Whether it’s in the wilderness or at home, a disaster can impact mobility and access to basic resources such as electricity and water. Cell phones might not always be functional, and it’s important to have access to current situation in a disaster scenario.
The timeframe of a disaster has a large impact on precisely which skills may or may not be applicable.
However, if one were to find themselves in a setting and scenario that predicted long-term independent survival, certain skills begin to apply that did not before. Totally agree with your take on this, the more you know, the more self reliant you will be. SubscribeEnter your email address below to receive updates each time we publish new content.
So this weekend we had some friends help babysit Nathan so we could attend a parenting course at church. This post is for the benefit of my friend Stephanie who has recently made the decision to take the plunge into cloth diapering.
Last Sunday we headed out on one of our favourite weekend activities: flea market shopping! I’ve written posts previously about debris shelters, including this one describing how to build a one person kennel and this one showing you how to build a 2 person kennel. When I add the sticks to the shelter I lean them at about 60°, this gives enough room in the shelter whilst giving a steep pitch for the rain to run off.
It is probably clear that you don’t want the wind blowing into your shelter as this will bring smoke, and more importantly sparks, into the shelter. The great thing about a lean-to debris shelter is that you can have a long fire in front to keep your whole body warm, especially if you add a reflector; for me this is their biggest advantage over a kennel shelter. The bed below is made from 3 short logs laid on the ground and then 5 longer logs laid across them. To get even better insulation and to give some comfort, you can cover the bed frame with leaves, moss or bracken.
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In the middle of divorce, it's important to remind yourself that life won't always be so difficult. Still, it's hard to believe that things get better when you're dealing with the stress of a split, so to help remind you, we've compiled 10 of our favorite quotes on self-preservation and rebuilding your life after a hardship. Click through the slideshow below to read them, then head to the comments to share your favorite quotes or sayings on perseverance and moving on. After getting up, we all meet in the lounge and waited for Colin, talking about the activities for the day, which where Zip Wire, Quad bikes, Giant Swing and Climbing.
We walked to the Zip wire, I was talking to Aaron and he thought it was a small little zip wire with a rope you sat on. Climbing was on a new looking climbing wall, at the start the wall was dry and was quite easy to climb at the bottom the middle was hard for short people like me and Aaron but we managed to get all the way to the top and ring the bell with was pretty cool. After Tea, Colin asked the group if we would want to do an evening activity like Jacobs Ladder, so we did. After breakfast we all got the harnesses on ready for the high ropes, (with Lady Elizabeth of the Quad bikes being our instructor for this session) there were only 12 clippy things on the course, so I was tied to the post to watch the others go round first, this was good as I could see what to do and which where the easy bits, Nathan kindly let me have his clippy thing so I started my big Adventure round the high ropes, I forget about it being high and went round the first half fine, but on the tyres I looked down and thought what am I doing, but the second time round I really enjoyed it and me and peter where trying to find the best way to do an obstacle. Survival 1, We walked down in to the forest and did some hard core tracking signs to start the activity.

