It is essential that you check the details of your travel visa once your passport is returned to you. To see a sample visa for a destination select the country and the page will display an example. See a sample of the requirements for travel to Argetntina and start your Argentina visa application.
See a sample of the requirements for travel to the United Arab Emirates and start your visa application.
Need your visa processed quickly?  VisaCentral can fast track your order and process it in the fewest days possible. Indonesian Minister for Economic Affairs, Sofyan Djalil, announced an economic policy package that is to be implement to boost the Indonesian economy, particularly in a move to improve the country‚Äôs current account balance, which is the broadest measurement of foreign exchange flows, including trade, services, interest payments and remittances. The 30 additional countries that will not need to obtain a visa for short visits (starting from April) are China, Japan, South Korea, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Mexico, Russia, England, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Sweden, Austria, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Qatar, United Arab Emirates (UEA), Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman and South Africa. Additionally (NOT confirmed), visitors to Indonesia will no longer be required to present arrival and departure cards. Make sure that you have a passport valid for at least 6 months from the arrival date with proof of onward passage. Visa applications should be submitted to the Visa Officer after filling out the required form.
You may apply for a business visa, which valid for 28 (twenty-eight) days and extendible for maximum 6 months. For US$ 25 The government may grant you a visa upon arrival which valid for up to 30 days stay in Indonesia and extendible for another 30 days. A Visa of the Republic of Indonesia is issued in the form of a sheet of paper attached to a passport. A Diplomatic Visa or a Service Visa shall only be issued to the bearer of a Diplomatic Passport or a Service Passport.
Visa applications may be done by proxy, except for Diplomatic or Service Visa applications. A visa application should be submitted to an Embassy or Consular Office of the Republic of Indonesia or other official designated by Government of the Republic of Indonesia. I am planning to visit Bali for 4 days with my family and I just found out that my passport has less than 6 months of validity (only 4 months left), is it still possible for me to get a visa upon arrival? I am a Travel Agent based in Dubai,United Arab Emirates and have a customer who is from Kazakhstan who wish to visit Bali.

I tried to renew passport today but was informed that fastest or earliest I can be issued with a new passport is October 24 which is already beyond period needed to be in Bali. I am planning to visit Bali for Honeymoon for 6 days and I just found out that my passport has less than 6 months of validity (only 3 months left), is it still possible for me to get a visa upon arrival? I am an Indian citizen passport holder, living in India, my passport has Emigration check required stamp on it. Upon arriving in Bali, the Immigration officer asked me about it, I replied it had come out in the washing machine, I didn’t think it was a big deal, because in the USA there would be some formality of filling out paper work and they would process you into the country. It was unfortunate because I had no idea it was a criminal act to remove a visa page even if it was by accident in Indonesia. I would have corrected the situation prior to coming to Bali, but I was working at Samsung industry on Geoje Island S. One friend whose father works for Immigration said it is forgotten to get a new passport but I need someone more official to confirm. For those of you reading this, please don’t let my mishap stop you from going to Bali or Indonesia. Hi i would like to enquire if i am currently holding a HONGKONG SAR DOCUMENT OF IDENTITY because i have to wait another 2 years to receive my full international passport will i be able to do a visa on arrival in bali?
If you have a 1 year multiple business visa of course you do not need any other kind of visa.
Hi I would like to enquire i’m a Malaysian and my boyfriend is holding a Nigerian passport.
Nigerian citizens can not get a visa on arrival or any other visa just like that, they will need to have a local sponsor.
I am scheduled to travel to Dili, Timor Leste and the flight itinerary involves an overnight stay in Bali. Me and my fiancee will be getting married in January and immediately after marriage we will be travelling to Bali for our honeymoon. One question kicks my mind, do I have to provide a proof that that we are married for Visa on Arrival, as me and my fiancee will have different surnames on air tickets as well has passport.As in Dubai I am aware that we have to submit a NOC. Many travel visas are date specific and you could be denied entry to your destination country if your travel dates change.
These are: Brunei, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, Chile, Hong Kong, Macau, Morocco, Peru and Ecuador.
Applications for Diplomatic or Service Visas should be accompanied by diplomatic letters or official letters.

Any foreign national who fails to use a visa within this designated period of time must submit a re-application for a new visa. I am studying in Germany, now i am living and studying for only 1 semester in Chambery-France to do my obligatory semester abroad. Me and my fiance are going to Bali over Christmas, 22-27 December, and we are Swedish and US citizens living and working in Hong Kong. Me and my girlfriend are going to Bali in September 2015 and i am Indian and my girlfriend is Russian. Do they get Visa on Arrival as Russian nationals get Visa on Arrival whereas the CIS countries including Kazakhstan is not mentioned.
I am holding a official passport and am on a deputation with the UNITED NATIONS at present.
I used to be holding a PRChina passport but now it has been changed to a HK DOCUMENT OF IDENTITY.. My tickets are done, hotel bookings are done too and I am aware that Bali has Visa on arrival for Indians. Starting from April 2015, Indonesia will allow foreigners from an additional 30 countries to enter Indonesia without a visa. Afther that i wanted to go to Indonesia to do an obligatory internship in the tourism branch. After discussing the matter with the boss my spouse and I were deported that night back to Japan and told we could never return to Indonesia. After read article, can i comfirm they need visa or not for their visit…Please advice.
If not, could you please inform how I may I obtain a visa as there isn’t a diplomatic mission in Nepal. I’ve tried every source I can think of to resolve the matter with friends living in Bali, both Balinese and ex-pats. It was never my intention to deceive anyone, why would I do such a thing when I’ve been welcome to your beloved country for so many years?

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