The official trailer for season 7 of The Walking Dead was released at Comic Con International in San Diego, California and should have fans nervous.
Fans of The Walking Dead may have to wait until October to find out the fates of the characters in The Saviors’ lineup, but at least we got some information and teases about what to expect when season 7 comes to AMC. Released on July 22, 2016, the new trailer for the upcoming season was released during the Comic Con panel for the popular zombie survival drama at Comic Con International in San Diego, California. Anticipating for this trailer is always high considering the long wait between seasons of The Walking Dead, but this year is a little different, as there is a life and death situation for many of the most popular characters fans have grown to love over the years.

The best thing about the Comic Con trailer for The Walking Dead is that it is another big step in getting the show back on television. In addition, some new situations and characters got teased as well as some more impressions on what Negan’s actions may do to the people of Alexandria. Fans haven’t had the pleasure of watching a new episode of the popular program since April 3, 2016 and a nice video like this exactly what the doctor ordered when it comes to fighting off major woes from walker withdrawals.
Did it give away too little, too much, or just the right amount of tease for the upcoming season?

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