We know you’re amped to start making college life happen, but before you settle in read these six key tips to surviving freshman year in the dorms. When you’re living in a building filled with dozens of fellow freshmen, you’re going to have to expect some noise along the way. SURVIVAL TIP: Consider buying earplugs to help block out the clatter when you’re trying to sleep.
To echo the point above, it’s time to face a reality that many incoming freshmen find especially jarring – it’s hard to find privacy living in the dorms. Ain’t nobody got time for bubble baths – if you need to cleanup in college that means hittin’ the showers.
SURVIVAL TIP: If it’s more than a quick walk back to your dorm room, think about buying a bathrobe. SURVIVAL TIP: Introduce yourself on move-in day and have a follow up chat later in the week.
You’re going to find yourself dealing with all sorts of situations while living in the dorms – that’s just part of the college experience. Bid day is a magical day and by far one of the most memorable, if not THE most memorable, days of your experience in greek life. And as overwhelming as it all is, you quickly begin to realize that you’re incredibly blessed to be there.
Many people find it difficult to remember names of people especially those they meet in parties and other social gatherings. College students start building relationships with the right individuals who can help them in the future. Use word associations: An effective technique is associating the name of a person to an object. Make a record: Play it safe by carrying along with you a small notebook where you can jot down the names of people you know and their contact information. July 24, 2012 by Ruby Grace 1 Comment College residence is one of the main concerns of college freshmen all over the country. If you already know where you’re going, it’s time to check out what your potential living conditions are. A visual inspection is the best way to check on your potential living conditions, but this might be impossible for some students. You’re going to spend most of your time in school, which means you’re probably going to use the dorm room only to sleep and freshen up before and after you attend your classes. Bare necessities could simply mean clothes and a bed, but others consider their laptops and other gadgets a part of their bare necessities. If you’re living with someone else in one of the bigger hall suites, doing your visual inspection ahead of time could spell the difference between getting a good-condition closet and one with broken locks. By Hannah Leave a Comment We all know that being a college student means you’re tight on money. What’s great is you can bring all the food and drinks that you want without paying ridiculous prices! The turning of the leaves throughout the fall season is one of the most beautiful sites to be seen. A clear, crisp fall night is the best time to lie on the hood of your car and stare up into the sky star gazing.

The Outlier SeriesLeadership Professional Development Books John ShufeldtFree Segments of Ingredients of Outliers via Email! Use your resume to show how much money you saved your company, in what ways you improved employee engagement, or which important referral relationship you fostered and exactly how it translated into business. Once you move in this could very well be your first time living in a new place, taking care of yourself, or sharing a space with roommates — it’s all pretty exciting, but admittedly also A LOT to take on. Even though schools have rules about noise levels and disrupting fellow students, there will be some degree of background bustle within earshot.
You’ll have to adapt to a communal style of living and everywhere you go on campus you’re likely to run into somebody you know from the dorms.
Avoid the likelihood of picking up any bacteria on the bottom of your feet by investing in a solid pair of flips-flops, ideally ones made of a sturdier plastic; the soft, “foamy” types are porous and can absorb dirty water.
When someone is away from their support system or trying to live up to a set of expectations, even the most mild-tempered person could be on edge. RAs are usually upperclassmen that work with the school to oversee a certain set of rooms or floors in a dorm. But the important thing to take away is a basic understanding of the ins-and-outs of the system so that it will make the transition much smoother. It goes by in a blur, you will hardly be able to remember any specifics, but you will never forget the way you felt receiving your bid and meeting women who changed your life forever.
You will be lucky to know some familiar faces from high school but other than them, you’re surrounded by strangers. That’s because they never have the chance to actually talk to them or hang out with so many people in attendance. You can never tell if someone you know will eventually become your ticket to landing a job or even your boss.
You don’t want to be labeled as unfriendly or impolite just because you tend to forget the names of those you were introduced to. For instance, if you’re introduced to someone with a fancy car, you can easily remember him or her just by thinking about the car.
Besides the problem of adjusting to a new place, they need to think about how they will have to cope with roommates and space limitations. Also, some hall assignments come later than others, which means the only time you’ll see your dorm room is when you go there to start school.
But having comfortable home amenities around can lessen the stress of living away from home, especially if you’ve never been out of your comfort zone before. Learn to edit your list of things to bring so that you don’t have to ship out or throw out anything when you realize that your dorm room is too small for your antique desk or your sizable shoe rack. You and your significant other get the opportunity to dress up in as some pretty cool duos like Superman and Wonder Woman, Danny and Sandy, or the cop and robber. You can just glide around the ice holding hands or you can heat it up by having a competition. What’s more endearing than lounging on a blanket in the warm sun and cool fall air while munching on some finger foods? You also don’t have to worry about being super quite, so you can joke, laugh, and enjoy each other’s company.
Share some childhood favorites like fluffy cotton candy or buttery, freshly popped popcorn.

It’s a single sheet of paper that can single-handedly undermine, or land you your dream job. Internships, volunteer opportunities, and prior work history are all applicable experiences in which you gathered relatable skills, even if they aren’t in same the field or position you are pursuing. Your Facebook, Twitter, and blog may have settings that allow the public to view photos, notes, timeline, and they are constantly changing the privacy defaults. A shower caddy is also a valuable addition when you’re trekking back and forth from the showers. Just like you, they’re trying to juggle school, work, and friends, so making life any more difficult for them will not make life any easier for you. Having a lot of friends can also make your college more interesting and fun especially if you get to spend most of your free time with people you’re comfortable with.
In this case, you will have to call about your concerns or send an inquiry email if the acceptance letter has the online address of your hall. In many cases the resume is all that an employer will know about you prior to the hoped-for interview. Your hiring manager can guess about your job description, catch their eye with what made your performance unique. On Facebook, you can give the world an entire play-by-play of your day, toothpaste brand, workout routine and all.
We were advised that at some point in the interview process, most hiring manager use  the trusty resource, Google, to find any relevant or irrelevant information on a candidate. That way, if you need to confront the individual you will have resolution in mind instead of just a list of grievances to air. Head to your nearest outlet store to buy your snacks in bulk since it’s a lot cheaper in the long run to buy an economy-sized box of granola bars than buying them for a dollar a piece at the student store. Putting your dibs on the best spaces in your dorm room is great, especially if the room assignments don’t specify which closet or bed belongs to which resident. Bring a camera along to snap pictures of the scenic experience, as well as, some of candid pictures of you two! In the same way, your resume should generally adhere to a recommended length of one page, except in some cases (medicine, law, etc.). Do yourself a favor, and check your privacy settings- it can be tricky but here’s a tutorial you can follow for Facebook and Google+.
Here are some tricks-of-the-trade gathered by consulting with hiring experts, scouring various forums, and of course a little firsthand experience.
Nobody wants three-pages of work history, from babysitting and Jimmy-Johns, to every internship you every had when you were in College. Second, remember you are branding yourself- even if only your friends can see your photos, notes, timeline, etc., would they recommend you for a job? Demonstrate an impressive ROI, and show that you know the key to success in the position you’re applying for.
Since the ideal resume is about one page to a page and a half, narrow it down to your most applicable work.

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