Alpha Divers is a PADI Five Star Instructor Development Dive Resort and a British Sub-Aqua Club Technical Centre located in Larnaca Cyprus. The Baja Sea of Cortez, or The Gulf of California, is the body of water that separates the Baja California Peninsula from the Mexican mainland.
Laz Paz, meaning "Peace" in Spanish, is Baja California Sur's capital city as well as its cultural and economic hub. Founded in 1697 by Jesuit missionaries, Lorento, was the first spanish settlement in Baja California Sur. Isla Espiritu Santo (Island of the Spirit of the Saint) and its neighbor, Isla Partida (Departed Island), where once one land mass before a volcanic crater formed between them and then subsided, opening to the sea and forming a channel that now separates them. The secret playground of sea lions, Los Islotes is a must visit for a once in a lifetime encounter with these water mammals. African Safari Company does not assume responsibility for errors or omissions in the content of this website.

This diverse ecosystem is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a Biosphere Reserve, and host to an array of marine animals including the great white shark, orca whale, leatherback sea turtle, and the world's largest animal, the blue whale.
A major tourist destination for both foreigners and and mainland Mexicans, La Paz is known for its vibrance, both natural and urban.
In addition its islands are important nesting sites for thousands of seabirds, and its waters are primary breeding grounds for a myriad of fish species.
Here you can view architectural gems such as the stunning Cathedral of Nuestra Senora of La Paz, built in the 18th century, or the picturesque main square, Velasco Garden, surrounded by historic buildings. The parish is one of a number of local buildings that date from before the 20th century and are considered historical monuments by the federal government. The Mission of our Lady of Loreto marks the start of "the royal road", or "el camino real", an historic corridor that follows north along the ancient route of the Spanish missions, to its ending in Sonoma, California, USA.
In addition, the city is a world-class region for scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, and other ecotourism activities.

Next to the mission you will find the The Jesuit Missions Museum which houses a remarkable collection of religious art, weapons, and tools from the 17th and 18th centuries that were used in the Spanish missions throughout Baja California. We have a totally flexible schedule to meet all your needs.Our Instructional staff teach all PADI certification courses from beginner to Instructor and cater for all BSAC divers and Technical Certification Courses, we offer a wide selection of specialty courses.
A sort trip from the city is The La Giganta Mountain Range where you can view historic cave paintings from the indigenous groups of Baja California. You may posess knowledge, sound Judgement, good reasoning faculties, but no one will know it until you discover how to put your heart in to thought and action.

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