If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Tall Wedding Centerpieces, Guest Bedroom Ideas, Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas and Rock Landscaping Ideas. Pretty pink and shaded in the colors of dreams this is a lovely bedroom idea for a little girl. The delicate pink painted walls go well with the deep red patterned tabletops in this little girl’s bedroom.
The soft baby look pastel shades look dreamy and perfectly delicious in this little girl’s sunlit bedroom. Cute and colorful patterns from the animal world are a key theme on the curtains and bedspread in this bedroom for two small girls. The delicate olive shades of the shabby chic furnishings give a dreamy look to this little girl’s bedroom. Bright red, creamy pink, and white combine to make a vibrant combination in this little girl’s bedroom.
The small desk and chair are ideal for a small girl while the warm wooden floor with pretty motifs adds a calm and comforting look. The multi colored patterns made by leaves during the Fall is the theme used to do up this little girl’s bedroom. Soothing in its color palette of delicate pink, peach, blue, and green this is a lovely warm look for a little girl’s bedroom. The peach painted walls make a dreamy combination with the soft shimmery white curtains in this elegant bedroom for a little girl. Bright colorful geometric motifs are great for a little girl to step into the world of shapes, colors, and patterns. The bright and fresh leaf patterns in soft blue and white make this little girl’s bedroom look like an enchanted land of dreams. The delicate and rich wallpaper patterns are an ideal point to set off into a world of adventure in this pink theme bedroom for a little girl.
The shabby chic furnishings create a warm and cozy vintage look in this deep peach patterned bedroom. Check out the bright pink huge roses that create a stunning effect against the fresh white background in this bedroom for a little girl.
These designs are great, its nice to see some other colour shades for girls as well as the classic pink.
AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites. Start believing in those spooky myths and stories you've always heard about beacause today we give you a list of the 5 most haunted places in the world.
Over the years we all have been hearing those spooky grandma stories which used to scare us to death.

But, what if there actually are such castles and cemeteries like the one in your creepy grandma stories? Receiver of the most haunted place in the United Kingdom award, the visitors here have claimed of more than 3000 sightings of ghosts. One of Japan’s most popular destination for EMO souls is the Akogihara jungle in Japan.
On December 23rd, 1975 George and Kathy Lutz move into 112 Ocean Avenue with their 3 children. With over 63,000 deaths in the sanatorium, there is hardly any doubt that this place is haunted. The government of India and the archaeological department of India have put up a notice that staying in the fort after sunset is prohibited.
10 Most exotic cave hotels in the world that will add spice to your honeymoon like nothing else! If she loves playing at being a little princess painting her room in pretty pink is a good idea. She even has a big book painted on the wall to take her into the magical land of storybook. The color palette has reds, blues, and other vibrant shades while the floor is done up in a matte wood finish. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. The stories of old castles, cemeteries, murders and wandering souls that gives us chills even to this day. A tunnel was built for the transport of supplies for the Waverly hill sanatorium, but was also used for the transport of the dead. We’re sure that there might be a different side to these stories, but one can’t deny the spookiness of these stories.
You want her to have the place to dream big, think of pretty fairies and butterflies, and stretch her wings to fly.
The supermodel prefers more cleavage and less bra"I've made a lot of sacrifices" said Donald Trump at Democratic National Convention Hot air balloon carrying 16 crashed in Texas. Over the years we all have known better and with the increase of knowledge and science in our life, ghosts have become an afterthought.
Even today the hotel is open for overnight stays, so if by chance you happen to try your luck, please have a stay in room no. Fuji Mountain and is the favorite destination for committing suicides, so much so, that the local authorities have to do a yearly clean up to get rid of the bodies lying in the so called graveyard. If you ever decide to pay a visit to any of these places just make sure you pay a visit to the inhabitants, you don’t want them to be mad at you now, do you?

Since 2004 they have stopped releasing the official amount of dead bodies found from the jungle, fearing that it would affect the tourist attraction that is Mt. On the last night, they heard loud sounds coming from the basement and main floor, doors would open and slam close all over the house, the kids’ beds were dragged across their rooms, levitated in the air and then dropped and the parents couldn’t move from their beds at all.
The fort was built in the 16th century and the spooky part of the story is related to the beautiful princess of the kingdom from the 17th century. It is her safe space where she can rest and play amidst colorful patterns and pretty shapes.
Apparently a wizard was smitten by the princess and instead of winning her by his personality he decided to use a magic potion. If you want to get the perfect bedroom in place for your little girl look up Little Girls Bedroom Ideas suggested by interior decoration magazines and Internet sites. A simple touch of lighting such as dreamy blue lights, or warm lights for the bed can create a wonderful effect.
Not to forget, the souls of the dead call out to people passing along the jungle and invite them to join the fun!
The house is still available for sale or rent; if anyone is interested please feel free to have a go. The princes realized this and threw the potion which hit a boulder, the boulder rolled down and the wizard happened to be in its way. You can set up a pretty dressing table where your little girl can have fun trying out her favorite outfits. Realizing that his death is imminent, he did what every lover does, he cursed the kingdom to destruction and the people were cursed to death, what followed was a series of war and famines and the fort was ultimately abandoned in the 18th century.
Use a string of twinkling lights around the edges of the mirror and you can design for her a window to a world of magical adventures. The place is said to be haunted by the evil soul of the wizard and the people killed by his curse. Be sure to use only kid friendly material if you have a baby girl’s bedroom to design. For a vintage look use shabby chic bedspreads and curtains to create some old-fashioned magic in the bedroom for your little girl.

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