Hi, You ladies help me so much with odd item for my sister's shower I thought of something else. I haven't tried the seed packets yet,but this is a great idea since I have two family reunions every year, both held at my house. Okay "GIRLS" I have a reunion coming up in about a month and I need to do the Traditional Gifts.
Everyone enjoyed it so much, the next year, they asked if we were going to play bingo again.
The one thing nice about using names of ancestors is it generated conversation between the younger folks and the older folks.
Another thing I'm working on for the 15th year, is I'm doing a crossword puzzle using family facts and names. This I plan on giving them about hour to work on this and then at the end, we will see who answered the most correctly, and give prizes. Every year we take up a collection for things like this so we have prizes according to the donations we received. I'm sure this isn't what you are looking for, but we have had fun with the Bingo game and I hope they enjoy the crossword puzzle and the scavenger hunt. The family member with the last birthday (first?) birthday in the year (ie: If Dec 31st is the birthday they win!
Both my Mom's family and my Dad's family EACH had 10 kids, so when we have a reunion, WE HAVE A REUNION!!!
My Mom's family is not as spread out as my Dad's, so her family has it at a lake under a picnic shelter or a state park shelter every year. Since my Dad's family is spread out all across the US, it takes longer to plan, so it's only every 2 years, and it takes that long to do. When we did his last year, my sister checked out a lot of the state parks with lodges, but she said most were in pretty bad shape, so we went to the Hampton Inn hotel, which is where we ended up having it.
Hi guys, I am in the process of preparing a Family Cookbook for our annual Family Reunion at Labor Day. The book has over 150 pages and included both sides of my family and my husband's family, so it is a real keepsake.
This is probably not what you were seeking, but this is my experience with family cookbooks. One of the things we did that was really neat was to ask the children to come up with their own recipes. I sent out a letter to the family telling them that I would make ANYone a family cookbook, for FREE, using some of the raffle money, IF they would send me recipes by a certain date.
My Mom (and Dad's family, too) comes from a family of 10 kids, so we have a LOT of relatives! Since I volunteer at my kids' old elementary school and use the copiers non-stop for the teachers, copying it wouldn't be a problem. Then, I did a Thank you page to the contributing cooks, listing all the ones who had sent in recipes. After copying all the pages, I punched holes in them with a 3-hole punch and added them to the binders.
With each recipe, I included the sender's name and any info or history about the recipe that they sent me, like it had been my late uncle's favorite food, how they liked to serve a particular recipe or what was good with it. If you don't have as many recipes as I had, instead of the binders, you could also use the paper pocket folders with brads in the middle. Thanks for the wonderful suggestions and ideas for the Family Cookbook and Patty thanks for taking the extra time and effort to explain all the details of how yours was compiled.
I didn't use the company because when I was doing the cookbook, I was only going to do 20 or so. Thanks for the ideas, and yes I should be able to open the files and I'd love to see some examples. I am in charge of doing the same thing for a reunion cookbook.We are putting our family tree in it and lots of old pictures of my grand parents and great grand parents.
For two years I made bookmarks and covered them with contact paper--put family name and year on them.
I will try to get the instructions for playing this game posted tomorrow just in case someone would be interested in doing it. Last year I wrote a post asking for ideas for a marriage survival kit for my friends wedding. Peanut butter; our bride-to-be’s fiance loves Peanut Butter and so his family gave her a couple of jars to keep him happy! Chocolates; because life is like a box of chocolates and you never know what you’re going to get! I’d sent a message to the guests asking them to bring along a gift for the kit and everyone joined in and it was a huge success. During lease signing you received information from the American Red Cross about preparing your own personal emergency response kit. For the next 4 Mondays we’ll highlight some important ways that you can be prepared in the event of an emergency or natural disaster. This entry was posted in Community Living, Emergency Preparedness and tagged emergency prep, NAP sites by Betsy. Since the advancement of technology, most kids nowadays find enjoyment and pleasure with handheld devices. In addition, pitching a tent is an exciting idea, as you can do things together without the presence or uses of gadgets.
Other than that, you can collect different kinds of backyard materials or recyclable scraps to make special projects.
Taking your kids to a local amusement park is also a great way to spend the weekends together.
For those of you familiar with Washington State, there’s only a couple of major highways that go East-West through the Cascades.
