Anne Frank and her family were sent to Auschwitz-Birkenau on the last ever transport from Westerbork to the camp.
Otto, Anne’s father, began making plans to hide himself and his entire family until the War was over. Anne’s father Otto was the only member of the whole family who survived the Holocaust. Anne Frank’s diary remains one of the best-known published works throughout the world.
Under German guidance, the Hungarian authorities decreed all Jews should wear the yellow star of David.
The Warsaw ghetto uprising - Jewish fighters resisted the German attempt to liquidate the Warsaw ghetto.

In the Netherlands, Jews were required to wear a yellow Star of David on their outer clothing. Copy the files inside Jar folder inside Minerraria into minecraft.jar that was opened by winrar or 7zip.
Here we see Anne (left), her sister Margot and their friends at a tea party in Amsterdam during 1934. When, in 1933, the Nazis came to power in Germany, her family thought they would be safer in Holland, so went to live in Amsterdam. On 4 August 1944, the Nazis found out about the hiding place and raided the office, arresting all eight people.
She invented an imaginary friend, Kitty, who was the person she imagined telling her thoughts to.

Anne wrote about life in hiding, her family relationships, the other people in hiding with her and her own physical and emotional development.
Throughout those two years Anne held on to her culture, her ideals, her hopes and her dreams in the face of adversity, even though she was trapped within the confines of the family’s hiding place. From there they were sent to Auschwitz-Birkenau on the last ever transport from Westerbork to the camp.

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