Partis en balade a un 1 kilometre du bord de mer environ, ces jeunes ont fait une drole de rencontre : un requin-tigre ! Ce requin-tigre encore jeune a failli happer la jambe du baigneur qui reussit a se proteger a l’aide de sa cage. En poursuivant votre navigation sur ce site, vous acceptez que des cookies soient utilises afin d’ameliorer votre experience d’utilisateur et de vous offrir des contenus personnalises. One of the scariest symptoms of global warming is the explosion of jellyfish populations in various parts of the world that are being reported of late.
There’s been a spate of yellow-bellied sea snakes have been found washed up on New South Wales beaches after recent wild weather.

Locals have been throwing the snakes back in the sea where they can, despite the danger, because their best chance of surviving is in the water. Yellow-bellied sea snakes are found within a few kms of coastlines off Australia and in other parts of the world. The Lion’s Mane Jellyfish is the largest jellyfish in the world, and is among the oldest species alive. To be washed up on the beach means they’re either ill, or ocean turbulence caused by strong winds or storms has exhausted them. The biggest ones can grow as big as 20-feet in diamter with tentacles over 165-feet in length (that’s 10-feet more than the copper portion of the Statue Of Liberty).

They can be found in the chilly waters of the Arctic and with their hundreds of poisonous tentacles they can capture any amount of fish they like and drag it into its mouth.

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