So we pull off at the exit as the signs direct, and I make the turn to get on the smaller highway that will take up about 15 miles farther West. All is well, until a couple miles farther down the road the highway we’re on is closed too. I’ll be examining our life a bit more to see where I need to add some more redundancy to our plans. I've been thinking about making some cook books, family directories, but would like some ideas for some small tokens for everyone to take home with them as a remembrance. I want to make bookmarks for my family reunion and need just a very short saying about family to go on them.
I am in the process of making up presentation boards with pictures, sayings, poems ect to place on a memory table.
I don't get on everyday, and I seldom seem to beable to help, you ladies just know so much more than me!!
I have two family reunions I'm in charge of each year and I'm looking for something to give each family member. The first one in July with about 40-50 people, the second in August with anywhere from 50-100+. This year at our annual Chenevey family reunion the family in charge this year decided to have a talent show.
Like when we called the name Zacharies, the younger ones said, "Who is that?" The older ones responded, "That's you great-grandfather.
Not one where they received the list of items prior to the reunion, but one where we would divide them up into teams, either by tables or just form some groups.
One year I did a car wash bucket, a pasta basket and I used a mug from a local ammusement park with a free handstamp pass and some candy.
I know they are a lot of work to organize, but I feel it's important in this day and age, to do everything we can to keep families together and enjoy each other's company.
If you have it at a hotel, just contact them WELL in advance, so they can block off enough rooms for it.

Although recipes had been contributed, no one knew about the photos, etc., until the books were distributed. Sorry I can't offer too much help in this area but I really love your ideas Fran & Jazbo. They made a lot of money, plenty to cover the expenses and still had a lot left and they didn't know what to do with all of it.
I even got things sent to me about the care of cast iron pans and other uses for Bounce that I included.
I bought, with my own money, the clear sheet protectors and I put each page in one and added it to my binder. Because I can't always find a certain recipe in the ones I have, may I suggest that you group recipes by category, AND also list all recipes alphabetically by name. It was a big hit with the whole family because we usually are not able to all get together. The kit was a great success and as soon as my bestie told me she was getting married, I immediately started to plan some ideas for a similar kit for her hen do. We had afternoon tea and champagne at The Grosvenor, London which was very yummy and once we’d all had a bite to eat and a sup of the fizzy stuff, we presented the bride-to-be with our kit. I was so pleased that out of a group of 30 ladies, we didn’t get many duplicates at all. This is a great location for your roommates or family members to congregate and to find each other after a large scale emergency.  Housing Assistants or other volunteers will be deployed to each NAP site and will check folks in on a roster. There is the TV, the computer, the tablet, the cellular phone or mobile phone, Playstation, Xbox, Wii, you name it.
For instance, you can share some stories, instead of letting them watch their favorite cartoon show.
Afterwards, you can roast marshmallows and barbecues, bring fruits or even get them from the forest. This weekend activity is also a great way to provide them some knowledge about marine life, astrology and others related to science.
They are good solutions against the overuse of TV, computers, PSPs and other gadgets in your home. How many people under 25 have had to use paper maps enough in their lives to be really good at it? The significance being that he would be ready to partake in the feasts that awaited him in Heaven. Since I do not sing, dance, play an instrument etc I thought that I would show my talent as doing crafts. We were very pleased with the way things worked out, but it was NOT without a lot of planning and work! In the front of the book, I included recipes from 5-6 older members of the family who are no longer with us. I know in our district they have a "print shop." They print and bind it into a book with the plastic kind of rings. With some of the leftover money, I volunteered to do all the work to make a family cookbook, as no one had ever done that on my Mom's side of the family.
They could ONLY get one, if they sent me recipes and that I would give the cookbooks out at the next reunion, the following summer. Most recipes came with letters from relatives saying they were thrilled to get a family cookbook and couldn't wait to get it. I bought a box of copy paper from Office Depot and several packages of pretty copy paper for the dividers at Wal-Mart. Then, I made a blank form for them to write their favorite recipes and page numbers on with notes lines on the back. Now we are planning a summer gathering but this time I want to send out flyers to be sure everyone knows about it in case they don't get a phone call invitation. She had invited a large group of friends so I knew that if we all pulled together we’d be able to give her a fantastic kit. The bride-to-be was overwhelmed and had a lovely time reading each of the tags and guessing which gift came from which friends. Sometimes, children don’t even spend time with their parents anymore, except during dinner. Just a pick a spot close to the lake, river or nearby woods, where you can do some camping for a night. Another example is to play board games, like chess, checkers, UNO cards, and cards, while waiting for the sun to set. It is through this option that they are encouraged to socialize and simply enjoy being kids with other people. Your children would be able to embrace the significance of protecting the environment, particularly the adequacy of trees in the community.