After dinner we took part in abseiling which was good fun and a new experience for some people, it also helped some people gain more confidence to take bigger jumps and go faster.
The Challenge Course, started with a zip wire race (ones you sat on) which was going to be a twice down the wire race but ended up being a 3 times down the wire race, and good to watch other people do it. We had some spare time before Tea so we did the problem solving course, the first one we did no one would listen to anyone elses ideas so it did not work that well, the second one was a little better, but the third one was great, it was the tyre crossing, which did not involve the tyre (how confusing). After the day of activities it was time of Tea and then Goodbyes and a good sing song, but only one song. The weekend was Amazing and it is a shame that only 13 people took part in the weekend when 25 people could have gone. I would like to say thanks to Malc for winning this Great weekend, and thanks to Steve and Ian for coming on the Event and to the PGL Staff for making it a Weekend I will not forget (till another one anyway). Check out more opportunities to learn wilderness survival on our Wilderness Survival Courses Page.
Water is, of course, the number one requirement in a disaster scenario where water is not available. Even if the scenario itself is just a heavy storm, it’s important to know when it will be safe to go outside.
For example, the large majority of every-day western homeowners in their usual habitats (i.e. Learning how to use weapons for self-defence and for hunting will become a key element to the survival of anybody who is in a disaster scenario for longer than one month.
We believe that being prepared is important for any family and we want to see preparedness become a mainstream conversation.
Although I may not be able to reply to each comment, I will definitely pop over to your blog to say hello.I love hearing from readers and fellow bloggers alike. There will, in fact, come a day when you don't struggle to pull yourself out of bed and get yourself to work.
This included the Giant Swing, Zip Wire, Survival 1, Jacobs Ladder, Quad bikes, Climbing, Abseiling, Challenge Course, High Ropes Course and Problem Solving.
We then sat down for our first meal for the weekend, there was a couple of choices and veggie option.
We had two instructors and on the way back down to the store Lex told us to walk behind as Liz was not a good driver, a few seconds after getting this information we looked out the safety hut and there was Liz with the quad bike in the tyre wall, After this we Steve and Malc called her 'Lady Elizabeth' as she rode the Quad in Side saddle. After putting on the harness 2 people where put onto the swing you did not sit on it you where clipped onto a metal bar. Half way though it started raining and the wind picked up, this made it hard to grip on the hand holes as your hands where freezing.
This was good as it brought out team work as we had to decide as a team how to do the sign, our team went BIG. After this we did the Challenge Course, this was a obstacle course with High walls, low walls, Tyre box, Zip wire and other things.
I enjoyed meeting new people and doing new activities that I would never have thought of doing before. It could be out in the wilderness during an adventuring weekend, it could be on a plane over the Atlantic, or it could simply occur at home, during a perfectly ordinary day.
One great way to ensure that there is access to essential government issued warnings is by purchasing a wind-up radio.
These periods are important because it’s necessary to know exactly which skills will be needed at specific points in the timeline of the disaster.

Make sure that you have a good depth of cover on your shelter to keep out the rain and give good insulation. You won't always want to take cover and curl up in the fetal position when someone has the nerve to mention your ex's name. The wire was about 10 metres off the ground, and you wore a waist & chest harness, this was clicked on to a wire and you jumped off a platform and zipped down the wire. The other members of the team worked together to put the people as far as they wanted to go. There were 2 teams and we where racing against each other like a relay, I was racing Ian, which was good fun. Learning survival skills can help prepare us for the worst, and the same skills can be passed down to children who in turn pass the knowledge on to future generations. Preparation is the best way to secure a viable water source in the event that the primary source becomes unavailable or restricted. Now, a regular radio that is 100% battery powered will also suffice, but is not necessarily reliable if the batteries run low.
Most homeowners deal with power outages and intense weather conditions – and while many of these pass in a matter of hours, they do still provide immediate dangers in terms of physical safety, and dangers in terms of an absence of heat, electricity, water and food.
Those interested in survival strategies may spend too much time learning about the most interesting methods of survival, and in turn, neglect the more basic elements that are statistically more likely to apply to their situation. Because of this I’ll often block in one end of the shelter to prevent the wind blowing through. Most of us where shocked as we have never been in such a nice place with scouts and told it was our room not the leaders.
We saw superman impressions a few times and I did a chicken impression the second time, the first time I was unsure but the instructor was really good and reassuring.
Most people went to the top and the person on the left hand side pulled a cord to let the swing, swing.
I think Lauren was a really good team leader for our team as she helped all of us get up and was encouraging us to continue up to the top. We were then asked to work in teams to build shelters, our team choose to make a lean to with about 1ft of leaves on top which took a lot of collecting, but at the end Me, Chef, Lauren and Greeny stood on it and it did not collapse, it only broke when we started jumping on it. Filters are available from DIY and survival stores, but inexpensive iodine tablets and flavoured mixes are an easy way to convert settled water into clean, drinkable liquid that will provide hydration and energy.
A wind-up radio can be used at any time by simply cranking the lever until a signal starts to come in. But before it started swing you dropped of a short moment, where one person saw Jesus – we know so because he shouted out to him. After setting in, we played Ambush around the site for about 45mins this is where the group was split into 2 teams one would hide and the other would follow a trail of cones and try and find the team hiding, if the second team walked past the first team, the team hiding would shout Ambush. And we started the Human Microwave, KT was cold so me, Greeny, Chef and Azz hugged around her and started to turn making microwave noises then Lauren, Josh, Kelly, Nathan, Emle, GRB, Peter and Chris joined in. After about 2 minutes in the Microwave KT was feeling a little bit warmer and a whole lot dizzier so the microwave pinged and the circle was dismissed. After a game of Basketball we settled in for the evening in the lounge, and got to know all the people in the group better, talking about things we enjoyed and how we thought the rest of the weekend would be.

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