These projects ran as a series on my blog during the Summer of 2013, and are still hugely popular one year later! Click on the highlighted text — or on the images below — to see each post in this series!
Pet Scribbles is where I share my craft tutorials, home and garden projects, and occasional stories about my cats. If you are looking for a complete resource which will guide you through each step on the journey, Renegade Diet is one of the best and used by a lot of calisthenics athletes to bring incredible results in a short period of time.
A key principle of progressive calisthenics is manipulating leverage to vary the intensity of bodyweight exercises.
On the based on that we have created an easy to follow info graphics for different progressions. There is not much equipment you need for bodyweight and the idea is that most of the exercises you can do just with bodyweight, but there is still a big choice of pull up bars and other simple pieces which, as you progress, will help you improve your skills. NO matter if you are new or an advanced athlete there are some incredible programs which can help you to reach your goals and guide you through the process instead of wasting time and trying to work out everything yourself. There are not many comprehensive programs out there teaching you everything from fundamentals of body movements and mental principles to detailed progressions, creating your own workouts and keeping it all up.
Free 7 days Course Teaching you the True Fundamentals to become insanely strong, lean and freakishly mobile for life! To determine if your bear is a contender for the record, measure the skull’s length and width.
To figure out which mode of transportation (or modes) would be best, here are some considerations. Having a gigantic IED-resistant uber-combat tactical vehicle like a deuce and a half or a tank may be great if you need to go through nasty enemy-filled routes but they require an incredible amount of fuel. Gas mileage isn’t just a consideration for the fringe vehicles that people buy in case SHTF.
I used to own a 1971 International Scout 4×4 when I was in high school in rural Pennsylvania. Your car may hit all the checkmarks on your ultimate bug out vehicle list but if it breaks down a lot, you won’t be getting very far.
Whatever vehicle you get, I’d suggest going through it mechanically and getting it in top-running condition before you go spending a lot of money on wenches and big tires. On the other hand, a 1970 F-series or Chevy truck may not have the reliability of a Honda, but parts are plentiful and they’re super easy to fix. Contrary to what a lot of people think, an electromagnetic pulse from the sun or some idiot terrorist or government is actually fairly likely. The problem is that there just hasn’t been adequate testing on how vulnerable vehicles are to EMP. On the other hand, if you have something like a Jeep Grand Cherokee or Toyota Landcruiser, you can kit them out inside to be extremely capable vehicles off road and most people wouldn’t give them a passing glance.
My goal is to help families to understand how to intelligently protect their family and their way of life against real threats, without all the end-of-the-world doomsday crap. Between the civilian vehicles having smog control mandated by EPA regulations, to the wide spread use of ECM’s for nearly everything in modern vehicles it can be tough to diagnose without a scan tool.
For a family (like my own), and even many singles, I believe the ultimate BOV would be a 4WD Chevy Suburban. My most recent Suburbans have both gotten between 19-21 mpg (compared to my current 2500HD Crew Cab, which gets 15-16 highway)… Not bad for a full-sized vehicle with that much carrying capacity!
Nice article on the topic for a starter, and I for one like the discussion you bring up there and here.
You are more mobile since you can detach the trailer making yourself lighter and faster, however you trade off security since you have to leave people (split up) with the trailer when you drop it in a SHTF event. Well the reality was that the PLS only carried two people, so you either had two people who were mechanics driving the PLS or you had to have a second vehicle carry your mechanics. I have lots of room under the hood to mount an onboard compressor and tank along with the 2x 12v batteries. The truck was originally outfitted with a 351ci V8 engine and although it had lots of power I could actually watch the gas gauge drop when I put my foot in it.
I went with the 300 six due to the legendary durability, reasonable mileage and decent bottom end for towing or climbing.
Future plans include water proofing and snorkel setup along with electric fan that can be shut off for water crossings. Former Counterintelligence Special Agent, US Army Chief Warrant Officer, and Combat Veteran.
What you need in your bug out bag – a comprehensive lookA bug out bag is critical but what do you put in it?
How to communicate when the world goes silentSo if cell phones stopped working, how would you communicate? Everyday carry (EDC) gear – what I carrySo what do you really need to carry every day? My personal go bag contentsThere are a lot of different things you can put on your bug out bag list and there’s not really one list of contents that you should follow. 99 freakin’ awesome ideas for your bug out bagLots of articles tell you the basics of what you need in your bug out bag. Recently, we had an awesome discussion on our Facebook page about the best parenting advice we ever got. Our Top Nursing Picks for World Breastfeeding Week – Let’s hear it for the boobs!

