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The media in the UK often reports of how obtaining a schengen visa is a lot easier than a visa to the UK.
For your medical-travel insurance, you simply need coverage in the Schengen area (even just the country you are staying in should do if such an insurance even excists) and for atleast € 30.000,- Ofcourse the unsurance company must be legit, so best to use a large EU based company or else a large local insurance company. Many travel visas are date specific and you could be denied entry if your travel dates change.
Flights and hotels  to be booked in advance which guarantees a kick in the stones if the application fails.

Sounds like incompetent external staff, they are only a handling agency anyway so that why I would always apply at the embassy since then you may speak to more properly trained staff (actual officials) and save additional time and costs on the serice provider aswell.
Bring together the travel itinerary, proof of finances (100,000+ Baht in Fanfan’s bank), travel insurance and application fee (around 3,500 Baht). We find internet nearby, phone the insurance company then change and print the new insurance document.
Now the UK government is saying they will seek to relax the rules and application process a bit for the Chinese. While our first destination is Italy (Rome) the VISA application should be made in the Schengen country where you spend the most time. Book a date for the Schengen application online through the TLS Contact Website. The final application is made at the TLS offices at Sathorn City Tower a short walk from Chong Nonsi Skytrain.

The prime motive is to bring in a lot of the wealthy Chinese so they can spend their money in the UK. Quick online research shows France to be the easier Schengen VISA country to pass. Italy  harder.

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