Like the game it’s based off of, The Third Age is a turn based strategy game where you move armies and manage your cities and castles. Of course, you’re also going to need to send troops from Erebor west towards the orc factions. After nearly destroying Rhun, you can waltz right in through the back of Mordor with a few full stack armies (the Dwarves economy is amazing) and by this point you will be so powerful that no one can really do anything to hurt you.
A This version is substantially better than the previous versions and is incredibly easy to download as well.
A You can use armies to siege enemy settlements and expand your lands, or defend strategic castles, towns, or chokepoints.
A (I know, it sounds like a bad strategy) A You need to send a substantial army from the Erebor side of the map down to attack Rhun as quickly as possible. A As long as you have Medieval II Total War and look it up online, you shouldn’t have any difficulties getting it to work.

A When two or more armies engage, you are able to either autoresolve the battle, or enter the battle map and command your forces.
A There are rich cities down there and if you strike quickly enough you can take them without much of a fight.
A They have the best heavy infantry in the game by far, allowing them to make quick work of the orc factions, whose weak units just have a hard time piercing the Dwarves’ heavy armor. A Reinforcements become more and more of a problem the farther south you go, but you should be alright.
A Once the dwarves upgrade their barracks enough, they can get Vault Wardens, who are the best pikeman in the game, as well as the Iron Guard, who is the best heavy infantry unit in the game. A Gimli will lead your troops and you need to march northeast, taking as many rebel settlements as you can along the way. A If you can contain their cavalry inside the city, they won’t pose much of a threat to your heavily armored Dwarves.

A Rather than playing as England, France, etc, now you can play as Gondor, Mordor, the Dwarves, Dale, Isengard, the Free Peoples of Eriador, the High Elves, the Silvan Elves, the Orcs of Gundabad, the Orcs of the Misty Mountains, Rhun, Harad, and Rohan. A When orc units with 5 to 8 attack come up against the Iron Guard, who has 23 defense, there is an obvious winner.
A Hopefully the Silvan Elves will have weakened the Orcs of the Misty Mountains, and they will be easy enough to crush.
A The Dwarves move very slowly, meaning that it is very hard for them to catch up to anything, much less lightly armored units.
A With decent management and tactics, the Dwarves will be able to take down much larger forces.

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