If I had taken Interstates all the way home in the most direct way, I’d be home by now and would have saved a lot of gas money. Much of it is gone, yet I’ve traveled hundreds of miles on some of its remaining stretches. It was built in the 1920s as our very first paved highway for its whole length–paved  for automobiles,  of course, which were the flivvers of those day. Before it was created,  no way could someone in  a flivver attempt even a ride of 50 or 100 miles across that terrain…too many flats and break-downs. It was as significant for the dawning Automobile Age as the transcontinental railroad had been half a century earlier. President Ike Eisenhower came along and began pushing his idea of federal interstate highways.
His Interstates would have even higher construction standards than Route 66 and the other state roads like it.
I’ve stopped at small country stores to buy a few bananas or glance at local newspapers.
They were packing their stuff into a big white van–their support van for the whole trip. The tallest buildings are the newest, of course, and they feature lots of glass and aluminum and stainless steel.
I know that sales of pre-built steel Tornado Safety Closets are attracting buyers.They run $5,000 and up. Another disaster like that seems ruled out because of numerous improvements, plus the fact modern agriculture is so much smarter. Now let’s hope the day will come when Oklahomans will say, “Tornadoes are a thing of the past! My impression of Oklahoma all the way across is that it’s a great big beautiful lawn. Going to a big family picnic on the 4th (on the Bourque side) and then to Atlantic City in a couple of weeks.
I love this piece about Route 66 but it makes me sad so much of our historic memories are either disappearing or being replaced; albeit I understand some of the reasons. It was recently revealed that, toward the end of his life, Albert Einstein wrote a letter in which he dismissed belief in God as superstitious and characterized the stories in the Bible as childish.
It just so happens that the revelation of this letter coincided with my reading of Walter Isaacson’s wonderful biography of Einstein, a book that presents a far more complex picture of the great scientist’s attitude toward religion than his late career musing would suggest. Ratzinger’s elegant proof demonstrates that, at bottom, religion and science ought never to be enemies, since both involve an intuition of God’s existence and intelligence. So I think we can say in conclusion that religious people can, to a large extent, claim Einstein as an ally, though in regard to Scripture interpretation, we can find far better guides than he. A new generation of scientists is growing up without belief in a society that is increasingly non believing. Until we have that future evidence, Bayesian hypothesis selection doesn't require us to choose between the possibile explanations.
Different pieces of evidence have different likelihood ratios, but they all have the essential feature of likelihood ratios that aren't 1:1. Under theories such as ones I mentioned (Tegmark IV or axiarchy), the number of universes is at least an aleph-C sized transfinite number, so the chance of fine tuning would be 100%. I'd like to reiterate a caution: Neither of these theories has enough evidence behind them that we should simply believe them.
The fact that that accusation is coming from people who claim that their god among the tens of thousands of gods throughout human history is the ultimate explanation for reality and includes a virgin birth and a blood sacrifice to save us from a sin that two non-existent people inflicted on all life forms forever and that these claims are BEYOND evidence for no apparent reason except that it makes them feel right makes that accusation even more ludicrous.
You're ignoring the fact that science expected to find a designer centuries ago, particularly YOUR choice of designer, that it was a given then that that designer was behind everything, but that as more and more evidence comes in about the cosmos, about our planet, about life, about mind, the more incoherent our designer notions appear and the less substantiated by evidence they are.
I am "agnostic" about many versions of a multiverse as there is plenty of evidence to suggest that the strangeness of reality might imply one or more of them but I don't "believe" in them as there is no evidence for them. Lets not confuse issues, i'm not saying at this point that my god is the right one, just that there is evidence that there is a fine tuner. I think it's important to stay on the subject at hand, otherwise you just end up jumping from issue to issue and nothing get's accomplished. Think about it like this; when one looks at the fine tuning of the universe and design in nature, it naturally leads to the proposition that there is a designer, a fine tuner.
We have good theoretical reasons to expect some of the observed values, such as the expansion rate and energy density of the early universe, which are exactly equal to the critical values predicted by inflation to within the limit of measurement.

