The SS Keewatin came home to Canada this summer, more than 100 years after it began steaming across the Great Lakes. Take a virtual walk-through with a 3-D visualization device being commercialized by Reality Cave Inc., a privately-held incubator start-up.
Expressions and achievements in design and in the planned, built and landscaped environment are the focus here.
This sub-theme celebrates Canadian contributions to the discovery and application of scientific concepts and methodology, including those in the physical, earth and biological sciences, as well as mathematics and medicine. Frances Anne Beecheya€™s upper middle class family probably provided her with some education in fine art, possibly including instruction in drawing and painting, although no documentation has been found to confirm this conjecture.
Frances Annea€™s husband, Edward Martin Hopkins, a widower with three children, was secretary to Sir George Simpson*, governor of the Hudsona€™s Bay Company.
Frances Annea€™s earliest known sketches are of scenes about Lachine and Montreal in the years immediately following her arrival in Lower Canada.
During her residence in Canada, Frances Anne and her husband holidayed several times in England and France and, with the children, she spent several winters in London. The only Canadian exhibition in which Mrs Hopkins participated during her lifetime was that of the Art Association of Montreal in 1870. During the decade which Mrs Hopkins spent in Canada, the HBC was replacing the freight canoe wherever possible by less costly means of transporta€“steamboat, railway, even horse teams and sleighs.
The most important collection of paintings, drawings, and sketches by Frances Anne Beechey (Hopkins) is at the NA, Documentary Art and Photography Div. The citation above shows the format for footnotes and endnotes according to the Chicago manual of style (16th edition). We acknowledge the support of the Government of Canada through the Department of Canadian Heritage.
Nous reconnaissons la€™appui du gouvernement du Canada par la€™entremise du ministA?re du Patrimoine canadien. Churchill’s history goes well back beyond that of Canada itself – archaeological digs have uncovered evidence of human existence in the area dating back some 4,000 years.
The first people to set foot on what is now Churchill and the surrounding area did so thousands of years ago. For more information on the history of Pre-Dorset, Dorset and modern Inuit peoples, visit the Eskimo Museum.
Henry Hudson was the first European to explore the Bay – he did so in the early 17th century.
In 1717, Fort Churchill was established at the mouth of the Churchill River, and Fort Prince of Wales followed in 1731. Churchill has become Canada’s only Arctic seaport, and ocean trade came to the town in the early 20th century. Fort Churchill was built established in 1942, and was located around ten kilometres east of Churchill, near the original Fort Churchill; it was established by the United States Air Force as part of the Crimson Route, a proposed overseas route to support the Allied forces in Europe. Churchill’s economy now relies on both the Port of Churchill and its burgeoning tourist industry – famous for polar bears, beluga whales, northern lights and more, it continues to be a secluded destination for visitors from around the world. Launched on July 6, 1907, at the height of the Edwardian era, it is the last surviving Canadian Pacific wooden cabin steamship.
Five years ago, Eric Conroy called Skyline International Development president Gil Blutrich to ask whether he’d like to buy a scale model and an oil painting of the SS Keewatin.When Mr. Republication or redistribution of Thomson Reuters content, including by framing or similar means, is prohibited without the prior written consent of Thomson Reuters.
Architectural achievements include the interior and exterior of buildings, groups of buildings, and rural as well as urban districts, both high-style and vernacular.
The Beechey family included several professional artists, the best known being her grandfather Sir William Beechey, a fashionable portrait painter and member of the Royal Academy of Arts.

In 1858 they settled in Hopkinsa€™s house at Lachine, Lower Canada, adjacent to the HBC warehouse and the headquarters of the companya€™s operations. Simpson died in 1860 and Edward Martin took charge of the companya€™s Montreal department until his retirement in 1869. The family returned to England permanently in 1870, and lived first in central London and later at Henley-on-Thames. She showed frequently in England and appears to have planned her major oils for the annual exhibitions of the Royal Academy of Arts in London, beginning in 1869. She witnessed trade canoe travel on the Great Lakes in its closing period and made this subject her own. It is believed that the Churchill area was a seasonal hunting ground for hundreds of years. Established in 1944 by the Roman Catholic Diocese, the museum’s collection of carvings, artifacts and general information is unparalleled.
The fort took fourty years to build, and was overtaken by three French warships in 1782 – without a shot ever being fired.
Grain was the focus most trade, and one the Hudson Bay Railroad was completed in 1929, the first shipment of grain took place in 1931. It became a training and experimental centre after World War II, and was subsequently closed in 1980.
In 1957, the Churchill Rocket Research Range was established; over 3000 sounding rockets were launched in conjunction with experiments relating to northern lights and the ionosphere. Conroy took his first job as a waiter aboard the Keewatin, little did he know that in his retirement he would find a job working to restore and promote the Titanic-era ship. Blutrich was startled to discover the painting he’d purchased, sight unseen, was the same image he’d saved as his cellphone wallpaper three months earlier, while researching the history of the Keewatin online.Both fate and luck seem to be smiling on the Keewatin, the only surviving ship in Canadian Pacific Railway’s Great Lakes Steamship fleet.
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Banting, co-discoverer of insulin, the Churchill Rocket Research Range in Manitoba, an upper-atmosphere research station, and the Palliser Expedition, the first scientific exploration from Lake Superior to the Rocky Mountains.
Lady Beechey was a miniaturist and Frances Annea€™s father, who was later promoted rear-admiral, was an accomplished water-colourist, apparently trained in the topographical landscape tradition of British officers.
Frances Anne raised her three stepchildren and would have five children of her own, two of them dying as infants in Canada.
The HBC office was moved to Montreal in 1861 and thereafter the family lived in the city, spending some summers at Snowdon, a house in suburban CA?te-des-Neiges (Montreal). After Edwarda€™s death in 1893 she worked from her studio-home in Hampstead until her death.
A one-person water-colour show in London in 1914 included Canadian subjects and French landscapes, with a few South African scenes.
More than any other artist, she recognized and interpreted accurately the demanding skills of canoe handling. Artifacts such as tent rings and kayak stands have been found in the area that remains from Pre-Dorset, Dorset or Inuit peoples. Peruse Pre-Dorset, Dorset, Thule and modern Inuit items made of stone, bone and ivory – pick up souvenirs in the Eskimo Museum gift shop, which specializes in northern books, Canadian Inuit art, unique postcards, art cards, stationery and local wild berry preserves. Originally named The Governor and Company of Adventurers of England trading into Hudson’s Bay, its headquarters were at York Factory, some 250 kilometres southeast of what is today the town of Churchill. In the late 1990s the port was sold by the Government of Canada to American company Omni TRAX.
The base was decommissioned in the mid-1960s, and is now home to the Churchill Northern Studies Centre.
From 1907 to 1966, the Keewatin ferried new immigrants, tourists, grain and other goods from CPR’s harbours  - first from Owen Sound, Ont.

