Hey man, since you didn't make some temple features on your map, is it ok if I make my version of it crediting you for your awesome map?I'll show pictures! Unfortunately, I couldn't find several things (Zora's Domain, Goron's place, Twilight Realm, all of the dungeons, the Temple of Time, just to name a few).
The whole Twilight Princess map is backwards, It looks like the original and looks awesome but the whole thing is backwards. Its what I am Primarily focused on, and the Single Player Maps will come secondary after I create the MMO World.

Ill keep a copy of the map for fun but this is the last time i visit his stuff unless he ACTUALLY shows up.
As I come closer to completion for the other maps, I will create another page for the other Projects.The Project Has changed dramatically in a Month.
Again its not just an Adventure, Its a full Minecraft map that includes building, team based work, PvP, and Dungeons all throughout the world. Im almost on stage 2 of the map where I will start adding towns and the main castles, once I finish that the server will be up and running for those who want to play Zelda in MMO form.

Ocarina of Time, Windwaker, Majoras Mask, and Twilight Princess.The New World save is up for those who want it.

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