I wish I has prepped a week forth of healthy meals and snacks ahead of time & stocked up my fridge. Considering emoji are like the new Angry Birds (or Minecraft creepers, or Anna and Elsa, or name your favorite humongo pop culture icon here), I couldn’t help but smile when I saw the emoji Easter egg DIY craft from Studio DIY. Be sure to visit Kelly’s blog where she offers really great tips on how to get them to turn out as nicely as hers.
Of course if you’re really handy with a sharpie, you might also try the emoji bunny and baby chick. I can never have enough pretty craft paints to work with, and I love to make things look time-worn with distressing and aging. Let`s get started on a great journey for mobility, flexibility and natural powerful strength.
Since there is no way to do a one arm push-up, pistol squat or one arm pull-up without a significant amount of resistance, we instead must practice variations in which the body is positioned in such a way as to create less resistance. These will show you exactly how to get from easy exercises to very complex ones like one arm pullup, one arm push-up, human flag or muscle up.
We have put up a simple equipment guide and will be adding things to it as well as reviewing different equipment pieces so you can choose the best. Do not get me wrong nothing will substitute hard work but having a coach will make your path much easer and faster. The combined total is the bear’s overall score and has to better those already in the record books.
The question of which car, truck, motorcycle, boat, plane, or bicycle would be the best in a SHTF scenario is a pretty vague one.
Are you looking for something that you can use as a combat vehicle in case our monetary system collapses? Some tools are better than others to get the job done but it’s really up to how you prepare and use it as to how useful it really is. It would work in some SHTF situations because it’s 4wd, Diesel (I can make my own fuel), sits several people, and has a camper on the back.
One of the big advantages of military vehicles is that you can use almost anything flammable in them. A Honda Accord may be a super reliable vehicle, but if it breaks down, you may have a hard time fixing it.
In addition to having tools and a few spare parts, get yourself a copy of something like Auto Repair For Dummies as well as the repair manual for your specific vehicle. In fact, it WILL happen at some point again from the sun as it has many times for billions of years.
If you have a big 5-ton military vehicle in your back yard and drive it through town occasionally, everyone knows it. You can improve these by upgrading the hubs, lifting the vehicle or modifying the wheel well to fit bigger tires, and waterproofing your engine. Some vehicles are really good for some situations but they’re pretty useless in others. You never know where you’ll be when something happens that you gotta get outta Dodge.
This was because they were as easy to diagnose faults on since it typically was, as simple as saying if it won’t start- check battery, then fuel, and 99% of the time you found the fault. For example my 06 VW Jetta for example has a ECM for the wipers, seats, and lights, over 30 ecms that all talk to each other!
These will let you work on the engine ECM’s, but if you want full ECM diagnostics and even adjustment you again are looking at either expensive tools or special cables that plug your laptop into the vehicle ports.
This system mounted to a PLS vehicle would allow you to drop a mobile repair shop to work on and repair a vehicle, while the rest of the convoy moved on.
But there are many good reasons to use one if it can be pre-staged, or if you have a group your moving with, and have a clear camp site in mind and don’t plan or roving looking for a new locale often.
I only paid $2,500 and it has the 10,000lb pto winch and a hard shell over the troop compartment.
Six inch suspension lift with 35in tires but going to be upgrading to 38in runflats when I can afford it. I grew up in the woods and spent a lifetime in various environments from deserts to jungles to politically-sensitive urban environments, and I'm here to tell you what I know.
When considering disaster preparedness, keep in mind that what survival gear and emergency supplies you add to your bug out bag and then pack for your survival kit can mean the difference between life and death, or at least affect your level of comfort if SHTF and you had to get outta dodge. Each item in your kit will depend on your skill set and what you’re trying to prepare for. Which led to some insightful, honest, and often hilarious contributions from our own community. Ask yourself whether what you are upset about will be important in five years or even in five minutes. It’s perfectly okay to abandon a shopping cart full of groceries if your baby gets fussy.
Buy a pair of nice cotton pajamas and wear them for two weeks after birth to remind your family that you’re still recovering. Just when you think you’ve reached the best milestone with your baby, it keeps getting better. Beware of everyone who wants to tell you the right way to do things: breast feeding, foods, sleeping arrangements.
Airline attendants tell the adult passengers to put their own oxygen masks on before helping small children.

We are working very hard to provide you information and resource you need to get you started.
