Task Force Recent Pins Visit Zombie Killer Elite Task Force's profile on Pinterest. The first vehicle purpose built for zombie collection and containment hits the streets today looking for new outbreaks while promoting one of Ontario’s scariest haunted attractions. The Haunted House of Horrors, a Halloween haunted attraction located in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada has officially unveiled its newest promotional vehicle, appropriately titled “The Zombie Truck”.
The vehicle was built from the ground up as a zombie hunting, collection and disposal unit.
The interior of the vehicle received a military themed treatment complete with seats and door panels reupholstered using camouflage fabric. The vehicle will be making appearances throughout 2012 at various car shows, zombie walks and horror fan conventions across Canada and the upper United States.
Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. If you're going to hide this ad box, please support us on Patreon so that I can keep this place running. Kinks- loves to be tied down and forced upon and does not care where she is doing it as long as she is doing it.

Dislikes - General stuff (Though character may not like to be raped, that doesn't mean I won't like it to happen. Other Information - Sandra was the only daughter of one of the hugest Italian mafia bosses around. It is based on a Suzuki Carry mini truck that has been completely accessorized with zombie hunting and containment equipment.
To further reinforce the utilitarian purpose of the vehicle the floor was coated in a rigid truck bed liner making the blood and guts of zombies easy to wash away.
The zombie figures are mounted inside of the zombie containment cage and cause quite a reaction wherever the Zombie Truck goes. Her hobbies though were tennis and shooting (from pneumatic weapons, she was even the champion of state).
The most notable feature of the truck is a six foot tall metal zombie containment cage that can haul a horde of up to 8 zombies. The cab of the vehicle is finished off with a series of zombie hunting accessories including a zombie bite emergency kit, dash mounted shotgun and an LCD screen running a custom made zombie tracking GPS application. I think this truck will really resonate with zombie and other horror lovers alike,” says Gusz.

Now she leads very small gang of 6 people, 4 guys and one girl, who were once working for her family.
She was somewhat spoiled but always liked tough life, or anything adrenaline-related, be it jumps, fast cars, horse riding or just extreme camping.
The truck exterior also features emergency and auxiliary lighting, zombie decapitating front bumper, 100W siren with custom zombie sound effects, rear mounted zombie weaponry kit, replica WW2 style Gatling gun and a zombie themed vinyl graphics package.
Of course all her wealth and family is gone now and all she has left is her handgun Beretta and her gang. She knows how to lead and her followers are all happy about it, at least until she's able to find sources of food and drinks for them.

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