will introduce you to an explosive sales and business approach that will show you exactly how to sell and succeed in any economic climate.
This MP3 offers over 2 hours of motivational tips broken down into quick, memorable 1-4 minute segments bound to set your head in a new direction. While closing occurs every day, I also realized looking back on past experiences my hesitancy to perform these closes. Other times my complacency was trumped by others who knew how to close and achieve the end goal.

Grant uses a great analogy to explain this: “if you stop working out before you get results, was there really any value? Put yourself in situations that will require you to use the skill you are trying to acquire and see what result you get and keep making changes as you go along (trial and error).
Grant empowers the reader, showing how he became top of his field in only a couple of years. Mistakes become more costly, and failure becomes a real possibility for all those who don’t dominate. You'll get 100 nuggets of Grant Cardone motivational mojo as he inspires you to shoot for the extraordinary and never ever settle. The things we want do not just fall into our lap, we must use specific techniques, strategies, and take specific actions.
Until you start losing weight or improving muscle tone, no ‘real’ value has been attained – you never received any exchange for your workouts”.
For example, try spending 30 minutes where you write, read and repeat the answer to a typical objection that you get.
Blocking off time each day to implement these strategies would enable you to learn how to get what you want out of life. What I found the most useful was not the closes and how to respond to them but rather the focus I developed in creating my own system, so that I too could become a professional in my own field. You will learn how to sell your products when others cannot and take market share from your competitors. With over 100 Ways to Stay Motivated delivered to you by the dynamic Grant Cardone you'll blast through any barriers and achieve your dreams. Grant’s book shows the reader how to get whatever they want in life, if you commit all in and learn how to sell, negotiate and most of all close. In sales this is where the sales rep quits before they get an agreement and never get a close. This book is essential for those new to sales to help acquire true sales leader habits, and for the veterans to help take their game to the next level.

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