Some events are extremely likely to happen in your lifetime and having the right bug out truck or car (or whatever vehicle you need to get the job done) would be immensely helpful. I could climb hills so steep that the carburetor floats wouldn’t work, by crawling it up using the starter motor. If society breaks down, you’ll have to spend a lot of resources to protect that vehicle. Choosing the right bug out vehicle comes down to finding something that will work when you need it to. People generally don’t realize the vehicle needs to be modified for water crossings and dealers and manufacturers wont tell you because they use it to void warrantee coverage. If you can swing it, a HPOP, LPOP, Both electric and mechanical fuel pumps as well as the needed fuel hose to replace at the time of repair.
One fault in something simple and unrelated to fuel, spark, or battery could shut you down or even keep you from starting. But again it is a specially tool, that requires practice, learning, and experience to use effectively, something best learned now before the SHTF….
I guess if you were a single person a Jeep Cherokee may be enough hauling capacity for a BOV, but for my family of 5 I need a large vehicle if I’m going to carry anything more than our basic BOBs! I love it because of the simplicity and the ability to run any type of fuel from diesel to transmission fluid.
Here’s what Graywolf from Graywolf Survival carries and why, as well as some suggestions on how to plan your EDC kit. It’s okay to let a baby cry for two minutes if you need to pee or to make a sandwich. Nothing worst than being stuck at the supermarket with leaking breasts and screaming newborn & nowhere else to go in a cold December night. Are you planning on heading to a deserted island after the total collapse of society due to an EMP, zombie apocalypse or some other TEOTWAWKI event?
I use it for an emergency ham radio communications center but it usually just sits in my back yard as my ham shack.
I put fuel stabilizer in my vehicles whenever I get deployed for more than a few months but neither my Desert Warrior Harley or my F250 so well while I was gone this time to Afghanistan. In severe cases, it won’t ever start without replacing the CPUs and sensors throughout the car.
I could fit under trees and go down into ditches without hanging up on my bumpers like the big trucks did. All your plans are irrelevant if the SHTF scenario you planned for isn’t the SHTF scenario that happens and you end up having to leave your vehicle at home or on the side of the road.
If you are setting up a vehicle for water crossing, not only do you need to bring the breather hoses up to atleast as high as the air intake but add aftermarket axle seals at the ends of the axles to keep water out there since the standard seals are made to keep the heavy lube in not water out.
While not as heavy as a 100+ pound starter from a M920 Frieghtliner Semi-Truck, the Starter is heavy, tends to collect oil if you have any leaks, and isn’t easy to start the bolts on. I would recommend that you install a bypass oil filter if you haven’t already as will to help with both engine life as well as longer oil life since it removes finer particles of suet from the oil. And don’t forget it is typically a sensor or wire harness that fails nowadays on Military vehicles, due to the rough use they see, not an actual pump, valve, or other part, so no computer often means no diagnosis. And Ford, Chevy, Toyota, ect, is no different, the 09 F150 I recently bought has nearly the same interconnected network of ECM’s that can control everything. Now your convoy dropped these guys and the repair shop (trailer in your scenario) and moved on, sometimes for hours before repairs were completed, and they still needed to come back and retrieve both the mechanics and the repair shop, repaired vehicle and security element.
I know its slower and cant carry as much but I believe many people are going for this option. What are the biggest threats you’ll need to deal with that aren’t due to your route, such as OPSEC? Books such as Biodiesel Basics and Beyond: A Comprehensive Guide to Production and Use for the Home and Farm can explain exactly how to do it.
I came back 18 months after training and deployment and the entire fuel systems of both vehicles had to be replaced. I’m planning on making a gasifier generator later this year but you can use the same type of system to run a vehicle. In a long term or emergency scenario Diesel trucks are often bullet proof in terms of reliability, however often when they do break down you need different skill sets to diagnose and repair a diesel over a gas engine. Needless to say most units quickly found this unworkable at best and instead would tow the disabled vehicle instead of splitting up since it doubled the work, wasted resources, and security needed for movement. Luckily, biodiesel is a lot more mainstream now so you can buy a complete biodiesel processor right from freaking Amazon! If you switch from Petrol Diesel to Biodiesel you will need at least two filters for the change over since it can and does flush your tank due to the detergent action of Biodiesel. In some cities if anything bad happened there would be no way to get out other than foot, air, or bike.
While Christian’s bear missed the world record, he is recognized as having the largest black bear ever harvested by a hunter.Good luck to all of our bear hunters! It’s self-love and even the Bible talks about loving our neighbors as ourselves, not more than.

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