When you get serious about being a survivalist you will get to a point when you consider alternative survival weapons. Crossbow manufacturers are similar to car manufacturers…each one claims that they are the best. Now, when choosing a crossbow for survival or hunting, you have several different options to choose from.
Recurve crossbows are simpler than compounds and thus are usually easier to maintain and repair.
Recurve crossbows are simpler, lighter, quieter, more reliable, and more accurate than compound crossbows. Recurve crossbows are less heavy on the limb because there are no pulleys, cams, cables, or sliders: thus, they are more balanced and are quicker to aim.
If you don’t know the crossbow hunting regulation in your state here is a good reference. If you have been hunting with a vertical compound bow then you might think that is the way to go with a survival crossbow. You may have recently found yourself the victim of water restrictions in the past week; that feeling of absolute dread fills you as you turn your tap for a quick shower and not a drop comes out. If you don’t already have an outside water storage container, maybe now is a good time to invest in one, or start saving water when it becomes available. We must consider that when our taps run dry at home, when water supply is restored we may find some unsavoury bodies in the water. If you have a few extra rands, consider installing water saving devices such as high-pressure, low-water usage shower heads, water saving cisterns and geyser timers.
If you are the parent to a newborn child, you would need to do sufficient planning to ensure that you can keep up with water requirements if you bottle-feed your child, bath-time water requirements etc. It can be incredibly difficult to keep a cool head in conditions like this; do some research for yourself and consider other options, too, like water coolers, water storage and alternative ways to optimise your water usage to keep yourself going.
A camping trip is a popular way to enjoy your time away from work and the pressures of modern day life. Burns are categorized according to severity and the severity determines the burn treatment options. 1st-degree burn – A first degree burn is the least serious of the type of burns you can receive and it is limited to only the outer layer of skin.
2nd-degree burn – When the burn goes past the first layer of skin to the second layer that is a second degree burn. Now that we have some reference on the types of burns out there, what are your treatment options?
If a minor burn occurs, there are several steps you can take for immediate treatment of the burn. Cover the burn with a sterile bandage or clean cloth and protect it from pressure and friction.
Over-the-counter pain medications may help reduce inflammation and swelling as well as help with the pain.
If a major burn occurs, there are several steps you can take to immediately treat and care for the burn.
If clothing cannot be removed from the victim make sure the victim is not in contact with smoldering materials.
If the victim is breathing, cover the burn area with a moist, cool sterile bandage or clean cloth. Until medical help arrives, continue to monitor victims’ pulse, rate of breathing and blood pressure if possible. Hopefully you will never be faced with anything more serious than a minor first degree burn, but it is important to know what to do just in case. Pack the right swimwear: Huggies Little Swimmers disposable swim pants are made for worry free water play. Sunscreen: The sun will be out in full force for the summer and where we are it has been hot hot hot! First Aid Kit: Along with packing pool towels and water bottles, parents should not forget a basic first aid kit. Don’t forget plenty of fluids to keep your loved ones hydrated while running around in the hot weather! The standard three projectile survival weapons (the rifle, the handgun, and the shotgun) will work just fine in 99.9% of survival situations.

