I look forward to our next family adventure, doing all this hard work on some land of our own someday where we can sink our roots down deep, raise our kids and perhaps even publish a magazine! We desire not only to educate but also to build a community of friends and family to help encourage and inspire one another!
Imaginative activities teach your students to recognize, understand, and spell 200 simple words relating to daily living tasks.
Students develop important survival skills with these easy-to-use activities sure to improve vocabulary, reading, spelling, and writing. Survival Words was created to meet this need and offers plenty of practice with more than 160 words, phrases, and symbols! Increase students' access to the community and everyday personal needs by helping them learn these 30 key words. A short paragraph should be sufficient.  The point is to learn what the word means so as to increase their comprehension and vocabulary.

We hope that you will become a member of our growing community and share the things you learn with us and our visitors! Survival Vocabulary: Ten workbook-style units focus on words related to home, family, community, food, stores, restaurants, time, school, health and travel. This 48-page reproducible activity book includes glossary pages that are organized by safety, mobility, restriction, and information words, as well as an answer key.
The ability to read these essential words and phrases also inspires self-confidence and a sense of accomplishment. Word games, puzzles, and student-partner exercises make the necessary repetition enjoyable. As students work their way through the exercises, they will gain knowledge that will allow them to become more confident and independent.
Compiled from a variety of life skills functional reading vocabulary lists, these are "real-life" words that are required reading for real-life!

Teaching notes and answers are included in this 186 page reproducible book.Survival Vocabulary Stories is based on the same 200 words as Survival Vocabulary, and puts the new vocabulary into realistic contexts. These visual and tactile learning cards help students make these important words their own.
You get 50vocabulary-building stories and comprehension exercises at different reading levels, each with questions of increasing difficulty. They are excellent for teaching literacy skills in early childhood, special education, primary as well as ELL classrooms.

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