Please be informed that the Consular Office of the Chinese Embassy will be closed from the 1st to 5th October 2015 (Thursday-Monday) due to China National Day celebration, and resume work on the 6th Oct (Tuesday).
PHUKET: With effect from Wednesday (March 26), British nationals in Thailand wanting to renew passports or replace lost or stolen ones must go to the British Visa Application Centre in Bangkok in person, rather than mailing applications to HM Passport Office (HMPO) in Liverpool.
British Consul in Bangkok, Michael Hancock, explained to The Phuket News today, “The changes that have just been announced are a new service which has been introduced now that HMPO has taken over full responsibility for processing passport applications worldwide. Up until December last year applications had to be sent to the regional Passport Processing Centre in Hong Kong.
Now, however, comes another change: applications must be made in person at the Visa Application Centre (VAC) in Bangkok which will then forward the application to the UK.
The new passport is returned from the UK to the VAC, from where it can be collected and the old passport cancelled.
The information needed to complete the passport application process, including the address and contact details for the VAC, is available on the Gov.UK website. From today (Monday 05 March) all UK visa applications in India will need to be made online, the UK Border Agency has announced, along with a number of other changes around the globe. Applicants will also need to book an appointment at the visa application centre online and hand completed applications will no longer be accepted.
It means that all applicants from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) applying to stay in the UK for more than six months will have to register their fingerprints and digital facial image. Employers can download guidance on checking biometric residence permits and their security features from the UKBA website.

From 31 May 2012 UKBA will launch a new automated online checking service to provide quick and easy real time checks on biometric residence permits, the holder’s identity and their right to work. The Post Office is to provide a service for applicants to provide their biometric information throughout a network of locations across the UK. The UK Border Agency in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait has now introduced a priority visa service in all visa application centres and the priority visa service in Bangkok now included applicants applying for tourists and family visitor visas.
The priority visa service is only available to applicants who meet criteria and who pay an additional fee to have their visa application processed ahead of others.
Meanwhile, UKBA has suspended appointments at its visa application centre in Damascus, Syria. Applicants in Syria can apply for visas in Jordan or Lebanon whilst the application service in Syria is suspended. My American wife was granted an EEA Family Permit a few days ago and happily returned to the UK to be with me. I was hoping someone could clear up my confusion as I am filling out the FLR (M) application form. There will be adjustment for visa application process from the 1st -5th Oct 2015 (Thursday-Monday). Chinese Visa Application Service Center in KL (CVASC) will be closed for two days from the 1st to 2nd Oct (Thursday-Friday) and will be operating as usual on the 5th Oct (Monday).
This significantly increases the number of biometric residence permits issued by the agency.

Successful applicants will be issued a biometric residence permit as evidence of immigration status and entitlements in the UK. Biometric residence permits are an important step in fighting immigration abuse and illegal working and make it easier for employers to verify a foreign national’s right to work in the UK,’ said a spokesman.
The aim is to process all applications using the priority visa service in Thailand within three working days of receiving them.
All appointments have been cancelled and applicants are advised to monitor the website for advice on when new appointments will be available. On the 5th Oct (Monday), CVASC accepts only regular service application, urgent and express service application are temporary unavailable. The additional Post Office locations will join the 17 branches already offering biometric enrolment. We expect the additional branches to be operational from March 2012, with all 104 locations operating by 10 April 2012,’ added the spokesman.

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