In this blog post I share one of the most important action steps that super strong families consistently take. Thanks for Living to the Fullest!We haven't met yet but you and your family have helped shape the direction my and my family's lives have taken.
Thanks for Showing Me a Better WayThanks for being an example of so much good, so much kindness, intelligence, and awesome sauce!
Bibliotherapy is the process of using great literature to foster positive change in your life. Whether for character development, relationships, parenting, financial freedom, health and wellness or surfing… there are great books which, if read the right way, can forever alter the course of your life. There is a chapter that offers a few principles of good dashboard design that are useful to set up your next dashboard.  These are also good for designing reports.
Avoid adding meaningless decoration.  It is distracting and does not add to understanding the data. What are some ways that you have designed your organization’s social media dashboard to be useful for decision-making at a glance?
While I am an analytics junkie and work for a non-profit and typically love the information you share, I think you’re approaching data here incorrectly. The premise is to plug in with multiple data sources that are integrated through one application. This is an exciting time with evolving balanced score cards, improved design and enabled by databases that are accessible through the web. I would challenge the idea that a dashboard should attempt to answer “what decisions do I need to make?”.

Expecting a dashboard to have some sort Artificial Intelligence is going to result in failed projects and unfulfilled promises.
I agree that dashboards can be very useful for helping organizations to visualize and react to key performance indicators. Periodic Table of the Internet Puts Most Popular Websites in a Chart Tech Guides About Us Work 08 Sep 2009 Periodic Table of the Internet Here is a list of the most popular Internet sites arranged as a Periodic Table (the one from your Chemistry class). New tools and applications are emerging and the report as a dashboard will soon be replaced with a database enabled applications. But I heartily agree with the comments about the importance of giving careful thought to how this data is going to be used for decisionmaking. Edward Tufte and Stephen Few have it right — get rid of all the excess visuals and make the visuals convey the information they contain as clearly and directly as possible. This type of data visualization occurs at various levels and departments of an organization, including Information Technology which is where I’ve leveraged dashboards most often.
Periodic Table of the Internet Click on the image for the detailed version of the periodic table. It is apparent that you have done an immense amount of work toward being the best possible you that you can be. What you can measure is often quite different than what you need to know in order to make a good decision. It can also indicate the extend to which the vehicle (system) can be put to test or accelerated. I think a dashboard can only really be useful as the extension of aligning the management around their key priorities and ongoing choices.

The more you dress up the data, the more people will treat it like a literal dashboard and fetishize it as the only thing they need to know. Late afternoon we would have a cordial in a cafe, relax in our rooms, shower, later we would meet up early evening for supper and wine.
And I think that it should not just be about the data, but start with the decisions and show the hard data as one input alongside questions that can only be answered qualitatively. In reality, dashboards are most useful not for strategic questions but for tactical questions, where there are more opportunities to have data drive decision-making directly.
If the drivers role is to check the veracity of the vehicle he is doing a research for his Boss.
I think the algorithm that drives the dashboard is derived of reasoning and logic that matches the dynamics of the interest. He loves building web apps and has also written for the Wall Street Journal & Lifehacker. Sleeping Time Twitter can reveal your sleeping schedule Reverse Geocoding Find the postal address of any location.

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