English First (EF) is truly a global company, established in 1965 and now with over 400 centers around the world and 150 schools in China. The main age group range from 7 to 14 years old, although classes are also offered to younger students and teenagers as well, ensuring teachers teach a wide variety of ages and abilities.
Classes at English First China are student centered, using the ‘communicative approach’ with the aim of developing students’ spoken skills in the most real and meaningful ways.
English First China also offers courses to adult and business English students, although this represents only 10 – 30% of all courses offered. Popular with students and teachers alike, English First China course books have been developed by a dedicated team of linguistic and educational experts. Working with EF China provides you with the stability and support you need when moving to a foreign country. The highest academic standards and enjoyable learning environment have established English First China schools as the very best in the industry.
Working with English First in China you will be earning an excellent salary along with a generous benefits. NOTE: We are a recruitment agency and offer jobs with various English First schools in China. We make a fee from the schools, so this is a completely free service for you, there are no charges whatsoever. Betsy is a National Board Certified teacher, curriculum developer in math, science and social studies and advocate for learning-challenged children. School system differences provide opportunities for teachers who need jobs during tough economic times.
Private schools receive their funding from non-government sources, such as tuition payments, support from churches or other religious organizations, grants or endowments. There are often religious education requirements for students in addition to regular curricula and not all teachers are certificated by the state – some may be clergy, some may be subject-matter experts without specific teaching certification. Tuition can cost up to $2,500 per student per year at the elementary level, although many programs provide subsidies or scholarships based on need. Independent Schools Independent schools are private schools that are not associated with a church. Kids are kids, whether they attend public or private schools, and they all need dedicated teachers. Betsy is a National Board Certified teacher, curriculum developer in math, science and social studies and advocate for learning-challenged children. The fact that a career school offers both job experience and a good education is a major benefit of receiving your degree from a career college or school. At a PA Career school, the curricula are usually focused on a specific field and as students get further along in the process, classes focus on the actual duties they will perform when they begin working in the real world. Another benefit of a focused education is the fact that students graduate and can join the workforce far faster than they would be able to manage at a four year school. Many would argue that the starting salaries for graduates of career colleges are less than what a graduate with a bachelor's degree might expect. In short, there are benefits and drawbacks to both kinds of education, and a students choice usually reflects their overall life goals and ambitions. By preparing all students for college, schools are ensuring that their students are not simply graduating, but graduating to a world of options and possibilities for their future.
Earning a college degree offers a variety of benefits to individuals, their families, and society as a whole.

Only 32% of Minnesota’s 2009 ACT-tested graduates met all four College Readiness Benchmarks set by ACT: an 18 in English, 22 in Math, 21 in Reading, and 24 in Science.
Percent of Minnesota high school students taking the ACT in 2009 whose composite scores from the English, Math, Science, and Reading portions of the test indicate that they are not likely to be successful in first-year college coursework.
The Paying For College Infographic, gives you a clear picture of the average tuition and fees, student loans, and financial aid and awards concerning the cost of higher education in the United States.
If you are thinking about teaching English in a country with a rich culture and outstanding natural beauty, then consider working as an EFL (English as a Foreign Language) teacher in Taiwan. Legally, you need to have a resident visa permitting you to look for and accept jobs in Taiwan.
English First China opened its first school in 2001 and has since established itself as the market leader for private language learning with over 150 schools and employing over a thousand teachers across China in over 50 major cities. This age group requires a lot of energy and passion as well as the ability to create excitement and fun in the classroom. The class sizes are kept small, to an average of 8-12 students, which allows for noticeable progress to be made and also makes classroom management that much easier. Students are typically young professionals working for multinational or export companies, who are interacting more and more on a global level and are looking to develop their communication and written skills to keep ahead. Course books are accompanied by a wide range of supplementary materials including flashcards, posters, handouts, CD’s, videos, songs and in-class computer applications, all essential for teachers to deliver varied and engaging classes.
All teachers are issued with a legal work (Z) visa before entering the country and are met at the airport and taken to their apartment.
To ensure these standards are maintained a high priority is given to on-going teacher training and development. Teachers can enjoy a very comfortable lifestyle in China while still saving 20% – 50% of their salaries.
Details of compensation packages for specific cities will be provided by the school after they receive your application. Private schools are sometimes overlooked as an option for new graduates since many had no experience with non-public schools as a child.
They can set their own admission requirements and don’t have to accept all students. Traditionally, the Catholic Church has operated the largest network of elementary parochial schools, providing thousands of teacher jobs, but other denominations provide schools as well. Even though students are not required to belong to a certain religious organization to attend a parochial school, they will still have to participate in the required religion classes. Be certain to consider all available options when you are searching for that all-important first teaching job after college graduation. On one hand, a traditional college education provides students with a broader knowledge base. This removes the scary disconnect that often exists between what a student at a four year school is trained to do and what they are actually expected to do when they hit the ground at a new job, assuming they can get one right out of college. That means that they have more time in their professional life to establish themselves as experts in their fields. While this is true in some cases, in other cases such as in technical industries, this could not be further from the truth. An associate's degree from a good career college or school is an asset and a good investment. In the 20th century, high schools that graduated most of their students, with about one-third obtaining a college degree, filled the needs of the workforce.

Obama’s request echoes what researchers have been suggesting for several years: a college education is no longer an option but an imperative. There are abundant teaching opportunities with the thousands of English schools in the region. With an average monthly teacher’s salary of NT$62,352 (US$2000), you can easily save up to a thousand dollars per month. English First China jobs allow you to experience the adventure of living and working in China with the structure, support and complete package that only a market leader with over 40 years of experience can offer.
Teachers are encouraged to use their creativity to really bring the lesson alive and make the most of a variety of activities such as role plays, group work, competitions, drama, stories and songs.
All students are placement tested when they first arrive at the school to ensure they are placed in the correct level and studying alongside students of the same ability.
All schools have interactive white boards, connected to the internet and loaded with multimedia resources which add an exciting new dimension to how you can teach.
Each center has a Director of Studies who leads training sessions, workshops and seminars on a variety of teaching topics, including teaching methodologies, lesson planning, classroom management and new material development to ensure teachers are constantly learning while they are teaching.
They can be quite expensive, ranging from $3,000 to $10,000 per student per year – even up to $20,000 or more for boarding schools. On the other hand, a four year degree typically does not involve a lot of hands on, practical education, focusing instead on the theory of subjects. Students can often find a career school in their area that offers classes in the fields they are considering working in. PAPSA wants to insure that the quality of education offered by Pennsylvania career colleges and schools is every bit as good as that offered by traditional four year universities. Lessons are focused on relevant topics and emphasis is placed on developing communication skills and improving pronunciation through pair work and role plays. On arrival at the school teachers are given a full induction and training program, including the chance to observe current teachers’ lessons. Class observations and idea sharing sessions are also seen as important in keeping the creative energy flowing. Because of this, graduates often find themselves unemployed after school because jobs are going to those who already have experience and specific training.
Because of this, the exorbitant costs of room and board often associated with traditional universities can be avoided.
By joining the Pennsylvania Association of Private School Administrators, PA Career Schools indicate their willingness to uphold the highest standards of educational quality. This means that those who could not get into a traditional school can still have access to a good education and the tools that are necessary to land a fulfilling and successful career.
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