Written by Lois Joy Johnson, one of the founding editors of More magazine, the book is packed with tricks to help you enhance your appearance, revive your closet -- and save money to boot. For example, when it comes to your closet, Johnson urges you to turn it into a curated, edited collection rather than a hit-or-miss jumble. Camel is an often-ignored warm neutral that works like a sunny bronzer to add a healthy glow head to toe to mature skin. Organize by color (not item or season), and then within each color group hang like items together -- skirts, pants, tops, etc.

After tossing or donating the items you don't wear, she said to organize what's left by color. One slim belt is all you need to refresh structured dresses, to feminize tailored jackets and suits or to give flat-knit sweaters worn over skirts or pants a hint of shape. Belt sleeveless dresses, flat-knit fitted sweaters, cardigans over dresses, coats and even those jackets.
They stretch your legs and that elongates your entire body for a slimmer, sleeker, sexier look.

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