Learn exactly where and how to hide what you don't want to be found and find what others have hidden! Whether it’s under your mattress or on a lock box, everyone has a secret hiding place for their prized or confidential possessions. As part of his Survival Guide series, best-selling author and expert survivalist, George Shepherd, has just published an essential guide to keeping your valued items out of unwanted hands. 101 Secret Hiding Places discuss various hiding places, from the simple and straight forward to the complex – a place to hide your cash from your untrustworthy roommate, or a someplace where your family heirlooms are safe from the most cunning of jewelry thieves.

Shepherd reminds readers that the use of secret hiding places isn’t limited to hiding items of value; hiding places can also be used to conceal weapons.
What’s more, knowing the best secret hiding places not only helps in keeping your possessions safe; it also teaches you how to find what others have hidden! However, sometimes the best hiding places aren’t good enough to fool a skilled thief. Shepherd also gives readers a look at secret hiding places specific to travel, as tourists are often a prime target for petty theft or burglary.

Carrying a weapon on your person at all times will allow you to defend yourself should the need arise, without provoking suspicion in your assailant or making those around you feel threatened. 101 Secret Hiding Places provides readers a few methods by which to hide both valuables and weapons on your person.

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