Another character, Lisa, is just a normal high school student who gets dragged along for the ride after unknowingly assisting in their first terrorist attack. There are likeable characters, a brilliant OST, the animation is gorgeousĀ and let’s not get me started on that opening. Except she’s living in an unstable household, her father is missing, and her mother is a bit of a basket case. First, let’s take a second to talk about the many hints of foreshadowing that pop in randomly in certain episodes.

Always being checked up on by her mother, who is the only person who ever calls or texts her, Lisa decides to let herself be whisked away by Twelve and run away from home to join them in their efforts to change the world, whether it be from destroying it or other means.
The whole episode flies by, while I get to sit and wallow in sadness for a whole week until the next episode comes out. But what we do know is that they were both raised in a facility with other children, and under mysterious circumstances, the building burns down, and kills all the children within, with only the two of them surviving–plus one. Another girl by the name of Five, who is out to sabotage Nine and Twelve’s master plan.

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