It is important nowadays for kids to be involved in doing something much productive and creative. We all talk the talk…and even walk the walk when it comes to storing those things we might need in the event of catastrophe, but are we really training ourselves as we should?
I'm debating whether I want to do just one thing for everyone, or do an assortment and let people take their pick.
Anyways, I already plan on making the mint books with our info on it (maybe make these magnets too) and also laminated card bookmarkers. If someone ends up with more them one - then when the game is over - anyone who doesn't have a prize can go take one from someone who has more then one.
The hotel had an indoor pool, work-out room, and a big meeting room for our big family dinner.
Anyone out there had any experience in this department that could give me a few tips, comments or suggestions, what worked, what didn't?
Good Luck with your cookbook Fran and please let us know what you decide and how it turns out. We would get the funniest answers (ie: dump in a lot of flour and some chocolate and cook it on high until it's done, etc) We also had the kids write out recipes for friendship, and put them in as well.
My Mom's maiden name was Fisher, so I got the pretty copy paper with an ocean scene on it ("Fish"-er).
To make sure you still have the attention of your boys and girls, have a small weekend together doing some stuff away from any devices. Since kids are very playful and want to try different kinds of thrills, getting some rides is definitely a good choice. Kids would surely love that, and the fact that most of them actually like to see real animals of different kinds and species. It can take only several minutes to paint pebbles, which is a good way to spend some time with your kids. This will not only help them discover their interests, passion and ambitions, but also contribute in making memories within your family, and environmental protection, as well as give significance to the nature. So how useful is the (maybe out of date if you rely on GPS now) paper map your family has trouble using? I thought Judy's idea of a bookmark was a great idea and I just might use it in the future for one the two reunions I have to prepare for. Has anyone else been in charge of a family reunion before, and what do you do?I'm also wondering if anyone can add anything else to the items in the below Family Reunion Kit that was posted by jazbo. This took some doing on my part, but using Excel, I made up Bingo cards using everyone's first name.
I'm trying to use questions like, 4 across - The name of Diane and Alan's middle daughter (Diane and Alan are normally at the reunion as well as their daughter Jennifer. They need to select one person from the group as a runner, but at times anyone could come up depending on what is asked for. Delivered in a pick-up bed!) and pop, played Bingo, had giveaways, and had door prizes of the ice cream sundae table centerpieces and decorations. We also have some kids at the middle school level that run a "print shop." They print out stationary to sell.

Mom and an older cousin, who was in charge of the money, REALLY liked the idea, so it was a GO!
I even got recipes from kids for "kid recipes": play dough, mud pies, reindeer food, soap bubbles, silly slime, Gak, Goop, etc. I bought 1" white 3-ring binders at Office Depot when they would put them on sale "buy 7, get 5 free". BUT, i also need the categories to find that special 'casserole' or 'salad' to take to pot lucks.
You are responsible for providing your own drinking water and food as well as any other personal items you might need in case of an emergency. Here are some great ideas that you and your kids can have fun and spend some special memories throughout the weekends.
Likewise, you can help them develop some skills related to survival, resourcefulness and sportsmanship. In the woods or a small mountain, this lets you hike for hours and discover new animals in the wild.
Just before they try any amazing rides on the amusement park, be sure to advice your kids on what they should do to avoid problems or accidents.
Majority of them even cannot wait to touch one of those creatures, but make sure they are harmless. It may well open our eyes to the small,but important things we have missed in prepping; like a paper map. Maybe this could be one of our projects - sorta like the spoonful of hugs and kisses that some folks do for a bridal shower or wedding. We have the reunion at a park where we play baseball, play games with the little kids, eat food and socialize. We made nearly $1000 on the raffle and dinner, which took care of all of our expenses, plus we gave the next reunion planners nearly $500 to start it out. One 11 year old sent me several recipes, when she was at her grandma's, so she got a book, but her Mom wanted to buy one, but didn't send any recipes, so she didn't get one!