Though there are some differences in details, style and performance, crossbows all do basically the same thing…they project a bolt from a trigger controlled bow. Just knocking a cam on a limb or dropping the crossbow can render it virtually useless until you re-tune it. Recurve crossbows don’t have a cocking mechanism and require you to use your physical strength to cock. Coupled with other basic needs being cut, this has been a tipping point for most South Africans and a lot of us have allowed the panic to settle in.
Whatever causes may have lead to us finding ourselves in this situation will not be alleviated by pointing fingers.
Knowing what you need will allow you to store some water in case your area is affected by water cuts.
When you can’t run to the Emergency Room or the neighborhood clinic, the responsibility for medical care may rest on your shoulders. A quick way to tell the difference between a first degree and second degree burn are the presence of blisters. In a severe burn, the skin has been removed and fat, muscle and even bone areas may be affected. Since it is more likely that you will have and be able to survive first or second degree burns, we will cover those first.
Treat a burn as a major burn if the area is more than 2 to 3 inches in diameter or if it is located on the hands, feet, face, groin, buttocks or major joints.
To prevent shock, lay the victim flat, elevate the feet 12 inches and cover the victim with a coat or blanket. Putting ice directly on a burn can cause a person’s body to become too cold and cause further damage to the wound.
The ideas expressed on this site are solely the opinions of the author(s) and do not necessarily represent the opinions of anyone else.
We are always going somewhere or doing something and I feel like I need so much more stuff! When the kids are ready to take a break from the water, protect their eyes from the bright sun light with sunglasses. The easy open sides make changing a breeze, so everyone can get back to having fun in the sun. Include plenty of waterproof band aides, antibiotic ointment, children’s pain reliever, ear drops and bug spray. An ultralight recurve crossbow such as the Excalibur Phoenix weighing about 6.3 pounds weighs about a pound less than the lightest compound crossbows.
Add into that factor the heatwave we are currently experiencing and dehydration becomes a very real threat.
It's delivered conveniently to your home and office, is extremely economical and perfectly hygienic. If you are properly prepared and practice good camping safety techniques you are going to have an enjoyable time as you explore the great outdoors with friends and family. Seriously, from simple sun burns to touching that hot item on the stove, or reaching into the over too quickly most of us have been burned to varying degrees.
Knowing how to recognize and treat burns is a medical skill that everyone in your family should have.
1st and 2nd degree burns that do not cover an area of more than 3 inches (length of your finger) are considered a minor burn. If someone else has caught fire, douse them with water, wrap them in a thick, non-synthetic material such as wool or cotton or lay them on the ground flat and roll them.
Do not put the victim in this position if he or she is uncomfortable or if you suspect a head, neck, back or leg injury.
The author may or may not have a financial interest in any company or advertiser referenced. Whether you are running around in the sprinklers at home, going to a water park, the beach, or the pool, you never know what fun water adventure is in store for you! Parents should keep a couple sets of replacement lenses in the pool bag just in case someone’s shades get cracked or scratched during the trip. Recurves are simpler, lighter, quieter, more reliable, and are more accurate because they don’t go out of tune.
Some unorthodox tips may include allowing younger children to swim in the evenings instead of having each of them use water to bath or shower separately, and rather allowing that every second day.

Keep a few big bottles of drinking water available at all times to avoid becoming dehydrated or finding yourself without drinking water for extended periods of time. If you are going to go away from organized campgrounds and go backpacking it is also advisable to learn some camping survival techniques too. In their most minor form, burns seldom require much attention, the pain is brief and we go on with our lives. Any action taken as a result of information, analysis, or advertisement on this site is ultimately the responsibility of the reader. In this article I am going to give some tips for choosing a survival crossbow should you choose to purchase one. In this article I am going to focus on the differences between recurve and compound crossbows.
The only reason I can see someone choosing a compound crossbow over a recurve in a survival situation is if they lack the physical strength to cock the recurve crossbow.
Regular water conservation includes not watering your garden during the day, showering instead of bathing, closing your taps while you brush your teeth.
Here are some camping safety and survival tips to get you started: How To Read A Compass How To Start A Campfire Without Matches Purifying Water Bug Repellent Ideas For Camping Waterproofing Matches How To Open A Can Without A Can Opener Planning and Preparation Planning and preparing for your camping trip in advance is an important step not only for reducing stress but also for safety. In a real grid-down scenario you could easily get scalded when you are trying to boil your water to make sure it is safe for consumption or any one of hundreds of different possibilities. In this way you can make sure you know your route, where you are going to stay, travel times and the camping gear you need to take with you.
There could be accidents dealing with using fuel such as gas to power your emergency generator. This is all the more important if you are backpacking and staying away from an organized campground. Also make sure to inform someone of your plan and when you expect to be back, so they can raise the alarm if you aren’t back as planned.
Fire Safety When building a campfire construct a fire ring using rocks to contain the fire.
Have a bucket of water or sand, a shovel or a fire extinguisher on hand to put the fire out quickly if you need to. To be sure you can use the matches either keep the matches in a waterproof container or bring along some waterproof matches. First Aid Kit A first aid kit is important for dealing with cuts and scrapes and other maladies.
For beginner, buying a fully made up first aid kit can be the most effective way to ensure you have everything you need. It is also important to know how to use the first aid kit and there are books and even better courses that can be taken that will provide all the information you need to provide first aid. Although not a first aid item, a fully charged cell phone can be an important safety device to allow you to contact rescue services if you need their help. Drinking Water You are going to need to have plenty of clean drinking water while you are camping. Once you have drunk the water, it is too late to find it is contaminated.  so, make sure you have enough water with you or a safe supply (like at an organized camping ground) to stay well hydrated.
In this way you should be able to prevent by being able to act to mistakenly getting caught up in hazardous conditions such as storms, forest fires, floods etc.
If you have a car store it in the car and keep your cooler hidden as animals know what is inside them.
So keep the ice in your cooler topped up to prevent it spoiling and suffering food poisoning.
More will be added over time along with camp survival tips including things like starting a fire without matches, using nature to navigate, what to do if you get lost, hypothermia prevention tips and so on. Fortunately, it unlikely that something will go wrong, but by being properly prepared you will be able to cope with any situation that comes along and can enjoy your time without worrying about what could go wrong.

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