Commemorations include All Souls Chapel in Charlottetown, an outstanding High Victorian Gothic chapel with 18 exquisite mural paintings, the Halifax Public Gardens, a rare surviving Victorian garden, and Winnipeg's Exchange District. When she married, her artistic connections were strengthened with the acquisition of several more relatives who were painters.
Her dated sketches and her husbanda€™s business correspondence provide a record of brief trips to Quebec, the Eastern Townships, Ottawa, Toronto, Niagara Falls, and New York.
Although her paintings of voyageurs are widely familiar today because of their frequent use for book and periodical illustration, it was not until 1990 that a comprehensive exhibition of her work was mounted. In a period of heavily romantic painting, her principal subjects were contemporary working activities. The Seahorse Gully site on Churchill’s West Peninsula and the glacial kame at Twin Lakes are both key sites in understanding Churchill’s extended history. You can also purchase local crafts such as carvings, prints, beaded mitts, moccasins, mukluks, parkas, stone cut prints and soapstone sculptures in town shops. The port still operates today, with shipments coming and going from mid-July until early November. The travels which most influenced her painting were tours with her husband by large fur-trade canoes on the upper Great Lakes and the Mattawa (Ont.) and Ottawa rivers in 1864, 1866, and 1869. Her landscapes are alive with people and, although the topographical tradition and the picturesque character of the 19th century English watercolour school helped to shape her vision, she surpassed that background to achieve an impressive quality of reportage on canvas and on paper. Long before Europeans arrived, the Cree, Dene and Inuit had well-established trading networks.
Fuel, building materials and other goods for communities further north than Churchill also come through the port. Her major canvas of a portage during the expedition to the Red River led by Colonel Garnet Joseph Wolseley in 1870 suggests possibly a fourth visit to the upper lakes.
Descendants of the Hopkins family own a number of significant paintings by the artist, depicting Canadian landscapes. Because the town is only about a 90-minute drive north of Toronto, Skyline is marketing its new project to families, condo dwellers and downsizing baby boomers who want to own a nearby, low-maintenance vacation home. Blutrich enthused.“I think what Gil’s doing is certainly in line with what the Ministry of Tourism would like to see happening with resorts and investment going into new tourism product in Ontario.
In 2008, his Toronto consulting firm analyzed Ontario’s tourism investment climate as part of a study by former finance minister Greg Sorbara.“Understand that Gil’s not doing it out of the kindness of his heart,” Mr. I think how he bought Deerhurst and raised some capital through sales of the initial phase [of its redevelopment] is very smart, very strategic.”Unlike Deerhurst, Port McNicoll is entirely new construction on a brownfield site that includes 11 kilometres of shoreline.
Plans call for a marina, yacht club, 160-room hotel, English gardens, an Edwardian-era replica train station, two restaurants, and about 2,000 homes, townhomes and condo units.While the first phase – 60 units including 39 waterfront lots – sold out, the entire project is running about two years behind schedule because of approval delays for phase two, Mr. He said approvals for servicing environmentally sensitive lands can sometimes be a “procedural nightmare.”Mr. We’re here for the long term,” he said.Still, it takes cash, a strong vision and a community that’s willing to host your development dreams, Mr. And he plans to make the Keewatin financially self-sufficient by opening it for tours, turning its cargo deck into a rentable community space, and operating the elegant first-class dining room as a restaurant and special event venue.Mr.
Conroy is a natural storyteller who delights in reminiscing about the people he met while working as a teenaged waiter in 1963 and 64.
Perfectly preserved are 100 hand-painted Italian glass windows, the barber shop, a ballroom and a ladies smoking lounge. The ship is still decorated with the carpeting, curtains and period furniture from a makeover it received in 1951.

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