My brother's could take out the recipies that they didn't like and we could add more as we found others we liked. I've been attending this Reunion all my life so am now heading towards my 50th in September.
Did you also know that camping is one of the factors that help kids become brave and more courageous? I hear that it is hot, so no candies that will melt and also maybe I should make this patriotic too - good way to use my red white and blue ribbon.Help!!! The aunts and uncles that are still living is as follows: Hal, Sally, Odile, Dorothy, Jim, Eileen, Theresa and Gert. Then in excel, I filled in the blocks for however many cards it took to place one name in each block. Then maybe using the one "N" in Jennifer, a questions would be 7 down - Where did the Robbins family land settle when they arrieved in America?
My sister made up a cookbook of 50's and 60's recipes she found on the internet to give out. I decided on the title of it "Fisher Family Favorites 2002" from someone else's that I had seen. Then the next group, I began by moving the names over one block and continued until I had enough cards for everyone and the names were altered so that no two cards had the same name in the same box. When my husband would say, "Show me something with teeth", they would need to bring us something with teeth, like a comb or just themself smiling, but you would be surprise as to how many people don't think of the ovious.
I made sundae magnet souvenirs with communion cups, pink cotton balls, a red seed bead (cherry on top), a small piece of a striped straw, and a magnet on the back.
One uncle, I was told, was showing his neighbor and telling them that his niece had MADE it and how impressed he was! I then printed the names on slips of paper, put them in a container and when my husband pulled a name, they played just like Bingo. If they already didn't know the answer, they could look it up in the genealogy book I've put together under the Robbin's section. Another questions would be "Show me a library card" or "I need a man wearing lipstick" or a "women wearing a man's shoe". I typed up "Family name" Reunion 2003 on pink paper and added it to the front of the communion cup.
I didn't get to go to this year's reunion, but my Mom told me that they are STILL talking about the family cookbook. Anyway, keep those ideas coming and I'll post from time to time and let you know how things are going with the project. Another time done at Christmas was to write your favorite Cmas color and favorite Cmas song. I would have used the last name on the top instead of bingo, but since the name is Knapp, it would have been difficult with two P's.
We are compling a list of things to ask for so hopefully we will have it ready for next year. Like I said, most things would be found in a women's purse, a man's wallet or something they may be wearing. Its alot of fun when you use something like colors - then you have more then one person up getting gifts. Like tea towels, notepads, small toys for children, packages of pencils, pens, shop towels, wire brushes, car wash, tea bags, jar of peanuts, bag of candy etc.
The first group to show him the item would get say 5 points, the second group would get 3 points and the third group would get 1 point. Hope this explains it enough - if you have any questions just ask - maybe I forgot something. Do you mind if I throw some ideas out there, too?How about making a wind chime from old silverware? We played bingo several times, and they didn't want to quit but we had to since we also had a friend coming to do a majic show.
We figured is we could put them in groups of 10 or less, we could buy 10 gifts all the same.
One year I told everyone that the company I work for had a wonderful year and gave everyone a huge bonus, and I wanted to share it with my family. We were thiking of packages of candy, small picture fames, tablets and pencils or $5.00 gift certificates from Walmart for each member in the group. You wouldn’t pack your BOB with items still in their packages from the store, instructions unread, un practiced in their use. The first group would get the most expensive gifts, the second group and small gift and the third group the enexpensice gift. It can hold a recipe in the tines of the fork.Have you seen those lacy fans they make from plastic forks? I put each gift in a little box, wrapped them in gold wrapping paper and used blue ribbon for the men's gifts and pink ribbon for the women's gifts. You now have this little pocket to put your picnic silverware & napkin in, which will now dangle from your wrist, freeing both hands for dishing up!! Each member signed them with their own signature or saying and signature-- like an autograph book.
The number of pieces each signed was as follows:we had 20 familes represented,(about 60 people) so each person signed 20 squares.
These squares were then separated into 20 bundles.(1200 pcs or 60 pcs each bundle)Each family took home an identical bundle. Some of these ideas are good for future craft shows too and the silverware pocket would also be cute to make as a gift in holiday prints.Going to check out Sassyprints right now!

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