In honor of The Vampire Diaries 100th episode on Thursday, we asked fans to take a look back at some of the most memorable scenes and characters from the series. Just when we thought bad-vamp Klaus had ditched town for good, he came back to give Caroline a graduation gift that fans are still swooning over. The culmination to the search for the cure helped this episode rank a cut above the rest for fans. The toss-up here is understandable: While Caroline become a much more complex character after joining the undead, Elena learned to toughen up. Listen Qetsiyah, just because you say doppelgangers are destined to be together doesn’t mean TVD fans have to like it. From Elena coping with her newfound reality as a vampire to the resetting of the love triangle, season 4 reigns supreme for Vampire Diaries fans.
I do dislike how Julie Plec is jerking everyone around in general, but especially the Stelena fans, making them feel like there’s still hope. Between fancy updos and no-frizz curls, it often looks like little girls are stopping by the salon en route to school. Oh my goodness, those people complaining about a lack of diversity in these styles need to try them.
Wow its unbelievable how people have to judge these are ideas on how to do a young girls hair in different ways I sure it wasn't meant to be racial but some how a lot of these comments made it exactly that!! 1 - My daughter rarely lets me do ANYTHING to her hair, and 2 - I wouldn't have time in the morning for half of these! I've done the lace heart braid, topsy turvy, hair bow, braided headband and the ballarina bun for school. We are beyond excited for Kimberly Peirce’s Carrie remake, which promises to be much truer to the original book by Stephen King. Enter your email address to subscribe to LitStack and receive notifications of new posts by email.

This file contains additional information, probably added from the digital camera or scanner used to create or digitize it.
If the file has been modified from its original state, some details may not fully reflect the modified file. From the biggest twist to the most heart-breaking death, check out the list below to see which great moments (of many!) fans are still talking about and hit the comments to let us know if you agree. Regardless of the countless crazy twists and turns, the biggest point of debate amongst fans continues to be the yo-yo love triangle between Stefan, Elena and Damon.
It’s one of the many reasons why the audience loved — and continues to miss — the Mystic Falls teacher. Except my favorite twist was Klaus in Tyler’s body, favorite love triangle was Klaus, Caroline, and Tyler. Except, they had no choice but to write in the doppelganger destiny thing to finally put the last nail in Stelena’s coffin.
If your daughter has another hair type, by all means, search for hair tutorials for her hair type!
In 2006, she released her debut single Tim McGraw, which peaked at number six on the Billboard country charts.
This trailer contains the first actual footage we’ve been able to see, and we can already tell this is going to be a much larger scale production. Once we saw the one girl’s face fly into the school gym window, we got pretty excited. There is nothing remotely romantic about being programmed to love someone; it is akin to an arranged marriage.
Though you may not have a cosmetology degree, it doesn't mean you have to send your girl to school with lackluster locks. And to the person who said mist of these are done in fine hair You Dont really know hair then cause most of the hair shown here is of a thicker texture Not thin Grow up people and Google the type of hair your looking for instead of just looking for something to complain about!!!!

I would never go on an African American site and leave a comment about how I'm disappointed that these hairstyles don't meet my daughters needs.
His newest work, On Such a Full Sea, was published in 2014, and was a finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award.
Fans continue to hail Katherine’s surprise season 1 entry as one of the all-time best Vampire Diaries twists.
After all, there aren’t too many TV triangles that make you want to throw things at your TV and hug it at the same time (ugh, feelings).
After multiple seasons of denial, Elena and Damon finally got it on for real while holed up in a motel.
Ironically, even though Stefan always gave Elena a choice (even when it meant her dying, sorry but that alone earns you worst boyfriend in TV history), with this revelation it’s clear she never had one in the first place.
We've rounded up 11 easy-to-follow tutorials for some of the most creative hairstyles that your little girl will love. He currently lives in New York, where he is a professor of creative writing at Princeton University; today he turns 51. Sure, her name had been thrown around relentlessly, but no one and we mean NO ONE (except for maybe showrunners Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson), expected her to actually turn up and that too in such epic fashion. Although I am a huge Klaroline shipper, and that was their most eventful season, I have to go with Season 3.
If anything season 4 is the Delena season with the sire bond and the race for the cure for Elena.
From chic buns to crazy braids, these styles will make your daughter's do the talk of the playground.

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