Accordingly there is no need to appeal to multiverses to justify rejecting fine-tuning claims. Even if one agrees with the odds argument, one cannot possibly know that the designer 'left' those numbers to be discovered so that one could know of its existence. Stunning cosplayer Fenix Targaryen shows how a Canadian mercenary can kill on multiple levels.
This is my 72nd day on the road and I am in Dayton, Ohio, a city which is a dramatic story in itself but for a later time. I have driven 3,675 miles and I am finally in the Eastern Times Zone!  So, I am getting closer. It connected Chicago on its eastern end and Santa Monica on the California coast at the other. All along Route 66 sprang up gas stations and restaurants and boarding houses and hotels–and then the newfangled motels.
What a pleasure it was to drive on a smooth surface, and with no fear of having to ford a little stream or break an axle on holes and ruts. He said they were essential for our national defense, he said,  and, of course, for our expanding economy.
The’d have understandable markings-be even-numbered for the stretches east and west, and odd-numbered for those north and south. Well, except for a few exceptions such as the Massachusetts Turnpike, which charged tolls.  It was my home state then. Gasoline, and insurance,  many meals, and fees at parks and museums and special amusements.  That 21 days could build up to $10,000 per rider.
The big buildings of the previous generation are less tall, and they feature fancy masonry and concrete. I’m sure architects are scratching their heads to come up with something different that will be bold and exciting. The sky was gray and threatening.  Sure enough, I soon felt a few drops, but coming down faster. Oklahoma averages more than a hundred, more than any other state.  It’s a big state and tornadoes hit usually just small areas, but still.
I had to head east, toward the northwest corner of Arkansas.  I said goodbye to Route 66 with regret. During a time when atheists have emerged rather aggressively in the popular culture, it was, to say the least, discouraging to hear that the most brilliant scientist of the twentieth century seemed to be antipathetic to religion. In his 1968 book Introduction to Christianity, Joseph Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI, offered this simple but penetrating argument for God’s existence: the universal intelligibility of nature, which is the presupposition of all science, can only be explained through recourse to an infinite and creative mind which has thought the world into being. In fact, many have argued that it is no accident that the modern physical sciences emerged precisely out of the universities of the Christian west, where the idea of creation through the divine word was clearly taught. Given the many other things he said about belief, perhaps it’s best to say that he was reacting against primitive and superstitious forms of religion, just as St.
Why should the universe be self organizing in such a way that beings like us are able to understand, model and predict its organization? For example, this bandying about of numbers like 1 in 10^50 has no basis whatsoever in actual physics. Other values for which we have no theoretical predictions, such as the force coupling constants, turn out to allow a substantial range of potentially life-bearing universes provided you allow them all to vary, rather than looking at only one at a time. Loved the easy on and easy off.  Loved traversing even large cities in  mere minutes, or just skirting around them.
For many days I had been driving over vast stretches of geography often with nothing in sight. It’s surprising how many pamphlets about it I’ve picked up, and about things to see along it.
A typical package includes the round-trip air fair, the rental bikes, the motel stays, the support van, and other basics. They have a lot more going for them now.  They are greatly diversified now, and you can tell they are prosperous. It appeared as though Einstein would have agreed with the Christopher Hitchens and Sam Harrises and Richard Dawkins of the world in holding that religious belief belongs to the childhood of the human race. No scientist, Ratzinger said, could even begin to work unless and until he assumed that the aspect of nature he was investigating was knowable, intelligible, marked by form. Unhappily, in far too many tellings of the history of ideas, modernity is seen as emerging out of, and in stark opposition to, repressive, obscurantist, and superstitious Christianity.

Paul was when he said that we must put away childish things when we’ve come of age spiritually. He’s America’s first podcasting priest and one of the world’s most innovative teachers of Catholicism.
In the past ten years nothing has been so calculated to make people think that Hitler had some reason to expel the Jews from Germany as your statement.
The only possible answer the atheist could provide for the conjunction of the universe self organization with the human capacity to understand it is random chance. Yet other values claimed by some apologists are actually the result of physically conserved quantities; electric charge is conserved, therefore the universe as a whole must be electrically neutral. First, to make things a bit clearer, I said I followed your odds logic, but that didn't mean I agreed with it.
That is precisely what this collection of simple, elegant and at times easy to create home bar designs offer.
Finally we had a system of highways making it possible to venture far and wide. What a feat!
But in other sections, especially in creative-thinking communities, their sections of the old route were hailed for their promotional value for business in general, and especially tourism. No houses, no ranches, no trees, no people, no animals except a bird now and then.  Just a car whizzing by in the opposite direction once in a while. But this fundamentally mystical assumption rests upon the conviction that whatever he comes to know through his scientific work is simply an act of re-thinking or re-cognizing what a far greater mind has already conceived.
His global, non-profit media ministry called Word On Fire reaches millions of people by utilizing new media to draw people into or back to the Faith.
Conceding your right to free speech, I still say that your statement constitutes you as one of the greatest sources of discord in America. But the probabilities for this conjunction is so low it is difficult to take this claim seriously. But, believe me, what a relief not to be tailed by a parade of huge trucks, which all choose the Interstates. And they made road shipments of goods of all kinds so much easier and faster—even faster than the railroads could do the job.
Bishop Barron is also the creator and host of CATHOLICISM, a groundbreaking, 10-part documentary series and study program about the Catholic Faith. I failed to mention that from what I understand, the odds are actually much much smaller than you suspect. What a relief to cruise at a calm 50 or 55 rather than frantic 70 or 75.  What a pleasure  to again see occasional houses and people and little businesses and even small towns. A person can be a genius in one field of endeavor and remain naive, even inept, in another.
It's been a long while since I have read about this idea, so unfortunately I cannot tell you from where it came. You can bring back your own favorite pub from your college days or that regular hangout you miss so much by recreating a similar atmosphere with your own home bar. For the first time really, people became Americans instead of just citizens of this town or that county or state. Few would dispute that Einstein was the greatest theoretical physicist of the last century, but this is no guarantee that he had even an adequate appreciation for Sacred Scripture. All in just a few miles! It’s as if somebody had drawn the  Texas-Oklahoma state line right there because they were  struck just as much as I was by the huge contrast. The “infantile” stories of the Bible have been the object of sophisticated interpretation for two and half millenia.
Any deity, the human mind could conceive to explain this would be limited by the same human understanding which created it. Masters such as Origen, Philo, Chrysostom, Augustine, Thomas Aquinas, and John Henry Newman have uncovered the complexity and multivalence of the Bible’s symbolism and have delighted in showing the literary artistry that lies below its sometimes deceptively simple surface.

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