This entry was posted in All about Love, Angry Quotes, Bolero Quotes and tagged Fight Stress, Stress Less, Stress Quotes. Now you take a glimpse back in your old days in college where you had done several crazy things and as well as good ones! To think there are a lot of things to do after graduation but for now, you can choose to follow these tips and hopefully it will help you out! October 13, 2014 by HBCU Reports Leave a Comment CAU Chevron scholarships recipients with Glenn Weckerlin, Manager of University Partnerships & Association Relations, Chevron, Niccole Boswell, Diversity Portfolio Manager, Chevron and Dr.
Selected Clark Atlanta University students, administrators and faculty who participated in the presentation, which took place during a Sept. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. The best way to keep clean is to bathe or shower every day using a mild soap and warm water. Compulsive eating : Again, this involves binge eating, but unlike bulimia, these people are unable to purge themselves. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation.
If you have always had a knack for fashion and seriously thinking about careers in fashion, then a good look at HBCUs that offer fashion degree programs is just what you need. Fashion Design is one of the Visual Communication and Digital Media Arts (VCDMS) Concentrations in Bowie State University. The TAS (Textile and Apparel Studies) Program at Delaware State University is designed to help students develop professional skills they would need to succeed in the global fashion industry. The Fashion Merchandising and Management (FMM) program at Cheyney University has 4 levels of instruction which  include courses on textile and apparel production, fashion merchandising and marketing, fashion management, fashion entrepreneurship, visual merchandising, professional development and merchandise planning and buying. The BFA in Design at Howard University aims to help students explore various design elements, production methods and fashion branding ideas that will make them competitive in the global fashion industry. The Apparel Design program at North Carolina Central University offers students a strong foundation in art and business.
The University of Arkansas offers a Merchandising, Textiles and Design program which equip students the right tools for their future careers in fashion and merchandising. The Textiles, Apparel & Merchandising Management program at Virginia State University is designed to prepare students, via a broad yet focused education, for the diverse careers available in the fashion and textile industries. In the Black Greek Success Program, I talk about the importance of a being a strong individual within Greek life.
I tell Black Greeks in college that there is a difference between investing in our letters and becoming a slave to our letters. Bolero Quotes Collections - Tagalog Love Quotes Collections of Pick up lines Sad Love Quotes Crush Quotes Emo Quotes Inspirational Quotes Life Quotes Online God Quotes Friends Quotes Facebook Love Quotes. You just said your goodbyes to your alma mater and now getting ready to step in to the Real World, as you had prepared yourself for it. You might be good at budgeting since you’re doing it back in school, but hey it’s not the way it was before. As you know, there are a lot of competitions in whatever job you’ll take since there are millions of us now.
You should have started to jot down all of your plans and priorities after getting your degree. 30 that it would provide a $231,500 grant for scholarships and to support enrichment programs for Clark Atlanta University’s (CAU) business and engineering students.  This is the third award of more than $200,000 from Chevron since 2011.

There are many degrees that can prepare you for a successful fashion career such as fashion design, fashion merchandising, and retail management. This program prepares students to enter the world of fashion through the University’s partnerships with professional organizations in the field. Students are taught the various aspects of the industry, from the production to the distribution of textiles and apparels. These majors prepare the graduate to either enter careers in fashion or pursue a master’s degree program.
Focus is mainly on apparel design and visual merchandising, retail marketing and management and product development. As proud as we are of our letters, at some point many of us ask, “Does it matter what GDIs think?” GDIs (“gosh darn” individuals) cannot and should not be ignored as much as many of us would like to. I remind my fellow Black Greeks that we are walking billboards and that makes us prime targets for cynics. We become slaves to our letters when we become narcissistic and fail to honor the missions of our respective fraternities and sororities. When I got to college, I swore I would never be in a “stupid fraternity.” Then a future Alpha brother approached me, I listened, I liked what I heard, and gave Greek life serious consideration. There are individuals who are more skilled than you but don’t get scared, most of us started as a small and brand new professionals. You might end up regretting a lot of things you wish you have done to have a good and stable life in the future. Some of the HBCUs that offer fashion degrees also have exciting internship opportunities with well established fashion design companies that could give you a jump start in your career.
Students are exposed to a liberal arts program that integrates training with the latest in technology and research in fashion design. Those who take fashion design can become fashion designers, wardrobers, fashion stylists, product developers, fabric buyers and costume designers.
The University collaborates with various companies in the fashion industry which gives students an advantage as they prepare for careers in fashion. The University arranges annual events where executives from Bloomingdale’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Walmart are invited to provide inspiration to students. This degree program helps students understand apparel product development and merchandising, retailing and fashion marketing. We wear our letters with our chests stuck out, we proclaim our love for our organizations from the mountain tops, and we speak vaingloriously about our respective fraternities and sororities.
We don’t have to like it but if we are true servants of our communities, we owe those outside of the Black Greek community the opportunity to be heard. That gives our critics loads of ammunition to appropriately and accurately take shots at us. Because of my advocacy for my Black Greek family, I consistently have exchanges with people who come with these “gotcha” arguments about the uselessness of Black Greeks. Ultimately, it matters what people outside of the Black Greek system think but it is important for both sides to engage in discourse, conversation that is intelligent, respectful, and free of personal feelings.
You’re lucky enough if you still got to received an allowance from your parents in this early stage but starting to value every penny you have now it most important. Figure out how much you should spend paying all your bills so that you don’t wind up spending far more than you are able to manage.
All your hard work from the beginning will all be paid off according to how much you had put in it!

At times, you seem to sweat for no reason — and you may notice there are odours where you never had them before.
Read below for information on some hygiene basics — and learn how to deal with greasy hair, perspiration, and body hair. If you sweat a lot, you might find that shirts, T-shirts, socks, and underwear made from cotton or other natural materials will help absorb sweat more effectively. An eating disorder is an illness that stems from both emotional and psychological distress, and results in an obsessive relationship with food in terms of over- or under-eating.
Generally, they are most common among young women aged 15 to 25, but that doesn't mean that older women, young girls and men are completely exempt. The University also assists students obtain the right internships that can help them enter careers in fashion. Students who focus on fashion merchandising will learn the ins and outs of merchandising, marketing and product development.
Extensive hands-on learning opportunities are provided through field trips, internships, and design labs. By the way, it is foolish to assume that people know nothing about servant leadership, scholarship, fellowship, and the concept of family just because they don’t wear letters.
When one bases an opinion of thousands on the five-to-20 people in his or her community that is far from a well thought-out opinion. Ironically, my brother who described himself as an anti-Greek, was the one who advised me that the chapter would never improve if I did not give it a shot. This is because you need to be financially capable and enable when planning to do those things.
Live life, enjoy rewards, get over the challenges and that would make your journey worthwhile! Having the ability to control the amount and type of food consumed makes sufferers believe that they are coping with their problems and offers them a way to block out painful feelings. People with stressful lives and high expectations placed on them often focus on food as a way to divert their attention away from these strains. Students are required to complete a supervised internship course in which they are allowed to render 200 hours at a university-approved internship site.
What started as turbulent foundational years for my chapter later turned into an award-winning and highly respected group. Likewise, traumatic events such as bereavement, bullying and family problems will also act as a trigger.
Anorexia : A psychological disorder in which sufferers have a distorted view of their own body shape and weight, leading them to deliberately starve themselves of food. Bulimia : Bulimics fall into an abusive cycle of gorging on food until they are sick and get rid of all the food they have eaten.
If you know there's a problem, the most effective thing you can do is offer your support and encourage them to get help .

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