If you have answered yes to any or all of the above questions, tell us about this character before you seek professional help. An iGame staff member will contact the winner at the end of each month and send the voucher via e-mail. If the writeup prompts any of the iGame staff to fall in love or start cosplaying just so they can be this character then you could be the winner. Having loved the Dark Knight Trilogy, I decided to play Arkham City recently (super delayed I know), not expecting too much.
But you could never call him arrogant, because you could sense his hurt and pain in everything he did.
Sure, not all the missions he has flown has been a resounding success, and many a space agency has left him on the Mun to die (including me unfortunately). His skill level is legendary, to the extent that the community tried to replicate his amazing talent in a mechanical device, called MechJeb. Not only is this lovable green character an accomplished astronaut, he is also a keen business man. Few characters can grasp a person like Rust guy while still hiding his identity from the world. I have become attached to Rust guy, his expertise with a simple Rock is unmatched by even the greatest stone smith, he is able to fillet chicken breasts from nearly any animal, harvest lumber and chemical grade ores with this simple piece of earth.

As you spend more time with him, you begin to feel his power, his monotone face remains emotionless, no matter if you're beating down a tree or smashing a sleeping guy in the cheek so you can gather another rock and a half burnt out torch.
I have grown to love Rust guy, and I feel like he loves me back, but i know he will never tell me this, but I must still believe. If this character has prompted akward feelings in more than one person then we are eager to hear about the fan club.
Seeing the opportunity in the renewed interest in space flight, Jab opened up various businesses building the various parts that many space agencies have used.
Thousands of people have seen him, running naked through fields holding his trusty rock & chasing boars, but no one knows him for who he really is. It impacted me so much that I have a figurine of the man characters and it constantly reminds me of their journey. You are charged with protecting this her and delivering her to the Fireflies, a rebellion faction. I will be replaying the game after I played the DLC soon just to revisit the world and it's characters.
You got the feeling that the only reason he dispatched all those enemies with such ease was because he fought much harder battles with himself everyday.
Ellie is and will stay, in my opinion, the best written and fleshed out character in gaming history and she will crawl into your heart the moment you spend some time with her.

You see what she has missed out on as a teenage girl living in a post apocalyptic world where she has and will never have the opportunity to play with dolls of have sleep overs or worry about boys. Her impromptu monologues and quirks just help to establish her character and gives you little glimpses into how she sees the world. It was about halfway through the game where I came to the realization that I really care for this girl and her safety. I felt very protective over her and I found myself thinking of what will happen next in the game and what is ahead of us in our journey, even while at work. The main character Joel lost his daughter and this helped establish in me the sense of loss that lead to me being overly protective over Ellie. It filled me with pride at times seeing her character develop into a young lady that can hold her own in the midst of conflict and I was at times genuinely fearful of her life when she was abducted and had her life threatened. When I had to save her knowing that she was in imminent danger, I felt an urgency to get to her and wipe out any and everyone that stood in my way.
I felt emotions I have never felt before and it was all because this fictional teenage girl made me feel it.

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